How To Fix Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error? – [Full Guide]

The most recent Windows release is far more stable than earlier versions, with far fewer crashes, a Blue screen of deaths, and impossible to deal with. Let’s discuss more about unexpected kernel mode trap.

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Ways To Fix Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap Error

The error is typically called up by two situations that happen in kernel mode. The most common cause is HARDWARE FAILURE due to faulty or mismatched memory. Another error like a faulty RAM module that randomly gives read/write errors. One more cause of the problem may be a corrupted or an outdated driver.

 trap error
Trap error

 What it indicates that the CPU generated a trap which the kernel was unable, it doesn’t allow to catch, or the system is in an unrecoverable error. It’s an error that mostly affects the windows ten, windows eight, Windows 8.1 systems.

For Windows 10, there are so many methods to trap the problem

Disconnect All External Devices

  • Disconnect all the current external devices like printers, scanners, USB drivers. (except the mouse and keyboard)
disconnect all the current external devices
Disconnect all the current external devices
  • This corrects the issue and then reconnects all devices back and updates drivers, software.

Safe Mode

  • To boot the computer in safe mode and check the issue occurs or not.
  • It starts with a limited set of files and drivers.
safe mode
Safe Mode
  • Startup programs(don’t run in safe mode)

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Run Memory Diagnostics

  • Press Windows key + R
open run
Open Run
restart your pc
Restart Your PC
  • For more testing, press F1 use up and down keys to set the test mix as basic, standard & extended, then press F 10 to apply the desired settings and resume testing.
run memory diagnostics
Run Memory Diagnostics
  • That’s all. Now restart the computer to see the results when logon

Run Check Disk

  • Press Windows key + x.
  • Click on the command prompt.
open command prompt
Open Command Prompt
  • Type chkdsk/f hit enter.
run check disk
Run Check Disk

Then they are various steps that are performed in windows ten while blue screen error occurs, like conducting a clean up on the dusty components, installed both hardware or software, scan, and cleanup, using the system file checker, update the driver, and fix it, latest windows update and finally restore the computer

To Prevent These Kernel-Mode Errors

Following are the steps to prevent this error :

Regularly Update The Windows, Graphics Card Drivers, USB Connectors

 update regularly
Update Regularly

Install The Latest Version App

update to the latest version
Update To The Latest Version

Messages Tied To An Unexpected Kernel Trap

Before windows 8, A problem has been detected and windows have been shut down to prevent damages to the computer. Make sure that you have adequate disk space. If a driver identifies the stop message, disable the driver or check the manufacturer for driver update and check with the hardware vendor for any BIOS update and disable BIOS memory options such as caching OR shadowing.

Causes – Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap BSOD Error In Windows 10

BSOD Error usually occurs when it detects incompatible Hardware that forces it to stop working. It can also be caused by overclocking of the CPU. Some users online have also reported that it affects antivirus. In most cases, troubleshooting hardware and device drivers also have to solve the problem, and then the Hardware is the main cause then check with major components of a computer so that causes stop code unexpected kernel mode trap.

bsod error
BSOD Error

Do update windows and device drivers frequently. Then check with the manufacturer website for driver release to maintain system stability. Finally, to scan for corrupted system files in both Hardware as well as a driver.

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Run BSOD Troubleshooting Tool

The windows troubleshooter is a new addition to windows 10, allowing to quickly diagnose and fix issues with different parts of the window operating system :

Start menu

Update and security options

advanced options
Advanced Options

Troubleshooting further blue screen

Run the troubleshooter.

Check With PC Hardware

Need to troubleshoot Hardware and check that’s working or not. To run boot level testing software like memtest86( for ram testing) or pass mark (for CPU and another hardware testing) and then check with the cables connected correctly to overcome the unexpected kernel mode trap on windows 10 error.

check with pc hardware
Check with PC hardware

A BSOD error can be fixed correctly. Updating drivers and checking for hardware issues fix the problem for most users, but it doesn’t have a guarantee.

Run A Test Check On RAM 

An experiencing a blue screen unexpected kernel trap error, a RAM requires to perform a detailed test of the RAM module.

Generally, RAM is sensitive, and it always advisable to run a test when the system acts up.

In addition to the built I windows memory adjustment tool, other third-party memory testing applications can also be downloaded in online mode.

Run a test check on RAM
Run a test check on RAM

By concluding that the blue screen errors are a major issue in windows 8, windows ten users and it is the best way to pinpoint the cause to trace back to the Last changes mode to the system.

In most cases, likely changes include installing faculty OR incompatible device drivers, installing an incompatible hardware device, and faculty RAM. The combination fixes file structures, checks for error, and tidies up the system and thus windows 10 kernel mode trap error will be solved.


All these processes will readily debug the error of the computer. Try these methods and resolve unexpected kernel mode trap error that arises on your Windows. We really hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know if your problem was solved by this guide or not. See you until next time!

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