Steam Download Stopping? Here’s How To Fix It!

Steam is the largest and one of the most sought-after video game digital distribution services in the world. It renders several services like server hosting, networking, video streaming, etc. and as of today, offers 34,000 games on its platform. In all, we can definitely say that the service is a favorite amongst a lot of gamers. That being said, there exist the occasional issues associated with it. Steam download stopping midway is one such common issue. Now, It can get extremely frustrating when an issue as such arises. However, there are several factors that could cause steam downloads to stop and start. Hence, there doesn’t exist only one solution to rectify this issue.

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Steam Download Stopping Issue: Top 8 Fixes

Performing some troubleshooting as well as trial and error can end up working for you. Therefore, to help you out with this problem, we have devised a list of the top 8 fixes for the steam download stopping issue.

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Shutting Apps That Consume A Lot Of Bandwidth

The most common solution for when steam download keeps stopping is to shut apps working in the back. Now if you have other programs running on your device while you’re trying to install Steam, chances are, this is causing your issue. It is most likely that these apps are eating up a lot of bandwidth. There is a possibility of third party software conflicts, so to reduce this, you may want to shut your running programs. Here is how you may do so.

  1. By right-clicking on the PC’s taskbar

2. From the list of choices that come up, select ‘Task Manager.’

 launch task manager
Launch Task Manager

3. From here, end all processes from browsers, skype and the updaters.

end task
End task

4. Once done, restart Steam by utilizing steam.exe.

Now recheck if the Steam not downloading issue has been fixed. If not, then read on.

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Clearing Steam’s Cache

Another issue that can result in the steam download stopping is if you haven’t cleared the cache. So, to remove the cache, start as follows.

  • Go to Steam, next, click on ‘Settings.’
  • Now, click ‘Downloads’ from the given options.
download option
Download option
  •  Next, select the ‘Clear Steam Download Cache’ option.
clear cache
Clear cache
  • Finally, pick ‘OK’, and you have now successfully cleared your cache.

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Reconnecting The Steam Client

Reconnecting the steam client to an internet connection is a sure fix for when the Steam download stopping issue arises. This is because the problem may have arisen simply as a result of a faulty connection. To reconnect, commence as follows.

  • Start by going to your dashboard and choosing ‘Steam.’
  • Next, pick ‘Go Offline’.
  •  A pop up will now be presented on your screen saying “Restart in Offline Mode’. Select this
start in offline mode
Start in Offline Mode
  • Now, allow the system a couple of seconds. Reselect ‘Steam’ from the dashboard and choosing ‘Go Online’.
go online
Go Online
  • Choose the pop up ‘Restart and GO Online.’
restart and go online
Restart and Go Online

Now, recommence with the download process to check if the steam downloads stopping. If it is still stopping, read on.

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Changing The Download Region

Changing the download region has worked for several users who have encountered the steam download stopping problem. You can switch the download region as follows.

  • Open up Steam Client and select ‘Steam.’
  • Pick ‘Settings’, then choose ‘downloads.’
  • Now, select ‘downloads region’ and then pick another region.

Doing so can also rectify issues like Steam not downloading games. However, if this hasn’t rectified the problem, try the next fix. 

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Matching Up Your Time With The Time Zone

This error is generally overlooked by users; however, this may also affect your browser function. The Steam collects its information from your PC with the timestamps. Discrepancies within the same can result in errors. To solve this problem, start by.

  • Open your PC’s ‘Control Panel’.
control panel
Control Panel
  • From the given options, pick ‘Time and Date.’
date and time option
Date and Time option
  •  Then, pick ‘Internet Time’. Finally, select ‘Change settings’
internet time
Internet Time
  •  Tick ‘Synchronize with Internet Server’ box. Next, choose ‘Update Now’ then finally, pick the ‘OK’ button.
internet time setting
Internet Time Setting
  • Now, restart Steam and see if it downloads. If not, try the next solution.

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Modifying The Bandwidth

An alteration within the bandwidth has been claimed to rectify the steam download stopping trouble too. To do so, start by.

  • Clicking ‘Steam’ and then ‘Settings.’
  • Pick ‘Downloads’, next the ‘Limit Bandwidth.’
limit bandwidth
Limit Bandwidth
  • Now, you may correct the bandwidth on the basis of internet connection’s performance.
  • Finally, click on ‘OK’ and you’re done.

Updating The Drivers

The older versions of your drivers might not be well-matched with Steam and may cause the Steam Client to malfunction. Therefore, changing your drivers may fix this error too. Employing third-party applications to aid you in keeping the drivers updated and available in one place is definitely recommended.

Now, this can be done manually, but it requires time and a little patience to understand which driver matches up perfectly with an application. Once the upgrade is complete, restart Steam Client and check if the download continues.

Reinstalling Steam

Reinstalling is the last step you should take if the steam download stopping issue continues to persist. Now if you’re going to reinstall Steam, make sure that you back up the Steamapps Subfolder. If not, you will lose all of your game data.


So here is how you can fix the Steam not downloading issue. Though this issue is frustrating, these simple fixes can rectify your issue in no time. If you know any other ways to fix this issue, let us know in the comments section below. We would be really glad to hear from you!

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