Windows Start Button Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

If you’re facing the Windows start button not working issue, then you are probably at the right place! We will discuss how you can fix this issue through our article. Keep reading till the end.

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What Is The Windows Start Button ?

The Windows ten start button is a little button that shows the Windows logo, sometimes displayed on the left corner of the taskbar. You’ll click the Windows 10 start button to look at the beginning menu or start screen. You’ll right-click the Windows 10 “Start” button to display a pop-up menu that contains crosscuts to several functions, windows, and control panels.

windows start button
Windows start button

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To open any of those items, click on the pop-up menu that seems to Specify the command. Once you hover your mouse over this command, the choice to log off or log out can seem within the facet menu that appears. You’ll then choose the given start-up command from the side menu to quickly log out of your account or stop the mistreatment of your PC. A helpful crosscut on this menu is that the closedown or logout command.

 You can also launch the beginning menu by pressing ⊞ Win (Windows key) on the keyboard or tablet, pressing Ctrl + Esc on the keyboard, or clicking the start button. Except for the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, you will find the start button on the taskbar.

The Reason For Windows Start Button Not Working ? 

Typically, the open start menu is stuck and doesn’t respond. Sometimes once pressing the start menu button, it does not open at all.

Irrespective of the specific downside you encounter among the Windows 10 begin menu; we tend to introduce quick throughout this article. However, like various software, there are errors. one altogether the major common mistakes once you practice Windows ten is that the menu suddenly stops working. There are some ways within which to fix the Windows start button not working issue.

There are several reasons why it can’t activate the Windows key on the Windows 10 system: 

  • The problem might be from the keyboard. You may conjointly be  using a broken keyboard. If the problem persists even after replacement of the keyboard, then this might be a Windows problem.
  • Typically, we tend to accidentally activate the sport mode, which prevents you from mistreating the Windows key to perform its basic operations.
  •  Third-party software, applications, malware, or games can also cause the Windows start button not working issue. 
  • Sometimes, using noncurrent or incompatible drivers can cause the Windows ten start-up key to freeze. 

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How To Fix The Windows Start Button Not Working Error?

You’ll manually alter the Windows essential function within the Windows written record Editor.

Try To Log Off and Log In To Your Account

 Windows 10 includes a key filter feature which will typically cause issues with the beginning button. One thing you can do is log off and log in to your account once more. Here is how you can log out and log back into your account:

  1. Move the indicator and click on the Windows emblem or the beginning menu three
  2. Click on your profile icon and click on log out. 
  3. Enter your countersign to log in to your account again. 
  4. Finally, check if your Windows password is valid. Within the Windows logo or start menu. technique 

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Disable The Game Mode On Windows

If you employ sport mode in Windows 10, this can be the reason behind the Windows button not working problem. Follow the steps below to repair the broken Windows key by disabling the repair sport mode:

  1. Click the Windows icon within the system receptacle and type the settings in the search bar. Open the settings in the search results.
    turn off game mode
    turn off game mode
  2. Access the sports section of the menu. 
  3. Within the left pane, click the game Mode tab. 
  4. Next, don’t forget to show off the switch next to Game Mode.


There might be various reason as to why your Windows start button is not working. Here, we have tried to provide you solutions to some of those reasons. We hope this article might have helped you to solve the Windows start button not working issue. Thank you for sticking till the end!

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