Fix Google Chrome Won’t Open Issues | Top 4 Working Methods

Google Chrome has become a necessary app on most of our laptops. The majority of people use Google Chrome as a search engine. Many of us sync most of our data on the Google platform. But what if Google Chrome won’t open? Sounds scary, right?

Do not worry! Most of the time, this type of problem can be easily fixed. We have brought you a list of tips to fix the Google Chrome won’t open issue.

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Possible Reasons For Google Chrome Won’t Open

You must be aware of the causes for the browser to give you trouble. This will make it less challenging for you to fix the problem. You certainly will get an idea as to where to check when chrome is not responding.

  • You might find the chrome not working because of the antivirus software that you have. Yes, sometimes, antiviruses prevent chrome from opening. Some other software in your device might also lead to chrome not opening. 
  • The latest software update might give you a problem sometimes. Some software updates make the laptop slow; this causes pain for chrome to start. 
  •  When your internet connection is weak, chrome might not open. It may take time. 
  • Sometimes, your laptop is running out of storage. This is also a cause your Google chrome won’t open. 

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Effective Methods To Make Chrome Work

You do not need to worry. Here is a list of few things you can try if your Google chrome won’t open.

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 Check Your Internet Connection

If you find that chrome will not open, you should review the internet connection speed. As mentioned earlier, this can be one of the reasons for chrome to not function. You can check this by moving your cursor over the wifi symbol on the taskbar’s bottom right. You can also check it in settings.

check internet connection Google Chrome Won't Open
Check Internet Connection

If you see internet access to the wifi, you would want to test the connection using a different browser. You can check by opening random sites. If those do not open, it is an issue with the internet connection. If they do open, you know that there is trouble with chrome. In this case, continue to read this article.

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Inspect The Properties Of Chrome

In specific scenarios, this works. You need to follow the following procedure.

  • Foremost, you need to run the search engine by being the administrator. This is something you should not forget.
  • This can be verified by first clicking right on the chrome engine and selecting Properties.
right click on chrome Google Chrome Won't Open
Right Click on Chrome
  • Click on the Compatibility tab. Now, choose the option that says Change Settings for all Users. In the Compatibility mode, you will find the option Run This Program In Compatibility Mode. Deselect this option.
compatibility option
Compatibility Option
  • Instead, click on the option that says Run This Program as Administrator. Click Ok.

This will help you repair chrome.

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Clear Cache And Cookies From Google

If your chrome keeps crashing, here is what you can try. If you have been continuously using chrome, there will be lots of cache data that is accumulated. This can be a reason for the browser not to open.

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The simple solution to this is that you clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache from the search engine.

  • First, as the initial stage, click on the three dots that are on the top right corner of the google chrome.
three dots in google chrome
Three Dots In Google Chrome
  • After this, go to the tab that says More Tools. There will be something known as Clear Browsing data.
  • When you select this, you will see an option with the title Advanced. Here, you will find the option to clear the cache data and cookies. Select that. Here is how you will be able to use chrome. 
clear cookies and cache Google Chrome Won't Open
Clear Cookies and Cache

After you do the step above, then you can relaunch Google Chrome. If Google chrome won’t open still, you do not need to freak out! Try the methods that are below!

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Reset All Chrome Settings

This generally helps to resolve all problems. However, this solid be considered as the last option. 

  • First, you need to launch Google Chrome and open Settings.
settings option
Settings Option
  • Scroll down a little; there will be an option titled Advanced. There is something known as Open All Settings.
advanced option
Advanced Option
  • Scroll further to the Reset and clean up section. Then, you have to click on the Restore Settings to Original Default option. 
reset and clean up
reset and clean up
  • Then, you will see a window popped up. This will give you a warning stating that all of the Chrome settings you have done earlier will be reset. You must continue to reset the settings to continue.

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reset to continue
reset to continue

Be rest assured that only your extension, temporary data, and cookies will be erased. Everything else such as bookmarks, history, and saved passwords.

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The method that always works is restarting your device. It is something that will not require you to push an extra effort. Sometimes, your device may not have started properly. You can retract and fix the problem.

If Google chrome won’t open, the only solution left is that you delete google chrome and reinstall it. This will help you fix the issue. Also, ensure that you have downloaded chrome from the correct website. Do not download a pirated version of chrome. This will be the primary cause for chrome to crash. 

We sincerely hope that you were benefitted by our guide to tackle the Google Chrome won’t open issue. We are open to any feedbacks that will help us improve!

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