Fix HP Laptop Screen | 4 Easy Methods

HP is one of those brands that has maintained its title as innovative technology. It has always given itself to higher customer loyalty and popularity. Its portfolio stretches from laptops to printing and imaging machines. Due to these qualities, it has been maintaining a leadership position in the market. But sometimes, we run into some unforeseen problems like the screen not working. Hence we need guidance to fix HP laptop screen. This article will provide you the needed guidance!

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Fix HP Laptop Screen : 4 Methods

The best thing about HP laptops is that they’re self-fixable. On a fine busy day, when you are working on an urgent project, and your screen crashes without warning, HP tells you what to do instead of going to a mechanic and pouring your salary into laptop screen repair.

Here are some of the methods that will help you recover the screen.

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Method 1

Sometimes, the laptop might have many back apps and screens running, resulting in the glitching or crashing of your screen. So, to continue with the laptop screen repair process, you need to Hard Reset your laptop, which will clear out your back screens.

Turn off the laptop
Turn off the laptop


  1. Turn off the laptop so that you can remove the hard drive and battery connected to it.
  2. Hold the power button for about 60 seconds.
  3. Put the battery back in the plug.
  4. Now restart the laptop and check if the screen is back

If this way to fix HP laptop screen did not work for you, we have three more in store.

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Method 2

There is software in your laptop known as explorer.exe or file explorer. Now when this exeplorer.exe or file explorer stops working, there are chances that your screen stops responding. Then to start with the computer screen repair process, we need to first get your exe working. You can solve this issue by restarting your exe.

Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This will open the task manager for you.

End Task explorerexe
End Task explorer.exe

Find the details tab, and within the details tab, you will see the explorer.exe. Select it and click ‘end task.’

After this, restart the computer and check if this was the way to fix HP laptop screen for you.

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Method 3

Maybe this is the way to fix HP laptop screen for you if none of the above methods worked. The graphic driver is one of the most crucial functions in your laptop, which might cause the screen to turn black. You can always use the driver update tool to update your graphics driver on your computer. A very popular tool will be ‘Driver Easy.‘ The tool automatically detects whether the driver needs an update and allows you to update them.

You can download or install Driver Easy on your computer. Once it is installed, click run the program and allow it to scan your screen.

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Method 4

Resorting to the last way to fix HP laptop screen? Worry not; this method will surely fix the issue. Fast startup is another feature on your HP laptop that might cause your computer to crash.

  •  Open the control panel and click on the ‘Power Options’
Power Options Control Panel
Power Options Control Panel
  •  Click on ‘Change what power options do’ and then look for ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’
  • Uncheck the ‘turn on fast startup” and then click “save changes.”
Uncheck fast startup
Uncheck fast startup
  • Uncheck the ‘turn on fast startup” and then click “save changes.”

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It might be a very frustrating problem when it comes to HP laptop black screen issues. If you try a combination of the above solutions, it might be a really helpful tutorial.

HP has always been the simplest and the best serviceable brand, unlike some of the complex structured software developed by other brands. The problems are very easily fixable, and you may go ahead with your wonderful projects and assignments in no time. If nothing works, HP provides wonderful customer service. They will look into your problem. If they find issues with the hardware, they will ask you to replace your HP laptop screen.

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