The Steam Image Failed To Upload: How To Fix It?

Steam is a digital game distribution platform that has grown into a gaming community where gamers from all over the world discuss, review, and comment on games. Steam chat is a feature built into the Steam client that allows users to improve their gaming experience. Many users reported that the image failed to upload when using Steam Client to transmit a picture over the chat.


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“Failed to start upload: A server Issue occurred.” If you have difficulties with a similar error, use the troubleshooting steps below to resolve it quickly.

Steam Should Be Logged Out and Then Logged Back In

  1. Start the Steam client. In the upper right corner of the window, click on the profile name.
  2. Click Log out of account.
    steam logout
    steam logout
  3. Then, you can close Steam and reopen it.
  4. To log in to the stream, use your username and password. After that, you can check if you can upload images via Steam Chat.

Compact Friends List and Chat View Should Be Off

 According to user reports, when the Compact Friends list and chat view are activated, the Steam image fails to upload to servers. Disable these options on your computer because many people have had success with them.

You can use the procedures below to disable the Compact Friends List and Chat View.

  1. Double-click the Steam Client shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop to launch it.
  2. Click Friends And Chat in the bottom-right corner of the screen. It will bring up the Friends and Chat window, where you can click the Settings or Gear Icon.
  3. On the left-hand panel of settings, select the Size and Scaling tab on the left-hand panel of settings. Select the Size and Scaling tab.
  4. If the Compact Friends List & Chat View Option appears to be enabled, click the toggle button to disable it.
    compact friends list
    compact friends list
  5. Exit the Wizard of Settings.
  6. Close Steam and reopen it to see if the image is uploading without errors.

The Firewall Should Be Disabled

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on Start. You should select update and Security.
  2. From the Windows Security menu, choose Firewall and network protection.
    disable firewall
    disable firewall
  3. Turn off the Firewall for your network. Check your Firewall protection as well. A connection may be incorrectly flagged by the Firewall, which denies access.
  4. Turn off the Firewall for a few moments to test if you can submit photographs.

Run As Administrator On Steam

  1. Start Steam as an administrator by typing Steam into the Cortana/search bar.
  2. Run as administrator on Steam by right-clicking on it and selecting Run as administrator.
    steam run as administrator
    steam run as administrator
  3. Open Steam Chat and add a picture. Keep checking for any improvements.

Obtain A Steam Update 

Older software may malfunction, resulting in such an error. Follow these procedures to see whether any updates are available:

  1. You must first run the Steam application to check for the newest update.
  2. Then go to the upper left corner and select Steam.
  3. Select the option to ‘Check for Steam Client Updates.
    update steam
    update steam
  4. Your computer will automatically seek for and install any pending updates.
  5. Check to see whether the issue has been resolved after the update has been completed.

Use A Third-Party Host To Send Photos

  1. This is not a solution but rather a workaround till Steam solves the problem. You can try uploading photographs to public image hosting services such as Imgur or Tinypic, for example.
  2. Upload the photographs to the appropriate places and include the image URL in your chat. This is useful if you need to send a photo to a friend right away.

Put Steam Status Online

If your status is set to offline, you will experience a problem on your computer. To fix this, you can update your Steam status online by following the given instructions as follows:

  1. Type steam into the Windows key. Then you press Enter to start the Steam App.
  2. In the menu bar, select a friend tab.
    steam status
    steam status
  3. Now, select the Online option.

Resave and Resize the Image

If the image’s size is not compatible with the Steam server, you can get a Steam image error. As a result, do the following:

  1. Select the Image file with the right-click menu. Select Open with > Paint, as seen below. You can open it with the paint app by right-clicking on it. (Note: If you want to copy it, you can paste the image into Paint).
  2.  Select Resize from the drop-down menu.
  3.  Uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio option and set the Resize values.
    resave and resize
    resave and resize
  4.  Finally, press OK to preserve your changes.
  5.  Then, you save the image as a jpeg file, and you can upload or you can send it.


In this article, you got to know the methods of fixing The Steam Image Failed To Upload Error. I hope the methods and their steps are clear to you and you are able to resolve your error.

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