Fix Skype Not Detecting Webcam – Simple Guide

People generally use many video calling tools, but Skype is the most popular. People use Skype to talk to others by sharing audio and even videos. 

But what if your PC has gone blind, and others can’t see your charm? How can you show your expressions while expressing your thoughts?

After reading this article, you shouldn’t worry about it if you face any difficulty. You can quickly fix your webcam-related issues by following the process.

The Root Causes of Skype Webcam Issues

The Skype webcam not working correctly can be caused by several factors, including incorrect settings within the Skype program or the device’s operating system. The device drivers, operating system, and Skype software may be outdated and require updating. The camera is disconnected or physically covered.

skype webcam (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
skype webcam (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)

Fortunately, most potential remedies to frequent Skype camera issues can be completed quickly and with minimal advanced understanding. If you’re having problems with Skype that aren’t caused by a broken webcam, something else may be at fault.

Ways To Resolve Your Webcam-Related Issues

Here are the ways by which you can solve your webcam-related issues:

Try To Connect The USB Of Your Webcam With Other Ports

Here in this statement, I want to say that you should check whether the port of your PC is working fine or not.

connect usb to other ports
connect USB to other ports

You should consider the following points to check the port:- 

  1. The first one is the same; you should also secure your webcam with another port of your PC.
  2. If you are connecting it with USB 3.0, try to connect with USB 2.0.
  3. If you use a hub/docking station, it is recommended to fasten it directly with your computer’s port.

Make Sure Your Webcam Is Working Fine

Firstly, check whether your webcam is working fine or are you blaming different things for its non-functionality. Please do take it seriously; many webcams started working after following this simple piece of advice.

So check the following items after plugin your webcam:

make sure your webcam is working fine (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
make sure your webcam is working fine (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
  1. Is it turning on?
  2. Check is there anything blocking the view of your webcam?
  3. Is your video switched on?

If answering these questions help you, then congratulations; you don’t need to dig further, but if not, be with this article and find out the issue.

Ensure Your Webcam Is Compatible With Skype

Suppose you use Skype or any video calling application, and you are using an external webcam. In that case, you should check its compatibility with skype or with your respective video calling application.

webcam should be compatible with skype
webcam should be compatible with skype

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Close Other Programs That Are Using A Webcam

If you are using any other app that uses a webcam, it is recommended to close that application because you can use your webcam simultaneously with a single application.

close other apps that use webcam (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
close other apps that use webcam (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)

If any other application is already using the webcam and you are on your skype tab, then skype won’t turn your webcam on. 

Delete and Reinstall Your Webcam

It could be possible that during the installation of your webcam, you mistakenly did something wrong in the installing process.

reinstall webcam
reinstall webcam

If you can recognize the mistake, you can rectify it, but you should delete and reinstall your webcam if you don’t know the error. There are higher chances that your webcam would work fine by doing this.

Check Your Privacy and Video Setting

Sometimes, Skype asks us permission to automatically turn the webcam during installation, and we deny that.

skype privacy settings (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
skype privacy settings (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)

We need to go to the setting and check the privacy settings and the video settings that need to be switched on for skype. After giving the permission, open Skype and turn on the video to check whether it is working.

Reinstall Your Skype

Same as a webcam, during the installation process, some mistakes might happen because Skype is not taking the inputs from the webcam.

reinstall skype
reinstall skype

In this case, you should reinstall Skype because figuring out the mistake you made during the installation could take more time than expected. Reinstall Skype and attach your webcam, then turn on the video.

Reinstall Your Webcam Drivers

By stating webcam drivers, I mean to say about the hardware part of the webcam.

reinstall webcam drivers (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)
reinstall webcam drivers (solve skype not detecting webcam issue)

You should try to reconnect the webcam driver with your PC so that if there were any issues during the installation, it would solve them.

Check Your Webcam Manufacturers Website For Product Information

Sometimes, the webcam we are trying to install has a different installing process.

So it is good if we will check the product installation steps in advance.

Product installation steps are available on the product’s websites and on the box of the product.

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Replace Your Webcam

If any of the methods mentioned above in this article didn’t work, you should replace your webcam. If you have any other solution in your mind to try with your existing webcam, then you should try that, but if nothing worked, then this indicates that our webcam is faulty.

In this case, without replacing our webcam, we can’t turn on the video.


In this article, we got to know about the root causes of Why Webcam in skype isn’t detected. However, here are some ways listed by which you will be able to solve your problem.

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