Top 7 Ways To Fix MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed

Are you a gamer? Yes, we are pretty sure you would have played MTG Arena at least once. It is among the most popular games among gamers. The complete form of MTG Arena is Magic: The Gathering Arena and is developed by Wizards of the Coast (WotC). It is a card game that was initially released as a PC game (in November 2017), but later a mobile version was also released in June 2020. This article will explore the problem mtg arena getting thread context failed.

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thread context failed

It is an exciting game where players have to use strategy and impulse to emerge as the winner. The players can collect cards through various means like completing achievements in-game, using booster packs, purchasing cards, etc., and using them to challenge their opponents. However, if you are a standard player of the game, you might have observed a pop-up saying in MTG Arena Get Thread Context failed, which might have restricted you from playing the game. It primarily appears when you update the game to the most recent variant. And, and it is a sort of an error that keeps the users from getting to the game.

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Reasons for MTG Arena Error

Let us first know the reason for this issue. There can be two main reasons for witnessing this error – (i) your internet service provider (ISP) might not support the use of the game, or (ii) there may be certain restrictions imposed by the antivirus installed in your device. However, there may be other specific reasons; these two account for the majority of the cases.

Many users have faced the mtg arena get thread context failed error. For some users, the error occurred immediately after installing the game. This issue may be due to a temporary communication/application module issue. Here, restarting the update download may solve the matter.

mtg arena

ISPs use various techniques and methods to watch web traffic and protect their users. However, during the process, ISPs sometimes block a resource important for the functioning of the MTG game and thus create an ongoing problem. Faceit is an anti-cheat app and is employed by many players/games. But this application may interfere with the operation of the sport and thus cause the present problem. At this point, uninstalling Faceit can fix the matter. Both AMD (CrossFire) and Nvidia (SLI) have their own options for producing output from multiple GPUs.

However, these technologies compete with MTG Arena and cause the issues mentioned above. DEP is a security feature that protects your Windows system from damage caused by threats such as viruses. DEP is a very useful Windows feature, but it can interfere with the game and cause the aforementioned problems. 

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Easy Fixes

Now that we know the issue and the factors causing it, what can be its solution? We have shortlisted a few solutions which might help you if you face this problem. We have brought a complete fix to MTG Arena ‘Get Thread Context failed’ issue for you, which will allow you to enjoy the game once again.

Re-downloading The Updates

The most productive approach to settle MTG Arena ‘Get Thread Context failed’ issue is by re-downloading the updates. It is a bit tedious, but an easy nevertheless solution to the error. After updating the game, you may try deleting the updates and downloading it again if you see the pop-up. However, you might have to try this process a few times as you may face the problem again on the first attempt.

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Uninstalling Faceit

Faceit is an anti-heat application that is useful for many gamers/games. This application can interrupt the operation of the sport and therefore cause immediate problems.


However, sometimes Faceit can hamper the game’s operations, and you may face the concerned error. In such circumstances, you can try uninstalling Faceit from your device. For this, you can go to the Settings tab and uninstall Faceit.

Visit: Faceit

Changing ISP

ISPs use various technologies and methods to regulate web traffic and protect their users. However, during this process, the ISP may block important resources for operating MTG games, which causes problems at hand. In this scenario, you can solve the problem by trying a different network.


As mentioned earlier, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may restrict the use of the game on your device. You can try modifying your network and ISP to the one which supports the game. For this, we can do three things:

  1. Utilizing some other wifi connection.
  2. Using a hotspot from your mobile network.
  3. Using a VPN to remove ISP restrictions.

You can use any of these measures at your convenience.

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Disabling Single output for Multiple-GPUs 

Softwares like Nvidia and CrossFire have an in-built feature of converting Multiple-GPUs to Single results. Though this feature helps in the smooth functioning of the software, it can be one reason why gamers cannot access MTG Arena. If you use any of this software, you can try disabling this feature on your device and check if it solves the MTG Arena GetThreadContext failed error.

For Nvidia SLI:

  1. Open the Nvidia Instrument panel and expand 3D Settings in the left pane. nvidia
  2. Now click Set SLI Configuration and activate the Don’t Use SLI Technology option in the right window area.

For AMD CrossFire:

  1. Open the AMD Instrument panel and expand the performance selection in the left pane. amd
  2. Then click AMD CrossFire and enable the Disable AMD CrossFire option in the right pane.

After disabling the MultiGPU feature, start the game and see if the MTG Arena “Get thread context failed” error is resolved and it works properly.

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Disabling DEP (For Windows) 

Windows has an in-built security feature called Data Execution Protection which protects your device from viruses and other threats. Just like in the previous case, this feature is beneficial for your device, but it may be the reason why you see the “GetThreadContext failed” pop-up. Hence, you can try removing MTG Arena from DEP’s range or removing the DEP completely.

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Change Settings Of Antivirus And Firewall

Restrictions imposed by the antivirus of your device are another primary reason for seeing the “GetThreadContext failed” pop-up. To ensure that your device’s antivirus does not hamper your gaming experience, you can try the following measure:

  1. Turn off the antivirus and firewall when playing the game.firewall
  2. Changing the settings of the antivirus and keeping MTG Arena as an exception.
  3. If the above two measures don’t work, you may have to uninstall your device’s antivirus.

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Reinstall the Game 

In case any of the above solutions don’t help, the last resort is to reinstall the game. You will have to delete MTG Arena and install it again, and this will reset the application to its default settings and remove the error. Now you can play the game smoothly and without any disturbance.

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We hope that the above solutions are helpful for you and solve the “GetThreadContext failed” pop-up issue while playing MTG Arena on your devices. We hope these measures remove all the disturbances you face while playing the game. So grab your headphones, turn on your gaming lights and have fun playing MTG Arena. With this, we wish you a healthy and smooth gaming experience.

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