Fix PS4 Turns On Then Off By Itself

VOILA! Any day, any video game console, when just randomly turns off by itself that too in the middle of a game; we all know how frustrating and annoying the situation turns out to be! Today, we will be talking about PS4, the possible reasons it turns on then off by itself, and some effective methods to fix it!

Sony’s PS4 (PlayStation 4) is a renowned home video game console initially released in 2013. It is one of the best-selling game systems consistently, outselling its competitors such as the Xbox and Nintendo. However, many users have complained about its turning off at random intervals during gameplays since its inception in 2013. Before entirely shutting down, the console blinks red or blue a few times. It is absolutely a severe problem you must address if it occurs more than twice or thrice or regularly.

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Possible Causes – Why A PS4 Turns  On Then Off By Itself 

Now many factors need to be taken into consideration as to why the PS4 randomly reboots itself. We have mentioned some of them below.


Check if the device is overheated. If the PS4’s internal temperature rises above a specific point, it will shut down. Your PS4 may be overheating if it’s hot to the touch, especially if there’s a game disc inside.


Keeping your PS4 in a calm and ventilated area is the best method to save it from overheating. Instead, it would benefit if you only used your console when the room temperature is average or slightly more relaxed. If you can’t manage the temperature in your room, air coolers might be a good investment.

Faulty Power Cable 

A broken power cord is the second most prevalent cause of random restarts on the PS4. If feasible, try using a different PS4 cable to see if the old one is the source of the issue.

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Internal Hard Drive

In certain circumstances, a malfunction with the internal hard drive causes the PS4 to reboot randomly. If the hard disc fails, games may freeze, cease to launch, or the PS4 may not start it up at all. The PS4 system can crash due to data or software corruption, creating the impression that it shuts off at random.

Some Effective Methods To Get It Fixed

Let us see some of the methods to fix this issue.

Power Connections

A PlayStation requires a constant supply of power to function correctly. Connecting your PS4 to the power switch may not be correctly secured, resulting in the problem.

power connections
Power connections

To resolve this issue, totally turn off your PS4 by tapping the start button for a few seconds until you hear it beep two times. Disconnect the power cable from the outlet at this point. Ensure all of the wires are securely attached to the gaming console and are in their proper slots. You can also carefully blow air into the receivers to clear any dust particles which might have clogged them. Also, you can use extra cords instead if you have them. You can also see if the outlet is working properly by plugging in a separate device and watching how it performs. To see if your PlayStation works properly, try plugging it into a different outlet in your house.

Hard Drive 

  • The PS4 utilizes a hard drive to store game files and other vital data. Problems emerge when you cannot access specific files. Do check out the following steps.
    hard drive
    Hard drive
  • Click the power button for at least seven seconds, or until you hear two beeps, to turn off your PS4.
  • Switch off the power and remove the power cord from the power socket first, then unplug any other wires attached to the console.
  • Lift the hard drive bay cover on the left side (that’s the glossy section) and slide it out.
  • Verify that the internal hard disc is inserted correctly and secured in the system, and is immobile.

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Multiple Connectors

Multi-connectors, which are little devices that help enhance the number of available ports, are becoming more ubiquitous these days. Instead of using a connector, try inserting the PS4 directly into your TV. You can also try separating your PS4 and TV/Screen. If any of your device’s other ports are occupied, consider disconnecting them. This is useful when the PS4’s internal connectivity is poor, and any activity from another port could cause issues with the system.

Cable Internet

Wi-Fi adapters have to caused power fluctuations in PCs and your PlayStation 4. Short circuits in the component can result in a surge of electricity, forcing the PS4 to go down permanently.

connect to cable internet
connect to cable internet

You might want to consider changing to cable internet in that situation. The ethernet wire can be attached straight to the PS4’s back. You can connect your Wi-Fi router to your PS4 with a LAN connection if you don’t have a cable internet connection. If you can resolve the PS4 turning off on its issue, you should avoid utilizing the Wi-Fi connection entirely.

Accelerated Processing Unit (APU)

 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) make up the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The APU is occasionally not correctly soldered to the console’s motherboard. The only option to fix it is to have it replaced by Sony, as they are not readily available on the market because each unit is created specifically for the console. If there is too much overheating, the APU can turn off, which can be easily ignored by keeping the console in a well-ventilated place.

The Takeaway

We believe these are some of the methods which will help you get your PS4’s random rebooting issue fixed. You should contact your PS4 console tested for a hardware issue if you didn’t solve it by any of the aforementioned methods. We strongly advise against attempting to diagnose hardware issues on your own since this could result in irrevocable harm. Instead, try visiting a Sony Service center near you.

We hope you found the article helpful. Do check out some great tech blogs and articles on other relevant problems also. Thanks a lot!

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