How To Fix Netflix Unexpected Error On Mac?

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To fix the Netflix unexpected error on Mac, clear your browser’s cache, update your browser, restart your Mac, and check your internet connection. If the issue persists, reinstall the Netflix app or try a different browser.

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How To Troubleshoot Netflix Unexpected Error On Mac?

Here is how to troubleshoot the Netflix error.

Browser Compatibility

Netflix streaming on Mac requires a compatible browser. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For more information, check out Netflix freezing computer. Each browser has minimum version requirements for smooth streaming. Using an unsupported browser can lead to playback issues. Hence, to switch to a supported browser, download the latest version from the official website and install it on your Mac.

Internet Connection Checks

A stable internet connection is crucial for streaming Netflix content. Hence, here are some tips to ensure your connection is up to the task:

  • Use a wired connection for more stability and faster speeds.
  • Check your Wi-Fi strength and move closer to the router if necessary.
  • Restart your modem or router to refresh your connection.
  • Avoid using multiple devices on the same network simultaneously, as this can strain your bandwidth.

Clearing Cache And Cookies

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can resolve many streaming issues. Hence, here’s a guide:

  • For Chrome: Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data. So, select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” then click “Clear data.”
  • For Firefox: Go to Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data. So, select “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Web Content,” then click “Clear.”
  • For Safari: Go to Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data. Click “Remove All” to clear cookies and cache.

Hence, following these steps, you can troubleshoot common Netflix streaming issues on your Mac and enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

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4 Advanced Solutions To Fix Netflix Unexpected Error On Mac

Here are the advanced solutions to fix Netflix errors.

Private Browsing Mode

Private Browsing or Incognito Mode can affect Netflix streaming by turning off certain cookies and data storage required for playback. So, to turn it off:

  • For Chrome: Click the three dots in the top-right corner and select “New window” instead of “New incognito window.”
  • For Firefox: Click the three lines in the top-right corner and select “New Window” instead of “New Private Window.”
  • For Safari: Go to “File” in the menu bar and select “New Window” instead of “New Private Window.”

Updating Safari Or Other Browsers

Keeping your browser up to date is crucial for optimal Netflix performance. So, updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and improved compatibility with streaming services. Hence, check for updates regularly:

  • For Chrome: Go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome.
  • For Firefox: Go to Menu > Help > About Firefox.
  • For Safari: Updates are included in macOS updates. Hence, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

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Removing IndexedDB Files

To remove Netflix’s IndexedDB files from Safari and fix streaming problems:

  1. Close Safari.
  2. Open Finder, click “Go” in the menu bar and hold the Option key to reveal the “Library” option.
  3. Navigate to Library > Safari > Databases > IndexedDB.
  4. Find and delete the folder related to Netflix.

Silverlight And HTML5 Considerations

On most browsers, Netflix uses HTML5 for streaming, but some older Macs may require Silverlight. However, for additional support on internet connection issues, particularly after a Windows 10 update, consider visiting slow internet after Windows 10 update. Ensure your system meets the requirements:

  • For HTML5: Most modern browsers and operating systems support HTML5. No additional setup is needed.
  • For Silverlight: Download and install Silverlight from Microsoft’s website if your Mac is older and requires it for Netflix streaming.

Hence, by implementing these advanced solutions, you can enhance your Netflix streaming experience on your Mac.

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Why is Netflix not working on my Mac?

Netflix may not work on your Mac due to outdated browsers, poor internet connection, or incorrect browser settings. Ensure your browser is compatible and up-to-date, and check your internet speed for optimal streaming.

How do I fix Netflix buffering on my Mac?

To fix Netflix buffering, clear your browser's cache and cookies, check your internet connection for stability and close other bandwidth-intensive applications. Using a wired connection can also improve streaming quality.

Can I watch Netflix on Safari on my Mac?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on Safari on your Mac. Ensure you have the latest version of Safari for the best streaming experience. Netflix also supports Chrome and Firefox on Mac.

Why does Netflix keep freezing on my Mac?

Netflix may freeze on your Mac due to a slow internet connection, an outdated browser, or issues with your Mac's hardware. Try updating your browser, checking your connection, and restarting your Mac.

How do I update my browser for Netflix on my Mac?

To update your browser, go to the browser's menu and look for the About or Update section. For Safari, check for macOS updates in the System Preferences.


In conclusion, smooth Netflix streaming on your Mac can be achieved by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide. Start by ensuring browser compatibility, with supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari being crucial for optimal performance. Regularly update your browser to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues.

Check your internet connection to ensure it’s stable and fast enough for streaming, and consider using a wired connection for better reliability. Hence, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can resolve many streaming issues, providing a fresh start for uninterrupted viewing.

For more advanced solutions, disable Private Browsing or Incognito Mode, remove IndexedDB files specific to Netflix, and understand the role of Silverlight and HTML5 in streaming. So, keeping your system and browser up to date is essential for maintaining compatibility and performance. Hence, you can enjoy uninterrupted Netflix streaming on your Mac by following these steps. 

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