Fix Forgot Windows 7 Password Hack 

You have a few options for hacking into your own Windows 7 machine. One of the most successful tactics in case you forgot Windows 7 password is the one we’re about to guide you through right now.

windows 7

While this password reset process could be considered a “hack,” it does not require software or advanced computer skills. In this, if you can follow directions.

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Steps To Follow If You Forgot Windows 7 Password

 In case you forget windows 7 password, here is the hack of the same. Follow the steps and get it resolved. The steps are: 

Use Windows 7 Installation Disc Or USB Flash Drive To Start The Computer

If you’re booting from a disc, look for a message that says “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” or anything similar and follow the instructions.

press any key for cd disc

You may free generate a system repair disc from any functional Windows 7 machine with an optical drive if you don’t have access to a Windows 7 Setup disc or flash drive and don’t already have one. This may also be done with a Windows 7 system repair CD.

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Click Next

Check that the language, time, and keyboard selections work for you on the Install Windows screen with the huge Windows 7 logo, then select Next.

press next

Remember that you will not install or reinstall Windows 7 during the password reset. Instead of a System Recovery Options window, if you booted from a Windows 7 System Repair Disc, you’d see a small System Recovery Options window with only a keyboard option.

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Choose The Option To Repair Your Computer

You’re back at the Install Windows screen, this time with the Windows 7 logo. However, there is an “Install now” button and several options at the bottom this time. Right above the Microsoft copyright indication at the bottom of the screen, select Repair your computer.

repair computer

You can reset your Windows that you booted from a Windows 7 System Repair Disc. You won’t see this screen.

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Wait For Your Windows 7 Installation To Be Discovered

Now you’ll notice two windows, one on top of the other, labeled System Recovery Options.

windows 7 installation

Searching for Windows installations is indicated on the top one. Now, wait.

Choose Next After Taking Note Of Your Windows Location

Now that the progress bar has vanished from the little window, write down the drive letter that appears under Location. This will be C: on most systems, but it may be different on yours depending on how Windows 7 was set up originally.

drive windows 7

While working with Windows 7, you’re probably used to seeing the drive Windows 7 is installed on as C: most systems include a little recovery drive that’s generally hidden from view. Your main purpose has likely been assigned C, the next available drive letter, because the drive letter assignment is dynamic, and this small hidden drive is visible while working from System Recovery Options. You must select Windows 7 from the Operating System column and “Next” once you’ve saved that drive letter to memory.

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Select Command Prompt

Now you will have to choose Command Prompt from the recovery tools available under System Recovery Options.

open cmd

Click on it.

Execute The Following Of The Two Commands

After Command Prompt is open, then put the Command below precisely as described, then click Enter: c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

If the operation was executed correctly, the text of one file(s) was copied. It should have shown underneath the command string, and you should now be back at a prompt. In case that wasn’t evident, there are just two spaces in this Command: between copy and c: and between exe and c.

execute commands

Then, just as shown, type this command and hit Enter.

Commands: c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe 


There are two spaces in this Command: between copy and d and between exe and d. You will be able to see the one file(s) copied, just as you did with the previous Command. After performing the Command: At the flashing prompt, type Y or Yes, then press Enter. 

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Remove The Boot Media And Restart The Computer

Remove the Windows 7 disc or the flash drive you booted in Step 1 after the two commands have been properly executed.

remove boot media and restart

Select Restart at the bottom of the System Recovery Options window after closing the Command Prompt window.

Wait For Your Computer To Reboot

Wait for your computer to restart and display the Windows 7 login page. To be clear, we don’t create do-nothing steps for amusement. Because many people skip the step in Step 8 where you must remove the Windows 7 disc or flash drive, we included it in our guide.

wait for restart

While this may appear unneeded, if you neglect to remove it, the Windows 7 setup or repair procedure will start all over again, as you saw in Step 2. That’s exactly what you wanted then, but you should be booting from your hard drive, as is customary.

Remove the disc or flash drive, and restart if you are back where you started. Mostly, your issue- forgot Windows 7 password would have been solved, but of not, move further.

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Choose The Ease Of Access Option

You ought to now be at the Windows 7 login page.

Look at the tiny icon in the lower-left corner of the display.

click ease of access

Click that!

Normally, clicking this button causes the Ease of Access menu to appear. But since we changed the file for that utility with cmd.exe, Command Prompt shows in its place.

Password Reset With Net User

The net user command can change your Windows 7 password after Command Prompt is active.

reset passowrd using net user

Carry it out as follows: net user username password (changing username with the name of your Windows 7 account and password with the new one of your choosing.)

Use Your New password To Log Into Windows 7

Select the Password field after closing or clicking away from the open Command Prompt window.

login with new password

Press Enter or choose the small arrow button after entering the new Windows 7 password you created previously. 

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Create A Disc To Reset The Password For Windows 7

Although the method to reset your Windows 7 password is completely secure, it isn’t exactly “Microsoft approved.” For Windows 7, using a password reset DVD is the only method authorized by Microsoft.

create windows 7 reset disc

However, since you need access to Windows 7 under your account to create one of these CDs, this wasn’t possible in your initial case. You can make one now that you can use Windows 7 normally and ensure that you never find yourself in a similar scenario again.

Return To The Command Prompt Using Your Bootable Media

You’ll need to visit Command Prompt once more using your Windows 7 media if you want to undo the modifications you’ve made for forgot Windows 7 password issue.

open cmd

For this time, you have missed this quick recap:

  1. Insert your Windows 7 bootable media.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Choose to fix your computer.
  4. As Windows searches your hard disc, wait.
  5. Next, after selecting Windows 7
  6. Decide on Command Prompt.

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Execute This Command

Open Command Prompt and enter the following command:

 Commands: d:\utilman.exe 


There are two spaces in this command, one between copy and d: and the other between exe and d, just like in the other ones. Remember to replace the d: to the drive where Windows 7 installs, as you might have done in Step 7.

drive d windows 7

It asks you for the following query after pressing Enter:

To confirm the overwrite, enter Y or Yes, then hit Enter. On successful completion, you should see the copied one file(s). confirmation.

You just returned the utilman.exe back up to its original location, which you made using the first Command in Step 7. 

Press “Restart” After Removing The Boot Media

Now, remove the Windows 7 disc or flash drive that you booted in Step 14 now that you’ve put the utilman.exe file back where it belongs.

remove boot media and restart

Close the Command Prompt (cmd) window and click Restart in the System Recovery Options window’s bottom-right corner.

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Await The Restart Of Your Computer

As your computer restarts, wait.

wait for restart

You want your computer to start properly, so remove the flash drive or disc.

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Confirm That Ease Of Access Is Functional At The Login Screen

Do you still recall clicking on that tiny icon in Step 10? Pick it once more.

ease of access works

But this time, you should see the Ease of Access screen rather than the Command Prompt. Observing this button’s typical behavior demonstrates that you were successful in undoing the modifications you made to make the Windows 7 password reset hack function.

Congratulations! Its Complete! Your issue- forgot Windows 7 password resolves.

The Ease of Access window closes, and you can access Windows 7 by logging in.


Please don’t forget to make the password reset disc we mentioned a few times. It’s quite simple and makes future Windows 7 password reset very simple. 

This article solves your problem and fixes the issue- forgot Windows 7 password.

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