Troubleshooting Wacom Desktop Center: No Device Connected

Have you ever felt like you’re in a digital labyrinth when using Command Prompt as an admin? You’re not alone. It’s a common frustration – you know the treasure of seamless system management is just around the corner, but there’s a wall blocking your path as Wacom desktop center no device connected. Hence, this wall manifests as errors, restrictions, or simply not knowing the ‘secret password’. The good news? However, you’re about to find those missing pieces

If your Wacom Desktop Center shows “No Device Connected,” ensure the tablet is properly connected and drivers are up to date. Restarting the Wacom services or reconnecting the device often resolves this issue.

Our guide is your map through this maze, offering straightforward, actionable solutions for Wacom desktop center no device connected. With our help, you’ll turn from a bewildered wanderer into a confident navigator, effortlessly commanding your system. Ready to take control? Hence, let’s dive in!

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Understanding The ‘No Device Connected’ Error

Imagine you’re all set for a creative session, and bam! Your Wacom tablet hits you with a ‘Wacom desktop center no device connected‘ error. Frustrating, right? This error often plays hide and seek due to a couple of reasons. First up, service interruptions. Think of it as a miscommunication between your tablet and computer, as they need to speak. Driver issues are another common party, crasher. Outdated or corrupted drivers are like expired passports; they won’t get your tablet across the border to the land of functionality. If you’re facing similar challenges with device connectivity, our guide on fixing USB ports not working may offer additional insights.

This error is more than a minor hiccup; it’s a full stop to your workflow. Without a proper connection, your Wacom tablet is as good as a paperweight, leaving your digital artistry or professional work in balance.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Restarting Wacom Services 

Now, let’s get those services back up and running. It’s like rebooting your tablet’s engine for Wacom desktop center no device connected.

  1. Hit the Windows + R keys. It’s your quick passage to the Run command.
  2. Type in services.msc and press Enter. This is your backstage pass to where the action happens – the Services window.
  3. In the Services window, scroll down to find anything that starts with ‘Wacom’. Hence, it’s like finding the specific gears that need oiling.
  4. Right-click on each Wacom service and select ‘Restart’. If they’re asleep, this will surely wake them up. If ‘Restart’ isn’t available, click ‘Start’. It’s akin to giving your tablet a gentle nudge to get going. Hence, for more on managing your device’s drivers, see our article on how to update Minecraft on Windows 10.
  5. Why do this? Restarting these services re-establishes the lost dialogue between your tablet and PC. Hence, it’s like fixing a broken telephone line. This simple step is often all it takes to clear the error and get back to creating magic with your Wacom tablet.
  6. Once restarted, give your system a moment to catch its breath. Then, check if your Wacom tablet is recognised. This is often the golden ticket to solving the ‘Wacom desktop center no device connected’ mystery.

There you have it a step-by-step guide to get your Wacom services running smoothly again. With these steps, you’re not just fixing an error but reclaiming your creative flow.

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Updating Or Reinstalling Wacom Drivers

Updating your Wacom drivers is like giving your tablet a fresh dose of digital vitamins. Hence, it’s vital for keeping the communication between your tablet and PC smooth.

  • Updating Via Device Manager: Press Windows + X and click on ‘Device Manager’. Hence, this is your control room. Find ‘Human Interface Devices’ or ‘Mice and other pointing devices’. Your Wacom tablet lies here. Right-click on your Wacom device and select ‘Update driver’. It’s like asking, “Got any new tricks?” Choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. Your PC will hunt for the latest driver like a detective on a mission. For additional help with driver updates, you might find our guide on how to fix the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel not opening’ issue useful.
  • Reinstalling The Driver: If updating doesn’t work, let’s try reinstalling it to fix Wacom desktop center no device connected. In Device Manager, right-click on the Wacom device and select ‘Uninstall device’. It’s not goodbye, just a short break. After uninstalling, disconnect and reconnect your tablet. This prompts your PC to reinstall the driver, like recognising an old friend and catching up.

Installing The First Driver Version For Your Model

Sometimes, the newest isn’t always the best. Like a classic car, the first driver version for your Wacom model might be the most reliable.

  1. Finding The First Driver Version: Head over to Wacom’s official website. However, it’s your library for drivers. Hence, look for the driver section and select your tablet model. Each model has its tailor-made driver. Find the earliest driver version available for your model. Hence, it’s like going back to the roots.
  2. Installing The Old But Gold Driver: Download the driver. It’s like picking up a vintage piece. Run the installer and follow the instructions. It’s a straightforward process, like following a recipe.

Sometimes, newer drivers add features that can cause conflicts or bugs, especially on older devices with Wacom desktop center no device connected. It only sometimes works smoothly, like a new software update on an old phone. Hence, the first driver version was designed specifically for your model when it was released. However, it’s like the original recipe that sometimes tastes better than the new versions. Installing the first driver version might make your Wacom tablet run more smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. However, it’s worth a shot when the latest updates don’t align with your device.

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Disabling The Windows Ink Option 

Disabling Windows Ink can sometimes be the secret ingredient to resolving your Wacom woes. However, here’s how to turn it off as Wacom desktop center no device connected:

  1. Navigate to your Wacom Tablet Properties. This is your control panel for customising the tablet’s behaviour.
  2. Select your pen from the tool list. It’s like choosing which wand to use in a magic spell.
  3. Look for a tab related to pen pressure or a similar option in the pen settings.
  4. Uncheck the box that says ‘Use Windows Ink’. Consider it like flipping a hidden switch.
  5. Apply the changes. It’s like telling your tablet, “Let’s try something different.”

Disabling Windows Ink can sometimes iron out compatibility issues, especially in drawing or graphic software. Hence, it’s like removing a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit, potentially smoothing your tablet experience. However, for more on managing Windows features and issues, check out our article on fixing Windows 10 taskbar frozen.


What does the error message A supported tablet is not found on the system, or No Wacom device connected to your computer mean, and how do I fix it?

This error occurs when the driver doesn't detect a connected tablet. Ensure to connect the USB cable to the computer the tablet is powered on, and avoid using USB hubs. Check if the correct driver is installed. If problems persist, contact Wacom Support .

How can you update the Wacom tablet driver?

Go to Device Manager, find your Wacom tablet under 'Human Interface Devices', right-click and select 'Update driver'. Choose 'Search automatically for updated driver software'.

Why is my Wacom tablet not working after a Windows update?

Sometimes, Windows updates can lead to compatibility issues with Wacom drivers. Try reinstalling the Wacom driver or rolling back to a previous version after an update.

Can I use my Wacom tablet without the Wacom Desktop Center?

You can use your Wacom tablet without the Wacom Desktop Center, but you'll miss out on easy access to updates, settings, and personalisation options.

Why is my Wacom pen not responding to pressure sensitivity?

If your pen isn't responding to pressure, it may be a driver issue. Update or reinstall your Wacom drivers. Also, check the pen settings in the Wacom Tablet Properties to ensure pressure sensitivity is enabled.


We’ve navigated through various solutions to keep your Wacom tablet in top shape as Wacom desktop center no device connected. From restarting services and updating drivers to reinstalling older driver versions and disabling Windows Ink, each method has its magic. These steps aren’t just fixes; they’re part of a routine check-up for your tablet’s health. 

Technology can be fickle, and finding the right solution requires some experimentation. So, gear up with patience, try each method, and discover what works best for your Wacom tablet. Hence, here’s to uninterrupted creativity and a seamlessly functioning digital canvas!

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