4 Ways To Fix FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files

If you are obsessed with online gaming, you definitely know about Final Fantasy XIV. This is one of the enormous multiplayer role-playing games online. This game is famous for its storylines. This game was released in 2013 and allowed a person to interact with people worldwide. How cool is that! Although there might be some instances where you might encounter problems, one of the major issues users encounter is FFXIV unable to download patch files.

If you are finding solutions to FFXIV unable to download patch files, you are in the right place. Well, there is nothing to worry about. This is something that gets solved.

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Why FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files

Here are a few reasons as to why you might be unable to download patch files FFXIV. This is so that you know which area to look into.

  • In some instances, your antivirus might block this activity. It will then the message as final fantasy 14 unable to download patch files.
  • You might have a weak internet connection. This will cause the situation of FFXIV unable to download patch files.
  • You might be unable to download patch files FFXIV because you fall in a different country or region. FFXIV must have disabled downloads for some regions.
  • There might be a temporary issue that you are facing. This might be because the server might be down.

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FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files: How To Fix?

Now that you have analyzed the possible reasons for your problem, it becomes easier to find the solution. Breathe in and relax. To fix the problem of FFXIV unable to download patch files, here are a few one-stop solutions.

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Virtual Private Network

In case you face an issue where you find FFXIV unable to download patch files 30413, this one’s for you.

First of all, the VPN helps to unblock the restrictions that are imposed by your network. The VPN enables you to access that are blocked by your server.

The following steps need to be followed:

  • First, download a VPN program on the internet. There are many VPN programs available online.
  • After you finish downloading the VPN, install the program.
  • The next stage is to change your location. This is done after you run the program.
change location using vpn
Change location using VPN
  • Then, you will find your IP address masked.
vpn with marked ip address
VPN with marked IP address

As soon as you run the program, you will not find final fantasy XIV unable to download patch files.

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Disable Your Antivirus For Some Time

This trick works. If you want to fix the issue of FFXIV unable to download patch files, you need to do this. It is essential that you do think quickly so that viruses do not attack your laptop or desktop.

antivirus disabled
antivirus disabled

Keep in mind that third-party softwares also need to be disabled. This is so that you can download the patch files instantaneously.

This method is a little risky but is functional.

One important thing is that you should turn on the antivirus protection as soon as you finish downloading. As mentioned, you need to prevent yourself from viruses attacking your device!

If this does not help, you need to move on to the next method.

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Probably It Is A Temporary Issue – Patience

In some instances, there might be a temporary issue. This might be a result of the server being down. This happens because a lot of players tend to use the site at once. This causes the site to crash down at times.

As a result, you might be in a scenario where “final fantasy xiv unable to download patch files”. Here, all you can do is wait. You need not panic when you cannot download the patch files. You can grab some patience and wait.

unable to download patch files
Unable to download patch files

What you can do is go to the Game’s Official Forum first. On this platform, you will be able to find all of the latest announcements that are released.

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You can ask your fellow friend whether they are encountering a similar issue.

You know that it is not an issue at your end when he or she is facing something similar. If you find out that only you are stuck with this, you can use either of the methods above or read on.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, your internet may just slow down. This could be a cause leading to FFXIV unable to download patch files. These files are large files. These are files that will definitely take time to download. These files will additionally consume a lot of data.

connection interrupted
Connection Interrupted

So, there is a possibility that the internet might get slow during the middle of the process of downloading. This will cause FFXIV unable to download patch files scenario.

So, you need to check your internet connection. And you can do this by randomly googling something on the next tab.

You know that the internet is not working when the other site does not open. If the internet is fine, then you can start the process of downloading again.

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When you have read everything, you must analyze what the problem is precisely. You should not panic when you are facing such a problem.

In most cases, the issue is because of the antivirus. However, we advise you to wait for some time before you take any other step. Most of the time, the issue gets solved.

We would be glad to know if this article has served as a guide to overcome your problem.

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