Fix The Error: DNS Address Couldn’t Be Found

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming database that locates and converts internet domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The domain name system connects the name that people use to find a website to the IP address that computers use to find that website. Sometimes, when it fails, it displays a message “DNS address couldn’t be found”, and then has to fix it.


Most internet activities rely on DNS to quickly provide the information required to connect users to remote hosts. Distribute the DNS mapping in a hierarchical fashion across the internet. Provide IP address ranges and domain names to access providers and enterprises, governments, universities, and other organizations. In addition, DNS servers manage mapping those names to those addresses. Most Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are based on the web server’s domain name. 

Are you facing DNS Error 80710102, and looking for ways to resolve it? Refer to this article, and find steps to resolve it.

What Is The Error Message In The “Server DNS Address Couldn’t Be Found”?

When you try to access a website from your computer, the web browser relies on the DNS Server to convert the website name to its IP Address or location on the internet.

However, the DNS lookup occasionally fails, and the Domain Name Servers (DNS) cannot resolve the website to its IP Address, thereby displaying a message “DNS address couldn’t be found”. This prevents the Chrome browser from accessing the website and displays the error message “DNS Address Could Not Be Found.” The issues that occur are driver software is corrupt, stuck DNS service, or problems with your service provider’s DNS servers.

dns server error

If one or more of the following events occur, this error message will most likely appear on your screen:

  • The website you want to access is currently unavailable. Attempt to notify the owners and report the DNS error. They can begin working on restoring the website once they are aware of the problem. It isn’t much you can do in this situation.
  • Your DNS server is either down or incorrectly configured due to which one may experience problems. 
  • Your local cache returns an outdated IP address.

Fixes Of The Issue ‘DNS Address Couldn’t Be Found

Although the error message “DNS Server IP Address Could Not Be Found” may seem quite complicated, it is rather simple to fix if you have the necessary knowledge.

dns server

Everything is under your control because the issue is with your machine, not the server. Here are a few steps that will resolve the “DNS address couldn’t be found” error in your Chrome,

Review & Update Your Drivers

You may experience this error due to using outdated, corrupt, or faulty drivers. Therefore, you should check your drivers automatically to ensure they are functioning properly. If your system doesn’t provide this, you can update it manually.

Automatic Updates

Use Driver Easy to complete the task. It’s a reliable tool that can locate missing or out-of-date drivers and update them properly.

updating driver automatically

To automatically update all the outdated or ineffective drivers, we advise selecting the “Update All” option.


Manual Updates

You must ensure that you have installed the most recent versions of the necessary drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website and searching for the most recent versions. If not, get the most current drivers from the website and install them.

update driver manually

You could try updating the drivers manually if automatic updates are not an option. You can contact a specialist or manufacturer to receive the most recent drivers if you need assistance. 

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Clear The Host Cache In Chrome

Chrome host cache frequently becomes corrupted or overflows. In this situation, you might get issues; thus, deleting the store might be the best action.

clear cache data

The issue is simple to resolve. Copy and paste chrome:/net-internals/#dns into the address bar after starting Google Chrome.

Enter the address exactly as is. Verify if the text is error-free. After pressing Enter, a Configuration page will appear. Locate the “Clear Host Cache” button below the table and adjacent to the bolded Host Resolver Cache heading. Clearing the cache requires clicking the button.

Renew And Flush The DNS

When you visit a website, Windows saves its IP address, allowing you to access it faster the next time. When the cache becomes corrupted or outdated, you may encounter issues such as the ‘Server DNS address could not be found. Resolve it by flushing and renewing the DNS. You need to run a few commands in an elevated command prompt. Follow the instructions below:

  1. To access the Start menu, press the Windows icon key on your keyboard. 
  2. You could also click the Windows icon at the bottom of your screen. In the search bar, type’ command prompt.’ opening cmd
  3. Right-click it and select ‘Run as administrator.’write dns flush command
  4. Results will display several options.

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Implement A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Save your computer by using VPN from viruses and other malware trojans. Using a VPN might help you get over the server DNS address problem when trying to access a website.

vpn implementation

The DNS for the website is by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). To get around the ban, purchase any reliable VPN software.

Download: VPN

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Thus, this is the article that provides you with the steps to resolve the server DNS address error.

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