How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing?

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One of the bugs that we’ve got veteran in Windows ten is that the beginning menu feature disappears. Once you 1st power up the software or at some purpose in your usage, you may merely not be able to access it; however, by following the tutorial below within the order, it delineates you may fix your begin menu in Windows 10.

The Start menu disappears primarily due to a method that has not started once your Windows 10 power-driven up or a 3rd party application broke many of your Windows ten written record files.

start menu disappears
start menu disappears

Since we expect Windows 10 to be an expert software, we don’t wish users to abandon it. Thus to Once we tends to do a bit of analysis on the way to solve the matter with missing begin Menu in Windows ten, and that we came up with the subsequent solutions.

This article brings you the complete guide to repair begin Menu Disappears issue all told versions of Windows 10. If you want to seek out solutions for Windows ten, scroll down the article or click here.

Many users use the begin menu regularly; however, many users disappeared on their laptops entirely according to that begin Menu. Speaking of begin Menu problems, users according to the subsequent issues:

Issues Faced

Some of the issues faced are:

Windows 10 Start Menu, and Cortana is Not Operating: Each Cortana and begin MenuMenu is typically not performing on their laptop in keeping with users. You only have to be compelled to run one command from PowerShell to repair this.

Windows 10 Start Button Doesn’t Work: If the beginning button isn’t performing on your laptop, the matter may be caused by a corrupted user account. However, you’ll fix that just by making a brand new user account.

start menu isn't workng
start menu isn’t workng

Start Menu Lost Windows 10: According to that Start Menu, many users are lost on their laptops. This may be a retardant, and however, you could fix it by scanning corrupted system files.

Windows ten begin Menu disappeared when update – typically associate update will cause your begin menu to disappear. However, you’ll fix that by finding removing the problematic update.

How Do I Fix a Disappearing Start Menu in Windows 10?

Here is a list of Ways to Fix a disappearing Start Menu in Windows 10?

  1. Update graphics card driver
  2. Uninstall Dropbox
  3. Try restarting all Windows 10 apps.
  4. Create a new User Account
  5. Perform a Windows Update
  6. Install the latest updates
  7. Log out and log in back into your account.
  8. Restart File Explorer
  9. Perform SFC and DISM scans.
    no start menu
    no start menu
  10. Create a new account
  11. Remove the problematic update. 
  12. Reset Windows 
  13. Use third-party software.
  14. Update graphics card driver
  15. Go to Search, kind device manager, and open Device Manager.
  16. Expand show adapters, right-click on your graphics card, and visit the Update Driver software system.
  17. Wait for the wizard to seek out any updates to keep your system safe from permanent injury. In contrast, putting in the incorrect driver versions, we tend to suggest you employ a fanatical tool powerfully
    driver fix
    driver fix

They square measure several of them; however, we suggest DriverFix. This tool is exact and permits you to run multiple scan sessions. The tool works by detective work all of your superannuated, broken, or missing drivers then downloads from the net straight from the device developers and installs them on your laptop.

Methods to  Fix Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing Error

Below are the ways elaborated.

Uninstall Dropbox

Many installs users World Health Organization got this downside before had one thing in common; they’d exact put Dropbox on their computers. For a few reasons, it seems that Dropbox conflicts with your begin Menu, preventing it from traditional operating. So, if you’ve got Dropbox put in, uninstall it and see if begin Menu seems once more. This could be a giant downside for Dropbox users.

uninstall dropbox (windows 10 startup menu missing)
uninstall dropbox (windows 10 startup menu missing)

They’re forced to use the online version of the service solely; however, we hope that Dropbox can return with an associate update that presently solves this issue.

Strive Restarting all Windows 10 Apps

 Wait for PowerShell to execute the command (ignore a few red error codes). Speaking of conflicts between beginner Menu and apps, perhaps some of your Windows 10 apps prevent Windows 10 from operating. Thus we’re reaching out to install all Windows 10 apps and see if MenuMenu works once more.

restart apps
restart apps

This command can install all of your apps, and if a number of them conflict with Windows ten because of an improper installation, it’ll be fastened currently.

Create a Replacement User Account

To Produce a replacement User Account:

  1. Open electronic communication (Admin)
  2. Add the subsequent line, and press Enter: net user <username> <password> /ADD
  3. This command can add another user account to your pc; thus, restart it, log in to the new version, and check if the matter is resolved.
  4. And finally, one amongst the users of the Microsoft Answers forum aforesaid he noticed that begin.
    create a new user (windows 10 startup menu missing)
    create a new user account (windows 10 startup menu missing)
  5. The menu wasn’t operating thanks to the corrupted begin Menu.
  6. So the last item we’re reaching out to strive for is to repair your begin Menu.

Perform a Windows Update

  1. First, click the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run app. within the panel management update.
  2. Thus, Perform a check to ascertain if there’s a replacement update and an associate out there update for your Windows 10 pc. This would possibly fix your downside with the beginning Menu.

Now, to Install the newest updates, Follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Now navigate to the Update & security section.
  3. Click the check for updates button.
    windows update
    windows update
  4. Click here to transfer and begin repairing.

By default, Windows 10 installs the updates mechanically. If you have this downside, you would possibly be able to fix it just by putting in the newest updates. However, you’ll additionally check for updates manually at any time.

Perform SFC and DISM scans

  1. Open Task Manager. Click on File > Run new task.
  2. When a new task window opens, enter cmd, and check to form this task with body privileges. Click on okay to begin electronic communication.
    sfc scan (windows 10 startup menu missing)
    sfc scan (windows 10 startup menu missing)
  3. SFC scan can currently begin. When the command starts, enter SFC /scannow and press Enter to run it.
  4. This scan will take up to fifteen minutes, thus don’t interrupt it.

Sometimes your begin Menu disappears due to your Windows ten installation being corrupted. If that’s the case, you would possibly be able to solve this downside by acting SFC and DISM scans. Both these scans square measure designed to repair a corrupted installation; thus, you would possibly

need to undertake them out. 

To perform these scans, you would like to try and do the following:

Once the SFC scan is finished, check if the matter persists. If the issue continues or you could not run an associate SFC scan, you would like to run a DISM scan instead. To do that, do the following:

  1. Start electronic communication as administrator.
  2. Enter and run this command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth
    dism scan
    dism scan
  3. DISM scan can currently begin. It’s value mentioning that this scan will take up to twenty minutes or a lot of, thus don’t interrupt it. Once the scan is finished, check if the matter persists. If you could not run an SFC scan before, repeat the SFC scan all over again and check if that solves the issue.

Remove the Problematic Update

  1. Open the Settings app and visit Updates & security section.
  2. Now click on read put in update history within the left pane.
    windows uninstall updates (windows 10 startup menu missing)
    windows uninstall updates (windows 10 startup menu missing)
  3. A list of recent updates can seem. Click on Uninstall updates.
  4. You should currently see the list of put-in updates. Double click the update to get rid of it.

Sometimes this error will occur if you put in a problematic update. If you can’t notice the problematic update, you’ll additionally use System Restore to revive your laptop to associate earlier state. 

Reset Windows 10

If you still have this downside and different solutions can’t assist you, you would possibly need to think about resetting Windows ten. We warn you that this technique can delete all of your files and private documents from your system partition, thus backing them up.

After backing up your files, you’ll have to be compelled to produce a Windows ten installation media. There are many ways to try and do that. However, the best means is to use Media Creation. Tool. Once making associate installation media, you’ll reset your laptop by doing the following:

  • Restart your laptop a few times throughout the boot sequence. This may force Windows 10 to begin Advanced Boot Mode.
  • Choose Troubleshoot > Reset this laptop > take away everything.
    remove everything (windows 10 startup menu missing)
    remove everything (windows 10 startup menu missing)
  • It might ask you to insert your Windows 10 installation media, thus make sure to possess it prepared.
  • Select your version of Windows and opt for solely the drive wherever Windows is put in.
  • Choose to take away my files. You’ll currently see an inventory of changes that reset can perform. Click on Reset to proceed.
  • The reset method can currently begin. Follow the directions to finish it. Once resetting your Windows ten to default, check if the matter is resolved.

Use a Third-party Software System

If none of the fixes works on all, we tend to suggest you undertake and install begin Menu from IObit. The tool is meant to be a chosen replacement for WIndows 10’s default begin MenuMenu, and it is an exquisite answer if the default begins.

third party softwares (windows 10 startup menu missing)
third party softwares (windows 10 startup menu missing)

The MenuMenu becomes broken and unresponsive for any reason. As you’ll see, we don’t have an associate final answer that fixes the matter for all users; the reason behind the issue is entirely different.

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