Fix The Problem : Printer Queue Won’t Clear

Users need a printer, a necessary hardware component to turn soft copy files into hard copies. It can be used in various circumstances and for several objectives. The order of files to be printed that are stored in predefined memory space is known as a print queue in Windows 10. However, the printing process may be on hold if and when a printer queue won’t clear.

printer queue wont clear

Print queues are a significant element that enables you to give the files different levels of primary consideration. Fixing the printer may seem like an uphill task if the print jobs are stuck. If the problem is hardware-related, such as the print spooler constantly pausing, you might need to speak with a professional about it.

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Solutions To Fix The Error Printer Queue Won’t Clear

You can use a few quick techniques to fix any software-related problems that have prompted the print queue in Windows 10 to become jammed. Because a single blocked document also interrupts printing the papers lined up after it, the printer queue issue must be fixed. Let’s look at some basic fixes for the print queue that won’t clear the problem.

Cancel The Current Print Job

Various factors might lead a print job to become stuck; you must learn how to cancel the print to determine the cause of the problem. You can proceed to clean the print queue after you are comfortable with that step.

Choose the printing job that is currently being done to start. Click the right mouse button and choose Cancel from the drop-down menu. You might be able to clear the print queue on your computer if the print job ends successfully.

power off the printer

Cancel all print jobs if the printer doesn’t respond. Restart your computer if the previous step didn’t work. Unplug and reinsert all printer connections while the computer is booting up.

Clear The Print Queue In Windows

One method to fix the problem is to clear the printer queue on your computer manually. You must manually disable the Print Spooler service and delete the files from the line. It is more straightforward than it sounds to perform the following. However, you can achieve this- printer queue won’t clear, by doing so:

  1. First, turn off the printer. power off the printer
  2. After pressing the Windows 10 Cortana button, type “services” into the search box.type services in run
  3. Reach Print Spooler by keep scrolling. When you double-click it, the Printer Spooler window will then show up.
  4. Press the Stop button to stop the Printer Spooler. open printer pooler
  5. Select File Explorer from the taskbar in Windows 10.
  6. Now use File Explorer to browse to C: WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS. Doing so will open a folder containing a list of open and unprinted documents in the print queue.
  7. Select every file in the folder while holding down the Ctrl key. Then, click the X Delete icon at the top of File Explorer to delete them. restart printer pooler
  8. The Printer Spooler Properties dialogue window reopens. To restart the Printer Spooler, click the Start button in that window.
  9. Finally, restart your printer and print something now.

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Delete The Print Queue Using The Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt, you can also empty the print queue on your PC. This method is a little trickier, but because it only needs a few commands to finish, it’s also the fastest. Follow the steps to fix printer queue won’t clear error:

  1. Press the Win key + X shortcut key first to get to the Win + X menu.
  2. Selecting Command Prompt will bring up the window below (Admin). opening cmd
  3. Enter “net stop spooler” on the Command Prompt and press Enter to stop the print spooler.
  4. Then, type “del percent system root percent System32spoolprinters* /Q” on the Command Prompt and hit the Return key. type command for printer queue
  5. Restarting the Printer Spooler needs typing “Net Start Spooler.
  6. After turning on your printer, begin printing.

Modify The Print Spooler Start-Up Type

You can alter the printer spooler’s startup type if the above fix doesn’t work. You must first open the Services window by following the instructions in the preceding solution. Follow the steps to fix the error-printer queue won’t clear:

  1. Locate the Print Spooler option and use the right-click menu to select Properties. search print spooler and select properties
  2. Change startup-type from Automatic to Manual. To save the modifications, click OK and then Apply.

    change to manual

  3. Finally, once the adjustments have been made, see if you can adequately stop the print jobs and remove the documents.


For the novice and expert users, fixing printer crashes is one of the most laborious tasks. Many people encounter the printer queue issue if any document sticks in between. You could occasionally also need to empty the whole printer queue but cannot do so.

Thus, if the printer doesn’t have any significant problems that call for sophisticated hardware fixes, the fixes mentioned above can help you rapidly fix the print queue won’t clear the issue. Consult your printer maker about this issue if none of these fixes resolve the issue for you.

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