Complete Guide If Your Windows Update Stuck At 100

Windows 11 will be available to the general public by the end of the year, but consumers may still try out the Beta version by signing up for the Windows Insider Preview Program. You can use Windows 11 on your device, preview the build, and get a sneak peek at all the hidden features if you’ve signed up for the Windows Insider Program. This article will help you to know info on what to do if windows update stuck at 100.

windows update stuck at 100

Yes, you can get over this issue while installing the Windows 11 update on your device. This post has outlined a few options for resolving the “Windows 11 installation stalled at 100%” problem in just a few clicks.

You can upgrade your Windows PC version to Windows 11 for free if your device fulfills the minimum system requirements. Windows 11 has indeed been available for several months. The update procedure will begin automatically if there are any available Windows 11 updates. If not, check for updates by going to Start > Settings > Upgrade & Security > Windows Update, and the Windows 11 update should begin. 

Windows updates are very essential to update your device as well as the experience of using it. But unfortunately, a few errors may occur while updating. It is good to learn things beforehand. So, start by learning about the common update error 0x8024a105 on Windows 10.

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Reasons For The Error

Because Windows 11 is in development, updates for the next major version will release soon. So, if your installation is stuck at 100%, the update may still be running in the background. Although the updates will now load in the background, the percentage marker remains 100%. The percentage marker does not reflect the real status of the updating process due to a technical problem. This issue can happen due to a slow Internet connection or power outages that prevent the completion of the update.

To get around this problem, you could either sit and wait for the % marker to update automatically, or you can sit and wait for a while. 

Top Fixes If Windows Update Stuck At 100

Use these top easy fixes to fix the error if your Windows update is stuck at 100.

Check The Software Distribution Folder 

You can see the Windows 11 update files on your PC. You can find it under C: Windows Software Distribution to have a check.

win + e

The Windows 11 update temp folder that you download is findable. You can consider the size of this file to see if the downloaded things are working. In my situation, the file is approximately 188 MB in size.

If the file size is acceptable, the Windows 11 update is downloading at 100% for an indefinite period, and you may remove all files in this drive. Then, under the Settings app, try downloading the updated files again.

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Restart The Windows 11 Upgrade Download

Follow these three steps and do your updates successfully.

Disable The Windows 11 Update

To find cmd, use Windows Search.

  1. To execute Command Prompt as an administrator, select Run as supervisor from the search results.command prompt
  2. Type network stop wuauserv and hit Enter, to Command Prompt.
  3. To Command Prompt, type net stop bits and hit Enter.

Close your Command Prompt.

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Delete The Update Files

Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Select all files and folders in C: + e
  2. Select Delete from the context menu when right-clicking the things you want to delete. If you still can’t get rid of them, try restarting your computer.

Activate The Service

As an administrator, open Command Prompt.command prompt

  1. Press Enter after typing net start wuauserv.
  2. Press Enter after typing net start bits.
  3. Restart the computer.

After completing these three steps, you may see if your machine can handle a standard Windows 11 upgrade. This time, you must use a regular functional and fast internet connection and ensure your device’s power supply.

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It’s possible that upgrading to Windows 11 won’t go smoothly. The download process for the Windows 11 upgrade, for example, may become stuck at 100%. We’ll show you an effective approach in this post. You can follow the approach described in this post to redownload the update files if your Windows 11 update installation is stopped at 100%. In the vast majority of cases, this technique is effective. We hope you find it useful as well. Hoping that this article will resolve the issue if Windows update stuck at 100.

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