How to Fix PS4 Error SU-42118-6?

What does it Mean?

When victimization your PS4, you’ll encounter utterly different error codes like SU-41333-4, E-8210604A, CE-43461-8, SU-42118-6, and more. A number of these errors square measure software package issues. However, many of them don’t seem to be software package issues. PS4 system software package update PS4 error su-42118-6 isn’t a software package issue.

We believe that a lot of users have encountered this issue. In most cases, this issue can let your PS4 stuck in a very restart loop while not changing the PS4 code update.

Why Will This Issue Happen? 

It invariably occurs once the ribbon connection between your motherboard and BD-ROM is broken. For instance, once you dismantle the PS4 console for a few reasons, like improving the device, you’ll see this ps4 error su421186.

error su-42118-6
error su-42118-6

Till now, you ought to apprehend the explanation for PS4 error su-42118-6 is the improper collection of your PS4 hardware. Once this issue happens to your PS4, the system won’t communicate with the BD-ROM. So, you can’t update your PS4 with success, which may shut down your PS4 indiscriminately.

Now, you perceive the rationale for the PS4 error SU-42118-6. It’s time to repair the problem.

Here square measure the items you’ll do to induce obviate this PS4 error code:

  • Check the BD-ROM ribbon association between the drive and the motherboard.
  • Check for broken tabs and replace the parts if they’re broken.
  • Replace your PS4 drive.

However, some users rumored that this PS4 error code arises after updating the PS4 system software package on the replaced drive. If so, please check all cable connections.

All in all, once you encounter PS4 error SU-42118-6 code, you would like to see your note console create positive that each connection square measures tight and everyone parts don’t seem to be broken.

Boot The Console With Safe Mode

  1. Please turn off the system utterly and leave it off for around one minute.
  2. Press and hold the ability button (release the button once it beeps twice).
    ps4 power button
    ps4 power button
  3. Connect your controller to the PS4 press the PlayStation button to combine the controller.
  4. Once you successfully combine your controller with the system, restart the console once more.
    connect ps4 to controller
    connect ps4 to controller
  5. Press X on the controller to boot.
    press x on ps4 controller (solve ps4 error su-42118-6 error)
    press x on ps4 controller (solve ps4 error su-42118-6 error)
  6. The console comes on, and it’ll not show you the SU-30746-0 error code. If it does, strive for future methodology below.
  7. Update the PS4 via Safe Mode

Power Off The system Utterly

  1. Download the foremost recent PS4 code version.
  2. Save the get in associate degree external USB drive, like a tough drive or USB disk (if your console is connected to an associate degree LAN network, you’ll be able to skip this step).
    install latest version ps4 (solve ps4 error su-42118-6 error)
    install latest version ps4 (solve ps4 error su-42118-6 error)
  3. Press and hold the ability button till the console beeps double.
  4. In Safe Mode, link your controller to the PS4 and press the PlayStation button to combine them.
  5. Go to Update System code and press the X button on the controller to pick the choice.
    x button on ps4
    x button on ps4
  6. If your victimization associate degree LAN network, choose Update victimization web (if not, insert the USB with the downloaded code and select the update on USB device option).
  7. Restart the PS4 console and ensure that the SU-30746-0 error code is solved.

Initialize The Console via Safe Mode

  1. Power off the console and leave it off for around one minute.
  2. Press and hold the ability button, and stop pressing when the console beeps double.
  3. Connect your PS4 controller to the system using a USB cable and combine them by pressing the PlayStation button.
  4. Next, choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).
    initialize ps4
    initialize ps4
  5. Click on the affirmative button and hit X.
  6. Finally, restart the PS4 console.

Restore The PS4 To Default Settings via Safe Mode

  1. Turn off your console utterly.
  2. Next, press and hold down the ability button and wait till the system beeps double.
    turn off ps4
    turn off ps4
  3. In the Safe Mode, attach your PS4 controller employing a USB cable.
    ps4 usb cable
    ps4 usb cable
  4. Press the PlayStation button to combine it with the console.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Restore Default Settings possibility.
    restore default settings (ps4 error su-42118-6)
    restore default settings (ps4 error su-42118-6)
  6. Click on affirmative with the X button, which may restore the console to default settings.
  7. Fix the PS4 error SU-42118-6

What Will This Error Mean SU-42118-6?

The SU-42118-6 error code shows au courant the consoles of quite a variety of users arbitrarily. In most instances, it leaves you stuck during a restart loop. Unlike the SU-30746-0 error code, the ps4 error su421186 code isn’t a code downside.

solve (ps4 error su-42118-6)
solve (ps4 error su-42118-6)

This error comes from broken ribbon instrumentation between your motherboard and BD-ROM. You risk seeing the SU-42118-6 error code if you break up your console either whereas cleansing it or for one more reason. Improper collection of your PS4 hardware also can cause it to start out turning off arbitrarily.

When this happens, the system won’t be ready to communicate with the BD-ROM.

To fix it, investigate the BD-ROM ribbon association between the drive and motherboard. Check for broken tabs, and if any, replace the damaged element.

Will Replacing The Winchester Drive Fix The PS4 error SU-42118-6 On The PS4 Slim?

Replacing the disc drive of your PS4 console typically gets obviate the PS4 error su-42118-6 code.

It is price noting that some users rumored that the difficulty arises once more if you conceive to update the console on the replacement HDD.


As you’ve got seen, the PS4 error SU-30746-0 may be a code issue, whereas the SU-42118-6 error code may be a result of faulty hardware. Replacement of your HDD can solve the SU-42118-6 error code in most cases. On the opposite hand, you’ve got to follow the troubleshooting guide higher than to clear the S4 error SU-30746-0. 

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