Guide To Solve WiFi Connected But No Internet On Windows 10

When do you see the Internet Connection icon in Windows 10 saying you do not have Internet access? You are wondering how to resolve this vexing Windows problem. This article will detail explore the error- WiFi connected but no internet on Windows 10 along with its fixes.

wifi connected but no internet on windows 10

Along with no internet access, it is scary if you find the error- No internet secured, as it will raise the fear of antivirus or malware capture. Be careful of these errors while using the internet.

Fixes for ‘WiFi Connected But No Internet on Windows 10′ Issue

Below is a list of fixes that will resolve the issue- WiFi Connected But No Internet on Windows 10.

Reset Your Computer

You are rebooting your computer, as with numerous problems is the initial step in troubleshooting. However, rebooting will clear up a short malfunction and fix your network connection problem if you are lucky.


Because Wi-Fi connections have further difficulties, the utmost of our advice assumes you are utilizing one. However, you should try another string at this time to make sure yours is not broken if you use an Ethernet string to connect to your router.

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Reset Your Router And Modem

Rebooting your modem and router is the best option because they cause network problems. While some routers allow you to reboot using an interface, you don’t need to do so.


After you’ve plugged in your modem and let it bobble up, you will need tore-plug your router. Allow many twinkles for them to renew completely. While at it, double-check that your router and modem are both functional. You may have an imperfect piece of network gear if you do not see any lights on one of the biases or if the lights appear red or flash in an unusual pattern. Open both biases and leave them unplugged for many twinkles — or, if there’s one, press the physical power button.

Continue if your computer still shows” no internet” after this; your problem is more complicated than a simple reboot.

Check IP Address Configuration

Next, validate that your computer has a licit IP address, which is one of the most important tasks in diagnosing network problems. Under typical conditions, when bias connects to a home network, the router assigns them an address. This” no internet access” issue and the” Wi-Fi does not have a valid IP configuration” error might be caused by incorrect IP settings on your computer.

To do IP Configuration you need a proper configuration. Sometimes it also happens that your ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

Check The Status Of Internet Service Provider

Whether you cannot be bias online at this stage, try to see if your ISP is having problems. Though this is uncommon, it might explain why you’re unfit to connect to the internet. Check if Comcast, Verizon, or whoever supplies service in your region has reported outages. A quick Google or Twitter hunt might reveal if others are passing the same issue. Down Sensor comes in handy.

Disable Anti-Virus Software

Another doubtful but conceivable option is that you have antivirus software installed on the computer that prevents you from penetrating the internet. Historically, Avant and other antivirus suites have endured issues where defective updates have blocked particular websites, or the whole internet, for no apparent reason.


Disable third-party antivirus software you may have installed and check to see if your connection returns; you may need to change your antivirus app’s settings or consider switching to a different antivirus program it does.

Recommending, while we are on security, a contagion check with software like Malware bytes. An offensive operation might have disintegrated your internet connection.

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Update Wireless Drivers

Use this tutorial to modernize your Windows motorists. Utmost computer motorists do not need to be streamlined because they are worth more difficulties.

update driver

However, check for wireless chip motorist upgrades on your computer if you still have trouble connecting to the internet. However, launch it and look for wireless motorist updates if your PC has manufacturer update software installed.

Reset Internet Connection

Still, go to Settings> Network & Internet> Status in Windows 10 to reset its network setup; if your Windows PC is the only device you cannot connect to. Reset now by clicking the Network reset textbook at the bottom of the screen. Go to Options> Network & internet, Advanced network settings, and Network reset in Windows 11. Following the prompts in these windows will cancel all network appendages and restore all network settings to their normal locations. You will have to reinstall everything, including VPN software, but that could be the result you are looking for.internet

Resetting your router is your stylish chance if you cannot go online with any of your home’s widgets (and modem, if demanded). To reset your router to plant defaults, look for a small perforation on the reverse or bottom and fit it (with a paper clip or similar item) for several seconds. However, you will need to log in and do a plant reset from there if your router does not have a physical reset button.

You can go through the first setup and use the plant defaults to check if you can go online again now that everything is reset. However, your outfit is presumably broken, and you will need to replace it if you still cannot connect to the internet after this. Communicate with the manufacturer if everything you enjoy is still under bond.

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Wi-Fi is used in households for the best internet experience. But if Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, then it is a real issue. Hoping that this article has helped you to solve the error- WiFi connected but no internet on Windows 10.

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