Fix: The Handle Is Invalid In Microsoft Windows Network

Users of Windows 10 get the handle is an invalid problem while attempting to log in to their devices. Recent updates to Windows 10 or corrupted or damaged system files are the major reasons for easy fixes for the Microsoft windows network. The handle is invalid.

windows 10

Users of Windows 10 get the handle is an invalid problem while attempting to log in to their devices. Recent updates to Windows 10 or corrupted or damaged system files are the major reasons for this problem.

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Users of Windows 10 get the issue- “The handle is invalid”, while attempting to log in to their computers. Users cannot log into their accounts or use their computers due to the error notice.

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This problem has several basic causes:

  1. Certain system files became corrupted or destroyed, or a recent Windows 10 update wasn’t installed properly.
  2. On Microsoft Windows 10, this problem also prevents users from adding a printer or using one already installed. cause of error
  3. The handle also impacts previous versions of Windows as an incorrect problem, which prevents users from updating or installing applications.

Fix The Issue

If you are having trouble starting the menu or it is missing in your Windows 10, you could also resolve it using Restoro Laptop Repair easily, as you did it for this issue.

There are two methods through which you can fix your PC issues:

By Restarting The System

To fix the issue- the handle is invalid, you can fix it by restarting the system. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select Restart from the menu. If this problem prevents you from accessing your user account, reboot your computer often. 
  2. If you don’t want to execute a hard reset, you may pick the reboot option while holding down the Shift key & choose to Continue to Windows 10 by pressing the on-screen power switch while holding down the Shift key. shut down
  3. By doing this, Windows will be made to fix update files that are broken or corrupt.
  4. Launch Safe Mode, then remove the security updates.
  5. When pressing the on-screen power button, keep the Shift key depressed.
  6. While pressing the Shift key, choose Restart.
  7. After choosing Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, Startup Settings, and Restart, pick Safe Mode. launch safe mode
  8. Select Windows Update under Update & Security, then select Advanced on update and security
  9. Examine your update history & remove the most recent updates.
  10. Reboot your computer.

Note: According to several customers, accumulated updates KB3135173 & KB3124262 are the real offenders, and removing these two updates resolved the issue.

Like this error, can you also not complete your updates and leave the changes undone? Refer to this article and get it resolved.

Update Citrix VDA

Citrix VDA 7.6.300 encounters The Handle is an invalid problem because some Windows upgrades are incompatible with it. Download the VDA 7.6.1000 cumulative update to correct this. Only users of Citrix VDA can utilize this solution.

citrix vda install

Download the most recent version of the utility, VDA 7.8 or above, which includes the patch if you use VDA v7.7. Visit Citrix’s support page for further details and a step-by-step instruction manual.

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How To Rectify Error: The Handle Is Invalid While Printing

Rectifying this error- the handle is invalid, can be done in several ways:

Start A Complete System Scan

Your computer may experience several problems from malware, including malfunctions. You can keep on running a complete system scan to find any malware that could be active on your machine.

full computer scan

You can choose to utilize an advanced security product, including third-party virus protection with advanced malware scans integrated, instead of Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus for the operating system. The antimalware eradication program should be installed and launched as part of your virus protection security suite. Scan the entire machine with the antivirus program, including the printer driver, after screening and eradicating any potential virus.

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Update Your Computer’s Drivers

To update the Windows driver, follow the following steps:

  1. Launch Device Manager to install specific drivers. open device manager
  2. Select the device you want to upgrade the driver by expanding the list of possible categories.
  3. Update the driver by selecting it with the right mouse click. Enter the update in the Searching box to download the most recent updates and hit Check for Updates. update driver

Another choice is directly downloading the most recent driver updates from the manufacturer’s website. It can be dangerous to search for the drivers on the manufacturer’s website since you risk picking the incorrect one and causing extra harm.

Because of this, we advise downloading and installing DriverFix, which instantly updates all of your drivers.

Expert Advice: Some PC problems can be challenging to resolve, especially when missing or damaged Windows files are involved. It might partially damage your system if you have problems correcting an issue. Right after you install Restoro, a program that will scan your computer and pinpoint the problem is something we strongly advise.

Similar to this error, one could face an error, where your Windows is not having a network profile. You can also resolve it as easily as you did this one.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Verify that your computer is running the most recent Windows OS upgrades. Recall that Microsoft often releases Windows updates to enhance system stability and address different problems.

Check for updates on Windows Update, then install any that are available.

  1. Launch Command Prompt into the Start menu and select Run as administrator. opening cmd
  2. Type the command SFC /scannow. inserting commands2
  3. Start your computer again. On restarting, it will replace all damaged files.

Use a specialized application, like CCleaner, to repair your registry; this is the quickest and easiest method. Remember to create a registry backup in case something goes wrong.


We all must also have encountered a PC problem once in our life, which ruins your day with its unresponsiveness and slow processing. Today, we try to optimize the PC, and being of the current generation, people generally use windows 10, which is the latest operating system. Several solutions are available for this slow and unresponsive problem, which could also get fixed very easily, like this one.

Thus, these are some of the ways by which you can fix the issue of the handle is invalid in Microsoft Windows Network.


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