Fix Print Screen Button Not Working On Windows 10 | 10 Easy Ways

Many of us have faced problems regarding the print screen button, not working. The feature lets users easily capture the screen on any site or application from a computer with Windows 10. But if you find that the print screen is not working, it may be owing to some issues in the hardware or software. Thankfully these can be solved with ease. So before you take your device to a professional expert, try out these ten simple solutions. There’s a solid chance you will come across a way to fix the issue right here!

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Print Screen Button Not Working : How To Fix

Here are some of the tried and trusted methods to resolve a print screen button error.

Close Background Programs

Often, it happens that background programs and prevents the print screen from functioning by hijacking it. Such programs are one drive, Dropbox. Snip tool etc. Therefore, the obvious course of action is to close these programs. To close the programs, follow these instructions

  • Launch Task Manager ( press Ctrl +Shift +Esc at the same time ). 
launch task manager
Launch Task Manager
  • Checkmark the empty boxes beside the program names that have to be shut down and lastly perform End Task. 

Problem In Keyboard Hardware 

This is quite a frequent reason behind the screenshot button not working issue. It is very well probable that the keyboard model has some hardware errors. Check out all the keys and if they’re functioning. Plug the keyboard into a separate computer and see if the issue still stays. Alternatively, try out a different keyboard for the present computer to see whether it is an error with keyboard hardware or something more internal. Check whether the Keyboard USB is plugged in properly or not. Lose USB may be causing the problems. 

Perform Troubleshoot On The Hardware 

You know your computer best and how it functions. So if you are of the opinion that the problem is in the hardware, then the simplest method to be sure is to troubleshoot it. Every Windows 10 OS comes equipped with an inbuilt troubleshooter that detects problems in external hardware devices like mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. 

  • Open Settings from your desktop or press Windows button + I.
open settings from your desktop
Open Settings from your desktop
  • Once the Settings launches, enter these words – “Find and fix keyboard problems” in the search bar. 
“find and fix keyboard problems” in the search bar
“Find and fix keyboard problems” in the search bar.
  • Now, checkmark the empty box beside Apply repairs automatically and click Next.
click next
click Next

Windows should begin troubleshooting and suggest solutions as required.

Try Hotkeys  

If only the Print Screen button isn’t working, then you can try pressing these clusters of keys together. The Hotkeys are: 

  • Alt button+ Print Screen button – This hotkey cluster takes a screenshot of the current window and lets the users save the capture with paint and other applications for editing.  
alt button+ print screen button
Alt button+ Print Screen button
  • Winkey button + Print Screen – If you find the alt print screen not working either, then try this hotkey combination. Laptop users must press the Fn button + WinKey + print screen for the hack to work. 
winkey button + print screen
Winkey button + Print Screen

Install New Update For Keyboard Driver 

Old versions of the keyboard driver may be the reason behind the screenshot button not working. Updating the keyboard driver might sort the issues. Perform these simple steps to install the updates:

  • Press Windows button +X and choose Device Manager from the pop-up.  
device manager
Device Manager
  • Expand the collapsed Keyboards directory. You should find a Standard PS/2 option.
standard ps/2 option
Standard PS/2 option
  • Right-click that option and click on update driver.
update driver
Update Driver
  • Click Search Automatically for updated driver software. Windows should immediately start to install the updated driver. 

Restart your computer after you have performed all the actions mentioned above. 

Disabling The Function Lock

Some keyboard models contain the F Lock button or maybe the F Mode button. See if your keyboard model has these keys as these prevent the print screen button from capturing screenshots. These keys basically disable the PrtSc button, so turn them off by thumbing the key one more time and check if the feature is functioning or not. 

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Windows Update

 A backdated windows may very well be the cause behind the Windows 10 screenshot not functioning. So inspect whether any new updates are available for your computer. It is always advisable to keep the OS up to date for the smooth running of the computer. For installing updates for Windows 10 and fixing the print screen button not working issue, follow these steps:

  • Launch Settings from the Start menu. You can launch settings by using the shortcut key Windows button +I too. 
open settings from your desktop
Open Settings from your desktop
  • Find the Update and security button and click on it. Check for new updates. 
windows update
Windows Update
  • If an update can be done, then install it and restart your computer. 

 A Clean Boot 

Often third-party software can cause issues with the print screen button not working. Therefore to correct the error, you have to begin a Clean Boot.

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Personalize Your Hotkey Combinations

If you figure that the underlying reason behind the print screen button is not working and it is a keyboard hardware problem, then it is possible to configure your own hotkeys in place of the Print screen option. You have to follow this instruction to perform it:

  • Download and install the ScreenPrint Platinum. 
  • Launch the program. 
  • Look for the Setup menu and select ScreenPrint.  
silverprint platinum
SilverPrint Platinum
  • Look for the Configuration window and click on the Hotkeys button.
configuration window
Configuration window
  • Checkmark the empty box beside Enable Hotkeys, and from under the Global Capture Hotkey, choose any character of your liking. 
  • Checkmark the boxes beside the Ctrl button, Alt button, and Shift button and hit save. 

You should now have personalized hotkey combinations. Remember, however, that this solution is merely an alternative and not necessarily a permanent fix.

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Use Substitute Options

Options such as Snipping Tool is an embedded feature in Windows 10 and is a good alternative way to capture screenshots. You can use the select feature to capture an area or select different shapes in which or how you want to capture the visible screen.


Hopefully, you should have already found the solution to the print screen button not working issue from the ways written above. Go through the steps carefully, and you shall fix the error by yourself.

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