How To Fix Apex Legends Crashing No Error

apex legends crashing no error

When Apex Legends crashes on PC, create an “apex_crash.txt” file in the Documents folder. A small text file that contains no individual or system information. Shows the number of active processes and dump files at the time of the crash. This file can help determine if Apex Legends is crashing or if a software conflict … Read more

How to Fix PS4 Error SU-42118-6?

PS4 error su-42118-6

What does it Mean? When victimization your PS4, you’ll encounter utterly different error codes like SU-41333-4, E-8210604A, CE-43461-8, SU-42118-6, and more. A number of these errors square measure software package issues. However, many of them don’t seem to be software package issues. PS4 system software package update PS4 error su-42118-6 isn’t a software package issue. We … Read more