How To Fix USB Ports Not Working Issues On Windows 10

A USB can be defined as a Universal Serial Bus. Your electronic device generally has several USB ports – probably two or three. When you find if one of your USB ports not working, it is nothing to worry about. This problem can be tackled easily. This is visible when you see that your phone is not being recognized by your laptop, for example. It might even happen when you insert a pen drive. If your USB port is not functional, it might cause a lot of difficulties for you to work.

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If you are using Windows 10, and your USB ports not working, this is something you must definitely read. 

Reasons Why USB Port Stops Working

Before going further, you first need to be completely aware of the possible reasons for your USB port to not function. 

  • If you frequently remove and slide in any device on your laptop, there is a possibility that your USB port will stop recognizing new or old devices. The device stops recognizing all types of devices.
  • Physical damage caused to the device with the port. This can happen when the device is dropped. Even when the device is banged, this can happen. 
  • You can find the USB ports not working when there are missing drivers. This can be an effect of a manufacturing defect. This is one of the rare occasions. It only happens when you do not buy your device from an authorized seller.
  • When the USB Selective Suspend feature is active, you might encounter such a problem. This happens on rare occasions. 
  • In some scenarios, the accumulation of dust also cause this problem. This happens when you keep your laptop idle for too long. This also happens when you do not use your laptop or desktop and keep it on the table for long.
  • When the water has entered the USB port, you might face problems connecting devices to your laptop. This will cause internal damage, which takes a lot of time to rectify.

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Tricks To Rectify The Problem Of USB Ports Not Working

After you understand the reasons that can cause problems to your USB port, it becomes easier for you to find the perfect method to rectify it. The following are some tricks that should work for you.

Inspect The Port

This is the obvious thing you should do first. Before taking any step, you need to determine where the problem is. The possibility could be that there is a problem with the USB port or the USB device. Check both.

At the first stage, verify if the device has a problem or not. You can do this by connecting the device to your PC if you doubt your laptop to be problematic. Check for any physical damages to the device.

reconnect device

If your device connects to your PC, you certainly know that the USB port possesses a significant problem.

You can also cross-check by using the other ports. You can test USB ports by connecting your device to the other ports on your current laptop. If the device gets connected to the other ports, then there is a particular USB port problem. Thus, you can follow this step to solve your problem of USB ports not working. 

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The Old Way

You can use the standard way to make things work – turn off and turn on your laptop or desktop. Shutdown your laptop or desktop completely.

shut down pc

Then after a minute or two, switch it back on. This might reset USB ports. It might also help recognize the devices that were not identified earlier. 

Check Your Power Supply In Case Of Laptop

This might seem a little weird, but it does work. If you find the USB ports not working, check your power supply. The USB Port might stop functioning if there is no proper power supply. What you can do is first unplug the power supply and charger from your laptop. Then, you can restart your computer and plug the device again. After this, plug in the power supply. Your device might now get connected.

Reinstall Device Drivers

In some cases, you might have the old version of the specific device driver. In rare cases, the device driver may be corrupt. You can do to reset USB ports to download the latest drivers for your laptop or desktop. If there are no available drivers, here is how you can do it.

  • Find Device Manager. Press the Windows key + X to do so.

select device manager in case usb port not working


  • From the list, choose Device Manager by right-clicking it.
  • A menu will pop up. Select uninstall device to remove the driver.

device manager options

  • After this, restart your laptop or desktop.
  • If this does not happen on its own, then you will have to use an external tool. The most trusted and renowned tool is Tweakbit’s Driver Updater tool.

You will compulsorily have to download and install the program on your laptop and desktop. The tool will help you to determine the problem with the USB Drive. It will give you suggestions as to what to do.

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Uninstall The USB Controller

When you find the USB ports not working, one obvious thing you can do is uninstall the USB Control. The initial step is to open the Device Manager. Then, find the tab of Universal Serial Bus controllers and try to expand it. After you right-click, choose the option of uninstalling. Subsequently, it would help if you restarted your laptop or computer. 

Verify If You Have Missed Any System Updates

Sometimes, you might miss out on system updates. These might be some bug fixes for your laptop or desktop. Check if your system requires any updates to be done.

upgrade and update windows if usb port not working

After you update your laptop or desktop, there is a possibility that your system will rectify it. And your problem will be solved.  

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Generally, you can rectify the issue on your own. If you still find the USB ports not working, then you definitely should consult a professional. Also, you should avoid methods that will cause problems with the device’s USB port in the first place. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you should take reasonable care of your electronic devices to avoid further problems.

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