Driver WudfRd Failed to Load : 5 Ways to Fix It

The driver wudfrd failed to load is a reasonably standard error that many users face when they’re upgrading their device’s operating system to Windows 10. They’re greeted with the message – “The driver \Driver\ WudfRd failed to load for the device,” and it’s mainly due to the drivers not being compatible with pieces of your hardware.

Reinstall Your Universal Serial Bus Drivers, Turn Off Your Hard Drive Hibernation, Windows Driver Foundation Service, Update Your Windows, and Update Your Drivers to fix the issue.

When you upgrade to Windows 10, the device drivers are also automatically updated but due to this, sometimes the hardware doesn’t support or work with the updated drivers and hence giving the problem of the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device acpi\pnp0a0a\2&daba3ff&2 or the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device acpi\pnp0a0a\2&daba3ff&0 or the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device root\wpd\0000. This error has the EID(Event ID) 219, with its source being Kernel-PnP, thus also leading its name to be error 219.

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5 Fixes To Remove Driver Wudfrd Failed To Load Error

Carefully follow the below fixes to get rid of the error driver wudfrd failed to load. These steps will restore the functionality of your computer.

Reinstall Your Universal Serial Bus Drivers

Most of the time, the problem lies in the not installing USB drivers properly. It is also possible due to installing a previous version that’s conflicting with the hardware. Thus giving us the error driver wudfrd failed to load. Fixing this is very easy, and if you follow the below steps carefully, you’ll get back to using your device in no time.

  1. Open Device Manager.Device Manager
  2. Look for USB (Universal Serial Bus) Controllers and click on it to unfurl the list, and all your drivers will be displayed.Universal Serial Bus
  3. Left-click on every USB controller you see and click uninstall one by one.Uninstall
  4. After you’ve done this for every driver, close the device manager, and restart your computer. Restart

On rebooting your device, Windows will automatically install all the missing drivers (missing because you have just uninstalled them) without you doing anything. Once the reboot has finished, look if the driver wudfrd failed to load persists. If it does, then don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of other fixes below.

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Turn Off Your Hard Drive Hibernation

For some of the users facing the driver wudfrd failed to load, turning off the Hard Disk Hibernation has helped them resolve this issue. So what is Hibernation, you ask? Hibernation is the turning off of a computer while retaining its current state (meaning if you’ve closed your device with specific programs opened when you reopen your device, the programs would be as they are without the slightest chance). During Hibernation, the memory stored in the RAM transfers into a non-volatile memory space like the Hard Disk.

Turning off the Hard Disk hibernation is very easy if you do the following steps-

  1. Go to the Power & Sleep settings from your Windows SearchBar. (by merely typing “Power & Sleep Settings in it”)Power And Sleep
  2. Look for Additional Power Settings in the left column and click on it.Additional Settings
  3. Doing the above step will open Control Panel and then click Change Plan Settings in the on the top right of the Balanced(Recommended).Change Plan Setting
  4. In the new window opened, select Change Advanced Power Settings.Change Advance Power Setting
  5. In the Power options tab, look for Hard Disk and click on it to unfurl the list and look for the Turn off Hard Disk after.Power Option
  6. Change both the Battery and Plugged in times to Never.Change To Never
  7. Reboot your device.Restart

You should get rid of the driver wudfrd failed to load error after rebooting your device.

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Windows Driver Foundation Service

Windows Driver Foundation Service is an essential service for drives. If this service is not working, you will encounter the error driver wudfrd failed to load. On enabling the service back again, the issue will resolve, and bringing up the Driver Foundation Service is very easy. Just follow the steps carefully – 

  1. Search for services.msc in the Windows 10 SearchBar.
  2. Look for Windows Driver Foundation Services – User-mode driver framework service and left-click on it and press Properties.Windows Driver foundation
  3. In the new window that just opened, under the general tab, set the StartUp type to automatic & check if the Service Status displays running. If not, you have to click the start button to start the service manually. Then apply the changes and close the windows.
  4. Reboot your device.


Once the reboot is complete, you have resolved the error driver wudfrd failed to load.

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Update Your Windows

Maybe there’s a new Windows update up, and that may have the driver updates that can fix your issue, but you haven’t made the update. To do the update, do the following steps – 

  1. Open Settings by searching for “Settings” in the Windows Search BarSettings
  2. Look for Update & Security and click it and go to Windows Update.Update And Security
  3. Find the Check for Updates button and click it. Let Windows search the web for updates, and it will update automatically.Check For Updates
  4. Once Windows has found the update and downloaded it, reboot your PC to complete the installation. 

Once the reboot is complete, and the Windows Update is done, you should get rid of the driver wudfrd failed to load issue, and if not, there’s one way more for manually updating the drivers.

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Update Your Drivers

You can check for all the incompatible drivers manually, and using the Device Manager, update those drivers to fix the issue of the driver \driver\wudfrd failed to load for the device. 

  1. Open Device Manager by typing “Device Manager” in the Search BarDevice Manager
  2. Look for all the drivers with exclamation marks next to it. Right-click on them and select Update Driver Option.Update Drivers
  3. Reboot your PC, and you have fixed the issue of driver wudfrd failed to load.Restart
  4. Once the reboot is complete, you have resolved the error “driver wudfrd failed to load”.

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So this was our take on how to solve the driver wudfrd failed to load error. We hope this guide was helpful to you. Let us know how useful this article was for you in the comments section below.

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