How To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup

how to stop steam from opening on startup

While you can disable this feature, enabling it by default can be annoying. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent this by disabling it in the Steam client. Or by stopping it in Windows Settings or Mac System Preferences. next steps. When you install Steam on Windows, the client is set to open automatically when … Read more

Fix: S/MIME Control Isn’t Available

s/mime control isn't available

The concerned problem of “S/MIME control isn’t available” usually occurs to OWA (Outlook Web Access) users with a Windows PC. OWA is a complete web-based email client packed with features and is easily accessible to even those who don’t have Outlook installed in their workstations. But it gets annoying for the users when OWA goes … Read more

Fix: Computer Not Recognizing Headphones

computer not recognizing headphones

Technology is fantastic until it fails to work. Sometimes you want to watch a movie, listen to your favorite music on your Computer, or attend an important meeting on Skype. There’s nothing more annoying than arranging an extended gaming session, and your Windows PC or laptop decides not to see your headphones i.e getting the … Read more