Fix: Discord Screen Share No Audio In Chrome

Discord is a communication app via video calls, text, or audio calls. It gained immense popularity among the youth, especially gamers, and it grew to a community of more than 140 million users in just six years. But the favor of Discord does not solve technical issues; you have to do it. The issues that are there are discord screen share no audio in chrome, etc.


Today we will walk through a journey of different methods, step by step. I researched deep into this matter to find the cause of the issue and put all our efforts into finding other solutions so you can have a variety of techniques to solve your problem.

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Ways to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio In Chrome

The most common reason or issue nowadays is that Discord screen share has no audio in chrome. It can happen that the problem is not in your Chrome but in all the other servers too. There could be a problem at the end of the Discord app, and you might have to wait for the team to fix it.


If there is no update from the app and you do not see outages at your end, then it could be down to the new version of Chrome you are using.

Let’s resolve this situation using Chrome and Discord.

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Update The Discord Application

Download the most recent version of Discord from the Google Play and Apple App Stores to update your account. The newest update of Discord comes with bug fixes for Chrome, so you can start sharing your audio with screen shares in Chrome like you did before.

update discord

This update will resolve your issue, and you can exit the process at this point. However, if the audio is still giving you trouble, we advise that you continue with step 2’s instructions.

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You can stop the process here and resume using Discord communication if your problem is resolved by updating the Discord application. But if it’s still giving you trouble, stick with us through to the end.

You must stop screen-sharing for the Discord app on Chrome and restart your computer for the second step. You can also access the short key by pressing CTRL and R.

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Re-open Chrome 

Refresh Chrome after a brief period of plan refreshing. The third and final step of the process is to shut down the Chrome application on your computer, system, or any other device you are logged into after the screen sharing is finished.

refresh chrome

To refresh your system, press F5 or right-click on the blank screen and choose Refresh from the drop-down menu. Then we can slide on to the next level after you have refreshed and reopened Chrome.

Screen Sharing 

Here is the final step in this process to fix the audio issue. You must start the audio in Chrome after reopening it before sharing your screen with your friends.

screen share discord

You can share your screen once the audio has begun. Once the process is complete, you can share the audio on the net.

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Other Methods To Fix The Error

The solution above will take care of all your discord screen share with no audio chrome issues, but if you still have issues, the problem may not be with Chrome but instead be with some other technical issue. You can look at the various options below to find a solution to your case.

Restart The Computer System

The Discord application’s issues and those with your system may be the root of the audio problem. Restarting your computer or system will solve the problem by shutting down all the unnecessary programs and releasing some of the pressure.

restart system

Restart your computer, then launch the Discord program once more. Restarting your computer will also relieve stress and give you a clean slate.

Update Audio Driver 

You are having audio issues with Discord, while an outdated audio driver could also bring on screen sharing. You have two options for updating your audio driver: manually, as instructed in the system’s instruction manual, or automatically, using the software.

update audio driver

For audio driver updates, numerous programs and applications are available on the Play Store and App Store.


Clear Cache And App Data 

As your Discord is causing audio issues, using an application for a long time without refreshing it can lead to problems.

clear cache in discord

Go to Discord’s settings to fix the issue and clear the cache and application data.

Reset Discord Settings 

No audio issues with Discord screen sharing can occasionally be caused by excessive pressure on the application or changing settings. You might need to reset the application’s settings to use Discord without any audio or sound issues.

reset discord settings

Open the Discord app and select Settings to reset the settings. Go to the voice and video settings right away. Select okay after clicking the reset voice settings button.

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Program Addition In Discord 

Another possible cause of the audio issue in Chrome is that you neglected to add the program to Discord’s settings. You can fix the problem by adding Chrome to your Discord server: open Chrome and the Discord program. Find “game activity” under user settings in Discord’s settings. Select “add it” from the menu in the freshly opened tab. Choose Chrome from the drop-down menu by clicking on it. Chrome will be added to your list after you click “add.”

Reinstalling The Discord app 

You can use this technique to resolve your issue if it hasn’t already been done. On your computer, find the control panel and click it to launch it. Choose “Uninstall a program” from the program section, then look for the Discord app in the list of applications.

uninstall discord

To uninstall Discord, click on its icon. As you did the first time, download the Discord app once more and then set it up by following the on-screen instructions.


Thus, this article provides steps to resolve the issue if in case the discord screen share audio in Chrome is not working.

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