Razer Synapse Not Working: Easy Fixing Methods

Picture this: You’re all set for an immersive gaming experience, your Razer gear glowing in anticipation. But then, a roadblock – Razer Synapse isn’t working. It’s like having a high-performance car without a key for Razer Synapse not working. Hence, this software hiccup can turn a seamless gaming setup into a frustrating puzzle, leaving your Razer devices in the lurch. 

If Razer Synapse is not working, start by restarting your computer. Then, check for any pending updates for Synapse and your operating system. Hence, you can also reinstall Razer Synapse or temporarily turn off any firewall or antivirus software blocking it. Additionally, ensure your Razer devices are correctly connected and recognized by your PC.

But don’t let this snag deflate your gaming zeal. Let’s dive into why Razer Synapse not working and might be acting up and explore actionable solutions to revitalize your gaming command center.

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Initial Steps To Resolve Razer Synapse Issues

Here are the initial steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Restarting The Computer: Begin by continuing your computer. Hence, this simple step can often fix minor glitches, refreshing your system and drivers. It’s like quickly rebooting your PC to clear out any temporary issues.
  2. Force-Quitting Razer Synapse Processes: If Razer Synapse is frozen or unresponsive, force-quit the application. Hence, open Task Manager, find Razer Synapse processes and end them. Hence, this clears any stuck processes that might be hindering the software’s functionality. If you need more information on managing unresponsive applications, check out this guide on how to fix Windows 10 taskbar frozen, which provides insights into handling similar software issues.
  3. Checking For Razer Service Issues: Check if essential Razer services are running properly. Go to the Services app in Windows, locate Razer services, and ensure they’re running. Hence, if not, restart them to ensure that Synapse can operate smoothly.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Below are some advanced troubleshooting methods for Razer Synapse not working :

  • Running Razer Synapse As Administrator: Overcoming Permission-Related Launch Issues Running Razer Synapse as an administrator can resolve permission-related issues. Right-click on the Synapse shortcut and select ‘Run as administrator.’ This gives the program full access to necessary system resources.
  • Unplugging And Reconnecting Razer Peripherals: Addressing Connection Issues Sometimes, the issue lies with the peripherals. Unplug and then reconnect your Razer devices. This can help your system re-recognize them and resolve any connection issues.
  • Updating And Repairing Razer Synapse: Resolving Version-Specific Software Problems Ensure you have the latest version of Razer Synapse. Open the software and check for updates. If updates don’t resolve the issue, try the repair option in the Synapse installer to fix any software glitches.
  • Reinstalling Razer Synapse And Drivers: If the above steps don’t work, consider reinstalling Razer Synapse and its drivers. Uninstall the software and drivers, reboot your PC, and reinstall them for a fresh start. For a comprehensive understanding of driver management, this article on fixing USB ports not working can be quite helpful, as it covers aspects of driver installation and troubleshooting.
  • Updating Windows Version: Finally, ensure your Windows is up to date. Hence, outdated systems may have compatibility issues with Razer Synapse. 

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Addressing Compatibility and Interference Issues

Here are different ways to address compatibility.

  • Repairing Microsoft .NET Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework is critical for many applications, including Razer Synapse. If it’s corrupted, Synapse may not work properly as Razer Synapse not working. Hence, to repair the .NET Framework, go to the Control Panel, find ‘Programs and Features,’ and select the .NET Framework to fix it. Hence, for more in-depth troubleshooting related to system issues, this article on how to repair Windows Installer might provide useful insights. This can resolve underlying system issues affecting Synapse.
  • Adjusting Antivirus And Firewall Settings: Sometimes, antivirus and firewall settings can conflict with Razer Synapse. Adjust these settings by adding Synapse as an exception or temporarily turning off these security programs to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Performing A Clean Boot: A clean boot starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers. Hence, this can help identify if background applications are conflicting with Razer Synapse. Hence, perform a clean boot, then try running Synapse to see if the issue persists.

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Alternative Solutions

These are some alternative solutions as Razer Synapse not working:

  • Launching From The Notification Tray: If Synapse isn’t opening from the desktop or start menu, try launching it from the notification tray. Sometimes, the issue is specific to the dashboard, and accessing Synapse directly from the tray can bypass this problem.
  • Checking For Third-Party Software Interference: Check for third-party software that might interfere with Razer Synapse. Applications like other peripheral management software can conflict with Synapse. Hence, identify these applications and try disabling them to see if Synapse starts working. Additionally, if you’re facing issues with other peripherals, you might find this guide on how to fix Logitech Gaming Software not opening helpful, as it addresses similar conflicts with peripheral software.

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What is Razer Synapse?

Razer Synapse is an application for customizing settings on Razer peripherals, including Chroma lighting and macros.

How do you fix Razer Synapse not working on Windows?

Restart Razer Synapse entirely, run it as an administrator, install the latest Microsoft .NET Framework, temporarily disable antivirus, turn off Windows Firewall, reinstall Razer Synapse and drivers, and ensure Windows is updated.

Why might Razer Synapse stop functioning?

Issues can arise from background running of the app, needing administrative permissions, outdated .NET Framework, conflicts with antivirus or firewall, or broken software requiring reinstallation.

What role does the .NET Framework play for Razer Synapse?

.NET Framework provides essential tools for running applications like Razer Synapse. Updating it can fix Synapse issues.

Can antivirus and firewall settings affect Razer Synapse?

Yes, antivirus programs and firewalls can interfere with Razer Synapse. Adjusting or temporarily disabling them may resolve issues.


In wrapping up, we’ve navigated through a comprehensive set of solutions to tackle the Razer Synapse not working issue. Hence, we’ve covered a spectrum of strategies, from simple actions like restarting your PC and repairing the .NET Framework to more nuanced steps like adjusting antivirus settings and performing a clean boot. 

Troubleshooting is a process of trial and error, so don’t hesitate to try these methods. Hence, each step helps resolve the issue and allows you to enjoy a seamless experience with your Razer devices. Stay persistent, and you’re likely to find the solution that clicks for your specific situation.

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