How To Fix Netflix Stuttering On The Windows 10? 4 Easy Ways

Are you tired of Netflix stuttering on your Windows 10 device? It’s frustrating when you’re ready to watch your favorite show only to face streaming issues. 

To fix Netflix stuttering on Windows 10, check your internet connection, update your graphics drivers, optimize streaming quality in Netflix settings, and clear your browser’s cache. For detailed steps on optimizing streaming quality on Netflix, consider reading how to fix the Netflix stuttering on Windows 10.

Don’t worry! This article will guide you through simple steps to fix Netflix stuttering and ensure a smooth streaming experience.

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4 Ways To Fix Netflix Stuttering On Windows 10

Here are different ways to fix this error.

Check Your Internet Connection

Experiencing Netflix stuttering? Start with your internet connection. A weak connection can cause streaming issues. Use an internet speed test to check your connection’s speed. Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 3 Mbps for SD quality and 5 Mbps for HD. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if your speed is consistently lower than expected. A stable connection is key for a smooth Netflix experience.

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Optimize Streaming Quality

Next, optimize your streaming quality. Go to Netflix playback settings and choose a lower-quality option to reduce buffering. This can be especially helpful if your internet speed is fluctuating. For Windows 10 users, the Netflix desktop application can offer better performance than streaming in a web browser. This is because the app is optimized for the Windows platform, providing a smoother playback experience.

Web Browser Optimization

To enhance your streaming experience, optimize your web browser. Start by clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. This can resolve many streaming issues by removing old data that may be causing conflicts. For a guide on resolving common video playback issues, including Netflix freezing, check out Netflix freezing computer.

Next, ensure your browser is up to date. Browser updates often include performance improvements and security fixes. Finally, manage your extensions. Disable or remove any unnecessary extensions that might be slowing down your browser. Popular browsers for Netflix include Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

System Configuration Adjustments

Adjusting your system configuration can also improve streaming. Update your graphics drivers regularly. Both NVIDIA and AMD release updates that can enhance video playback performance. Additionally, check your screen’s refresh rate. A higher refresh rate can result in smoother video playback. Ensure your settings are optimized for the best possible Netflix viewing experience.

How To Troubleshoot Netflix Stuttering On Windows 10?

These are the different methods to troubleshoot the Netflix error on Windows 10.

Using Alternative Browsers

If you’re still facing Netflix stuttering, try using a different browser. Sometimes, specific browsers may have compatibility issues with Netflix. Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome are all known for their good performance with streaming services. Experiment with different browsers to see which provides the best experience. Each browser has its strengths, so finding the right one for your system can make a significant difference.

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Video Playback Software Updates

Outdated video playback software can also cause streaming issues. Ensure you have the latest versions of video software like DivX or Adobe Flash Player. Keeping Microsoft Silverlight updated is crucial for Windows users as it’s often used for streaming video content. Regular updates can fix bugs and improve playback performance, ensuring a smoother Netflix experience.

Hardware Acceleration Settings

Disabling hardware acceleration can improve streaming quality. Hardware acceleration uses your computer’s hardware to perform specific tasks more efficiently than software. However, it can cause problems with video playback. Try turning off hardware acceleration in your browser’s settings and see if that helps with the stuttering. This can be especially useful if you’re using Adobe Flash Player for streaming.

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Clearing DRM Cache

Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues can also lead to stuttering. Netflix uses DRM to protect its content, but sometimes the cache can become corrupted. For more tips on improving your Netflix streaming experience, especially regarding slow internet issues after a Windows 10 update, visit slow internet after Windows 10 update.

Clearing the DRM cache can resolve playback issues. Look for the mspr.hds file on your computer and delete it. Microsoft PlayReady, a DRM technology used by Netflix, uses this file. Deleting it will force the system to create a new, uncorrupted file, potentially fixing your streaming problems.

Additional Solutions To Solve Netflix Error

Consider a few more options if you’ve tried all the above solutions and still face issues. First, check for firmware updates for your router or modem. Outdated firmware can lead to connectivity issues, impacting your streaming experience. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for guidance on updating your firmware.

Switching to an Ethernet connection can also provide a more stable and faster internet connection than Wi-Fi. This can significantly reduce buffering and stuttering while streaming Netflix.

Lastly, consider the impact of VPNs and ad blockers. While VPNs can be helpful for accessing geo-restricted content, they can sometimes slow down your connection or cause compatibility issues with Netflix. Similarly, ad blockers might interfere with streaming. Try disabling these tools temporarily to see if there’s an improvement in your streaming experience.


Why does Netflix keep stuttering on Windows 10?

Netflix stuttering on Windows 10 can be due to slow internet speed, outdated graphics drivers, or incorrect playback settings. Ensure a stable connection and optimize streaming quality for a smoother experience.

How do I fix Netflix buffering on Windows 10?

To fix Netflix buffering on Windows 10, check your internet speed, update graphics drivers, clear your browser cache, and adjust streaming settings. A stable connection and optimized system performance are essential.

What causes streaming video to stutter?

Streaming video stuttering can be caused by insufficient bandwidth, slow internet connection, outdated hardware, or software issues. Ensure a stable connection and update your system for improved streaming optimization.

How do I stop Netflix from lagging on my computer?

Stop Netflix lagging on your computer by checking your internet speed, updating graphics drivers, clearing your browser cache, and adjusting streaming settings. A stable connection and optimized system configuration are essential.

Why is my Netflix not smooth?

Your Netflix may need to be smoother due to a slow internet connection, outdated hardware, or incorrect streaming settings. Ensure a stable connection, update your system, and optimize playback settings for smoother video quality.


Netflix stuttering on Windows 10 can be a frustrating issue, but it’s often solvable with some troubleshooting. Start by checking your internet connection and optimizing your streaming quality. Then, move on to browser and system configuration adjustments. 

Explore advanced troubleshooting techniques and additional solutions like firmware updates and Ethernet connections if necessary. With these tips, you should be able to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted Netflix streaming on your Windows 10 device.

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