How To Fix Street Fighter 5 Won’t Start On PC? 5 Ways

Are you also wondering why Street Fighter 5 won’t start on PC? Well, relax! You aren’t alone in this. Many players face the issue and we have got you covered.

Video games have reached new heights in terms of enticing young people from all around the world. The game’s characters have become their fantasies. Street Fighter, commonly referred to as SF, is a Japanese competitive fighting video game franchise developed and published by Capcom. They released the first series of games in 1987.

Street Fighter earned $12.2 Billion is the highest-grossing media franchise based on a fighting game. Street Fighter 5 was exclusively released to the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 with a roster of 16 characters. This game is available for PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Since its launch, the game is broadly utilized, but it had a problem launching on PC. Many customers claimed that no matter how hard they tried to launch the game by double-clicking it, they could not do so. You can solve the Launching issue with the simple guide provided by MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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How To Fix Street Fighter 5 Won’t Start On PC?

How can I fix the problem and continue playing the game usually? Here are a few possible solutions.

Add The Game To Your Antivirus’s Exception List

Antivirus might interrupt the file from launching. Almost everyone protects our PCs with antivirus. Here are some steps to disable the use of antivirus software from scanning the game. 

  1. To open your settings, hold the Windows key and press I. Doing so will take you to the settings page of your PC. Click Update and security in which will open windows security.
  2. Under the Protection area, click virus and threat protection. Then, scroll down to locate the Exclusions section and click Add or remove exclusions. virus and threat protection
  3. In the dropdown menu, click Add an exclusion and choose a folder. Find and select the folder of Street Fighter 5, and click Exclude this folder button.
  4. Then Restart your computer and check if Street Fighter 5 is launching on Steam.

This would probably fix the Street Fighter 5 won’t start on PC issue.

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Stop Specific Processes

Intel Driver Support and Intel System Usage are two intel processes that might have caused some issues in launching. To open the task Manager, Hold the control, shift, and escape key where you should click these processes and end the task. intel processes

So long as these are operating in the background, you will play the game after finishing this process.

Examine The Game Files For Integrity Corrupted

Game files might be another reason for Street Fighter 5 won’t start on PC. The users of Steam can follow the instructions to verify the related files. Right-click on Streetfighter V and choose properties from the library folder on Steam. verify the integrity of game files

Remap to the LOCAL FILES tab and click verify the integrity of game files. Do not close the tab until the validation procedure is complete; you must restart the game after the entire process.

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Update Your Windows And Driver

Make sure your Windows and drivers (notably the graphics card driver) are up to date as well. If any updates are available, go to your computer and download and install them. All you have to do is run a Windows update, which will identify any available driver upgrades. This is a simple procedure. Open Update and security from settings, click windows update, then in the right pane, check for any available updates, then download and install them all. If not, you will need to update the device driver manually.

Usually, you can update drivers manually in Windows 10 using Windows Device Manager; Go to Device Manager on Windows. You may start by typing device management into the Start box. To launch Windows Device Manager:

  1. Select the top best-match result.
  2. Choose the Update Drivers option. updated driver software
  3. Double-click the device category and choose the device whose driver you wish to update.
  4. Right-click the gadget you want to edit and select Update Driver Windows 10 Driver Update.

After that, choose Search automatically for updated driver software, and Windows will look for the most recent driver software for your device on your computer and the Internet. If a newer update is available, Windows Device Manager will download and install it on your Windows 10 machine.

Hopefully, the Street Fighter 5 won’t start on PC would have fixed by now. If it hasn’t, follow the next step.

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Clean Boot Your Computer

Some of your computer’s installed programs may clash with Street Fighter V. In this scenario, and you can clean boot your computer to see if any applications are causing problems. To conduct a clean boot, follow these steps. Hold Windows key and R key.

  1. In the run command window, press MSConfig and to open system configuration, enter t.
  2. Check Hide all Microsoft services under the Services menu, then click Disable all to disable non-Microsoft services.
  3. Click the Open Task Manager button on the Startup tab.
  4. Then, in Task Manager, deactivate all of the listed items under the Startup tab. Return to the System Configuration window and make the necessary adjustments. open task manager
  5. Restart your computer to see whether you have resolved the issue with Street Fighter 5 not launching on Steam. You can opt to clean your PC every time you play the game to start correctly.
  6. Alternatively, reactivate these disabled apps one at a time until you identify the troublesome one and disable it or remove it.


Why won't Street Fighter 5 start on my PC?

The game might not start due to outdated drivers, corrupted game files, or compatibility issues with your PC.

How can I fix Street Fighter 5 not starting on my PC?

Update your graphics drivers, verify game files integrity, and run the game as an administrator to fix the issue.

Can verifying game files help fix Street Fighter 5 startup issues?

Yes, verifying game files can fix corrupted or missing files, resolving startup issues.

Does updating graphics drivers help Street Fighter 5 run on PC?

Yes, updating graphics drivers ensures compatibility and optimal performance for Street Fighter 5 on PC.

Could antivirus software prevent Street Fighter 5 from starting on PC?

Yes, antivirus software might block the game. Try disabling it temporarily or adding the game to the allowlist.


We hope these suggestions assisted you in resolving the problem. After following all the instructions, if still Street fighter 5 won’t start on PC, check your Windows health. And if you have any other issues, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We’d help you with them too!

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