0x8000ffff Windows 10 Update Error | 6 Easy Fixes

Verifying that you’re running the latest version of your Windows operating system is a must. Windows rolls out updates for various bug fixes and enhanced security measures fairly often. This is all to ensure the ultimate user experience. However, in the process of updating, you can run into fairly common errors with simple fixes. One such is the 0x8000ffff Windows 10 error. This error occurs when you’re in the process of executing a standard update of your OS, some features, or apps. Now, the update error 0x8000ffff can occur for a number of reasons. The problem might lie within your drivers, or your device could have caught a virus. This error could also arise after a system restore or when you’re attempting to install a recently downloaded app.

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Ways to Fix The 0x8000ffff Windows 10 Update Error

We recommend isolating the cause for your device to encounter the 0x8000ffff error before attempting to resolve it. So without further wait, here are our top 6 working solutions to fixing the 0x8000ffff error. 

Checking For Malware Infection

The first step to fixing the 0x8000ffff issue is to check whether your system’s malware has been infected or not. Hence, if there is any, it can be discarded quickly to prevent further damage to your device. You can do one of the two things to check for malware infection.

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Run The Main Antivirus Program

You can have your antivirus program scan your device to check for any malware defects and fix them. 

Employ The Use Of Windows Defender

This built-in anti-malware tool is your best shot at resolving the problem. The Windows Defender strives to keep your device safe from external threats. To run it, start as follows.

  •  Go to Update & Security from the settings.
  • Go to Windows Defender, then Windows Defender Offline.
  • Finally, click on ‘Scan Offline.’

Your computer at this stage will commence rebooting. Once this process is complete, check to see if the problem has been resolved. 

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Checking Your Drivers

Oftentimes, faulty or severely outdated drivers can be the root of the cause of the 0x8000ffff error. Again, you can do one of two things to resolve the error.

Using Driver Update

Updating the drivers is the best thing you can do to ensure that you’re running the latest, bug-free version. To update the drivers, commence as follows.

device manager
Device Manager
  •  Go to ‘Updates & Security’ from the ‘Settings.’
  •  Under ‘Check for Updates,’ click on any drivers that need to be installed.

Using Driver Verifier And Device Manager

The built-in Windows driver verifier is the ideal tool to fix your drivers. To find it, go to start, input ‘Verifier,’ and press ‘Enter. Once the verifier finds the cause of the 0x8000ffff problem, use the device manager to fix it. To use the device manager, commence as follows.

  • Use shortcut Win + X to open up the Device Manager.
  • Next, Expand the device entries
  • Look for the problematic driver, then Right-click on it.
  • Finally, click on Update Driver Software.

Setting The Correct Date And Time

Having your device set to the incorrect date and time can as well render you this issue. It can also block the Windows store. Therefore, to reset it, go to ‘Settings,’ find ‘Date and Time’ under date and language.

set date and time to fix 0x8000ffff error
Set Date and Time

Ensure that ‘Set time automatically’ has been enabled. Now check if the error: code 0x8000ffff has been resolved. 

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Clearing Windows Store Cache

Your Windows Store cache has a chance of becoming corrupted. Therefore, clearing it can potentially solve the issue. You can once again follow either of the two steps.

microsoft store
Microsoft store
  • Use shortcut Windows key + R, then input WSReset.exe. Finally, hit ‘Enter.’
  • Use shortcut Windows key + S, then input wsreset, next, Right-click’ wsreset’ and select Run as Administrator. 

Now, download all the applications that you need from the Windows Store. 

Running An SFC Scan

The System File Checker is a nifty in-built tool to scan your device for any kind of problem. Once it finds it, it automatically commences to solve it. It is, therefore, a great tool to use if you’re running into any kind of error concerning corrupt files. To use it, start as follows.

running an sfc scan for 0x8000ffff error
Running an SFC scan
  • Open the command prompt from your device’s start menu. Make sure that you click on ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • Next, input the command ‘sfc/scannow’ into the terminal.
  • Hit ‘Enter’ and let the SFC scanner do its thing

If the scanner finds any error, it will automatically fix it. Finally, proceed to see if you are still met with the error: 0x8000ffff catastrophic failure. If yes, then read on. 

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Running Windows Update Troubleshooter

  • The Windows Update Troubleshooter is a tool that will be able to detect any errors with reference to your updates and fix them immediately. To use it, commence as follows.
  • Go to ‘Updates & Security’ from the settings.
  • Next, go into ‘Troubleshoot.’
  • Now, scroll down to ‘Get Up and Running.’
  • Select ‘Windows Update,’ which you can find under it
  • Finally, click on ‘Run the Troubleshooter.’
running windows update troubleshooter 0x8000ffff
Running Windows Update Troubleshooter

Restart your device after this process is complete, then check to see if the error has been resolved. 

Switching To The Administrator Account

The final thing you can do when you run into the 0x8000ffff error is to switch to the admin account. It is possible that your guest account doesn’t give you the privilege to update your OS. Therefore, it is suggested to change to the administrator account so that you may proceed to update your OS. To do so, perform the following set of steps

control panel
Control Panel
  • Go to the start menu and select the user picture
  • Sign out of your account
  • Finally, sign back in as an admin 

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So here are our top 7 working solutions to fixing your device’s 0x8000ffff error. If the error continues to persist, then try searching for more solutions on the web. However, if nothing seems to work, consider contacting a technician to aid you further with the issue. 

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