Fix : “PS4 Database Corrupted” Error on PS4

This error is displayed while you are playing a game on your PS4. This is because the database on your device becomes corrupted. When it happens, the game you are playing may freeze or stop, and you won’t continue your game. The latest version of the PS4 refers to this error as the code number CE-34054-6. The error may be displayed on the screen saying that “The database is corrupted. The PS4 will restart” or “Database corrupted, the PS$ will now restart.” Numerous reasons may cause the ps4 database corrupted. The reasons may be related to hardware issues or software issues. 

ps4 corrupted
Ps4 corrupted

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In this article, we will look at the main reasons for the occurrence of such errors and also the best possible ways that can be employed to fix them.

How Does The Database Become Corrupted?

Some reasons can cause the ps4 database corrupted. The most common reasons are:

  • Hardware disk failure or fragmentation. This is the most common reason among all.
  • Deletion of data by accident.
  • Unsuccessful installation or update of PS4 system software.
  • Sudden power loss.
  • Failure of the network while you are playing or downloading a game on the PS4.
  • Unexpected shutdown of the device.
  • Corruption of storage media.
  • Bugs in the disk drivers.
  • Methods for fixing the “Database corrupted” error on PS4.

Ways To Fix The Error

When the ps4 database corrupted, you can try a few methods to get the issue fixed. The common methods that you can try are:

Rebuild Database

This is the first method you should try to fix any error related to the ps4 database corrupted. It could take up more than an hour to complete this operation.

ps4 rebuild database
Ps4 Rebuild Database

However, most of the errors that are concerned with the database are solved using this method.

To rebuild the database, follow the given steps:

  • First, turn off the PS4 device console completely.
turn off ps4 device console
Turn Off PS4 Device Console
  • Press and hold the power button of the PS4 until you hear two beeps and start the PS4 in “Safe Mode.”
  • Using a USB cable, connect a controller to the console of the PS4.
connect a controller to ps4
Connect A Controller To PS4
  • From the given list of options, select the Rebuild Database option.
  • Finally, press the cross (X) button on the controller to rebuild the database.

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Initializing PS4

When the rebuilding method fails, the initializing of the PS4 is the harder method for fixing the database.

ps4 intialize
Ps4 Intialize

To reinitialize the PS4, follow the given steps:

  • First, connect the USB flash drive to the computer.
connect usb flash drive
Connect USB Flash Drive
  • Now, open the USB drive and create a new folder by giving the name PS4.
  • Inside this folder, create another new folder and name it as UPDATE.
  • Download the OS by browsing the internet from the official PlayStation website.
  • Now, you can safely remove the USB from the computer.
remove usb from computer
Remove USB From Computer
  • Press and hold the power button of the PS4 until you hear two beeps and start the PS4 in “Safe Mode.”
  • Using a USB cable, connect a controller to the console of the PS4.
  • From the given options, choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).

Now you can see a message that asks for your permission for installation.

  • Click OK to grant your permission.

The reinstallation of the PS4 would start.

This would fix the database error, and after the installation is complete, the PS4 restart automatically.

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Formatting The Internal Hard Drive Of  The PS4

When both the above methods fail, the next thing you can do is full format the PS4 to eliminate the bad sectors that cause the storage errors.

ps4 formatting the internal hard drive
PS4 Formatting The Internal Hard Drive

The error may be a result of the failure of the PS4 hard drive.

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How To Avoid The Database Corruption Error?

After a certain period, the ps4 database corrupted due to long use. The PS4 tries to maintain its database and performance, especially when it reboots. But, this is not enough.

There are some points that you can try to avoid getting the “corrupted database” error. 

  • Rebuild the database regularly, even if the database is not corrupted. It would help if you did it at least once every six months to avoid any storage or database-related issues.
  • Always backup your PS4 hard drive.
always create a backup
Always Create A Backup
  • SSDs can protect your PS4 from a lot of issues, even regarding the database issue.
  • In addition, you can install all your games externally on extended storage. So, even if your database gets corrupted and there is no other way to fix it other than formatting, all your games are the same on the external storage.

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You may encounter the ps4 database corrupted error when you switch on your PS4. The corrupted database is the cause of wrong data processing. This error does not allow you to play games or do any other work on it. The suggested methods that are mentioned above may help you resolve the database issue. It is also advised to have a backup before you try to initialize the PS4.

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