Fix Uplay Connection Lost Issue | Easy & Simple Guide

Have you lost your connection on Uplay? Are you trying to fix it on your own to enjoy seamless gaming? You are at the right place ! Read this article till the end to fix the ” Uplay Connection lost” issue. Imagine this: You’re ready to dive into your favorite game, the perfect escape from a long day. You launch Uplay, anticipation building, but then… “Connection Lost.” Your excitement turns to frustration. It’s not just a game; it’s your unwinding time, now hijacked by a technical glitch.

To fix the “Uplay Connection Lost” issue, first, check your internet connection to ensure stability. Restart your router if needed. Then, try disabling any VPNs or proxy servers, as they can interfere with Uplay’s connectivity. If the problem persists, consider temporarily disabling your firewall or antivirus, which might be blocking Uplay’s access to the internet.

In a world where digital leisure is as important as work, issues like a Uplay connection loss aren’t just minor irritants; they’re obstacles in your path to relaxation and enjoyment. But here’s the thing: every problem has a solution. The key lies in understanding why it happens and knowing the precise steps to fix it. Instead of feeling helpless, let’s turn this around and reclaim your gaming time.

Uplay/Ubisoft Connect Launcher

Solve the issue of uplay connection lost by Ubisoft Connect, which is formerly known as Uplay, starts its way in 2019. However, it was rebranded and redesigned as Ubisoft Connect in 2020. Much like Steam, Origin, and Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect/Uplay is a game distribution service and platform where you can purchase, download, and buy games. This is a popular gaming service, and many renowned games like Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy, Far Cry 4Assassin’s Creedand others are available to download via the UPlay network. 


They even have a premium subscription available called Ubisoft Plus (formerly Uplay+), where you get access to their full library of games as well as closed beta tests and new additions. Another feature of the platform is Digital Rights Management(DRM), which has to scrutinize, where you have to run the client even if you buy the game from a different platform like Steam or Epic Games. On the other hand, the Uplay Launcher often has several issues. One major issue is the Uplay Launcher connection lost problem.

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Reset Your Network

This is one of the most common and easiest fixes which doesn’t require much effort. Just Type Network reset in your search bar and click on Network reset.

reset your network

Then click on reset now. After that, you’ll need to restart your device, and will help you to fix error uplay connection lost.

Check Proxy Settings

Using a Proxy may cause issues with the Uplay server. Therefore, you should go to Internet Options, under Network and Internet in the Control Panel.


check proxy settings

Then go to Connections and click on Lan Settings and uncheck the box with Proxy Server is an easy method to fix uplay connection lost.

Disable The Offline Mode

Open Uplay and go to Network in the Settings option. Then, uncheck the always Start Uplay in offline mode option.

Change The DNS Settings

Open the command prompt on your PC/Laptop and run it as admin. Once it is opened, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

type ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter

This should remove the corrupted files on your device will be a effective way to fix uplay connection error. This will help you to fix the error of uplay connection lost.


Sometimes, due to certain errors, the Firewall and Antivirus on the device itself create certain restrictions causing errors like the Uplay Launcher Connection Lost Uplay.

firewall/antivirus can be a reason

Check if it isn’t blocking Uplay from running. Also, go to the Firewall and Network protection section. Open the Public(non-discoverable) network option and turn off the Windows Firewall option.

Ubisoft Connect Updates

Like all other platforms, Ubisoft releases patch updates. Check if Ubisoft Connect is up to date.

Check If Your Drivers Are Updated

For this, you will have to know for yourself which drivers your computer uses and manually check from their respective websites if there are updates available.

check if your drivers are updated

You also can use a third-party application to check the status of your drivers.

Uninstall Uplay

Uninstall Uplay by going to the control panel or deleting all the files.

the application should be uninstalled

Then again, reinstall it from the Ubisoft Connect site. Easiest possible way to solve uplay connection lost problem. 

Background Programs

Type Run in your Windows search bar and click on the application that pops up. In Run, type msconfig in the open bar and press OK. If this does not work, search for system configuration and click on the general tab in that. Next, select the Selective startup option.

background programs

A load startup items box will appear on the screen. Unselect this box and click on the OK button. After doing all of the above, you will need to restart your device to see if the changes are affected so that play not connecting will be avoided.

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Ubisoft Customer Support

If none of these work, you can try contacting Ubisoft Connect Support. For that, you will need to log in on the Ubisoft Connect site and click on the Support Tab. Signing in will customize customer support which will more than likely resolve the Uplay Launcher Connection Lost error.

connect to ubisoft customer support

There are other more complex methods, too, like changing the DNS server settings by going to the Network and Internet section in Control Panel. There you will have to right-click on your Wifi Connection and select properties. You will then have to change the DNS address of Internet Protocol 4 TCP/IPv4 to the Google DNS server address (Preferred DNS server:, Alternate DNS server:; as well as change the DNS server address of Internet Protocol 6 TCP/IPv6 to the Google DNS server address (Preferred DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8888 Alternate DNS server: 2001:4860:4860::8844)

However, this method has complications and has not much recommendations as it may create issues with other applications running on your PC. Missing DLL files and a poor internet connection may also create a Connection Lost problem.

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Why does my PC say 'Uplay Connection Lost'?

The 'Uplay Connection Lost' error can occur due to various reasons including internet connection issues, Uplay starting in offline mode, proxy settings, outdated network drivers, or conflicts with other software or firewall settings.

How can I fix the Uplay Connection Lost error?

To fix the error, you can try updating your network drivers, resetting your TCP/IP settings, disabling proxy settings, changing DNS server settings, or performing a network reset. These steps address different potential causes of the connectivity issue.

Can a proxy server affect Uplay's connectivity?

Yes, using a proxy server can lead to connection, installation, or patching issues with Uplay. Disabling proxy settings might resolve the Uplay Connection Lost error.

What should I do if Uplay consistently starts in offline mode?

If Uplay consistently starts in offline mode, you can change this setting. Within Uplay, click on the menu icon, go to Settings, and uncheck the option 'Always start Uplay in Offline Mode'.

Could my firewall be blocking Uplay?

It's possible that your firewall is preventing Uplay from connecting to Ubisoft's servers. Temporarily disabling your firewall can help determine if this is the cause of the Uplay Connection Lost issue.


This was our take on how to fix uplay connection lost. We really hope we have helped you to solve the Uplay connection lost issue. Now that you have fixed it, Happy gaming!

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