How To Fix r6025 Pure Vital Function Call Error

When you attempt to execute a specific application or process, it abruptly shuts down due to a runtime issue. The error code R6025 reads “Pure virtual function call” as the message. The error-r6025 pure vital function call, happens when a virtual function in an abstract base class is called with a pointer that is genuinely a pointer to the base class but was created by a cast to the derived class type.

runtime error

Have you ever encountered the Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call Windows PC code problem or encountered it repeatedly? If so, today, we’ll teach you how to fix and resolve this error code problem with our devious solutions.

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Fix r6025 Pure Vital Function Call Error

Here is some short instructions and the best fixes for getting rid of this particular Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call Windows PC code issue.

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Use Apps & Features To fix The App

Runtime error R6025 is most likely caused by a faulty installation, so you should try to repair the app first. Utilize the built-in Apps & Features module in Windows 10 to do that. Do the following steps to accomplish that:

  1. Use the shortcut key Windows + I to launch the Settings app. open settings
  2. Go to the Apps & Features tab by selecting the Apps category. select apps and features
  3. Scroll down to the problematic app in the right section, then click it.
  4. After that, click the Advanced settings button to open a new window. choose app advanced settings
  5. Use the Repair or Reset button in this window.

Windows will try to fix the application that generated runtime error R6025. Once the app fixes itself, see if the problem R6025 still occurs. If the Control Panel has the option, you can also use Programs and Features to repair the software.

Change The Code Of The Program

Finding the invalid call in the code of the affected application and eliminating it is the quickest and most straightforward way to fix this problem. Naturally, this technique is only practical if encountering Runtime Error R6025 on a program you wrote yourself. Here’s how to remove the erroneous call to a pure virtual function that caused all of this chaos from the code of your application:

  1. Replace the pure virtual function being used with an implementation that calls the Windows API function DebugBreak within the code of the affected application. debug error
  2. When DebugBreak is activated, using the debugger will start the code running until a hard-coded breakpoint is reached.
  3. Examine the call stack to see precisely where the function was called in the application’s code after the breakpoint has been hit and the code has stopped running. Then, remove the call.

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Fix Using The Windows Computer’s “CLEANMGR” Command

Follow the steps to fix the error- r6025 pure vital function call:

  1. Open the Start screen and search or visit “cleanmgr.” run cleanmgr
  2. Choose the options you want to delete.
  3. Next, select Delete files there after clicking the OK button there.
  4. Upon completion, close the tab.
  5. Finally, its done.

You can repair and resolve this kind of Skyrim Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call injustice code issue by using the “cleanmgr” tool.

Install The Redistributable Packages For Visual C++

To operate many programs properly, runtime components and the Visual C++ redistributable package are necessary.

microsoft visual c

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package if the box is absent from your system, and then check to see if the error has been resolved.

Run An SFC Check

Runtime Error R6025 could result from damaged system files, and the suggested line of action in the situation is to perform an SFC scan. The System File Checker tool is made to scan Windows PCs for corrupted or damaged system files, fix any that it discovers, or replace them with cached, flawless copies.

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Enable Or Disable Windows Features On Your Computer

Follow the steps to fix the error- r6025 pure vital function call:

  1. Open the Start screen and search the Control Panel open control panel
  2. Then, select “Programs & Features.” choose program and features
  3. Choose the “Turn Windows features on or off” option from the menu on the left there.
  4. By getting there, proceed to deselect “.NET Framework 3.5” choose net frameworks
  5. To save the configuration and restart your computer, click OK.
  6. Then, go back to the menu for “Turn Windows features on or off.” choose program and features
  7. Choose “.NET Framework 3.5” from the list of choices. choose net frameworks
  8. To save the configuration once more, click OK.
  9. Restart your computer once again.

You can also address and resolve this Microsoft Visual C++ Skyrim Runtime Error r6025 pure virtual function call code issue by setting Windows features ON or OFF.


Thus, these are some of the best pointers and techniques for resolving this Skyrim Runtime Error r6025 Pure Virtual Function Call Windows PC code system issue fast and thoroughly on your Windows PC. We hope it will solve the Error r6025 code issue.

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