How To Fix Origin Error Code 9.0? [Solved]

Origin is the Holy Grail for the gaming community, a distribution platform for making gaming hassle-free and convenient. It is the single stop to download, store and stream all available games, bringing everything and everyone under the same roof. In addition, you can buy your favorite and latest games to create an online community for streaming and store cloud data. Electronic Sports develop Origin. Like every platform, the users encounter minor errors during their use. We are here to help you solve your issues and answer your queries. Origin Error Code 9.0 is the error faced while installing or updating Origin, which can stop the process. 

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Ways To Fix The Error 

Though there is no real root for the error, there are various tricks that you can try to evade origin error code 9.0. 

Restart Your Device

Like every small bug and error, this origin error code 9.0 too may be fixed by simply restarting your PC.

restart pc
Restart PC.

                    Start →Power icon → Restart→ Ok.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily 

Antivirus software is developed to detect and destroy computer viruses. In addition, it prevents unauthorized downloads that are seen as a threat. For example, it might be possible that your antivirus software prevents the Origin installer or the update from being saved in your system.

You can temporarily disable antivirus by following steps:

  • Open window settings
open windows 10 settings
Open Windows 10 Settings
  • Click Update & security → window security → virus and threat protection
turn off windows defender 
Turn Off Windows Defender
  • Turn off the “ Real-time protection if off, leaving your device vulnerable” option.

Temporarily disabling it will solve origin error code 9.0. If needed, you should disable the firewall. You can enable it after installing or updating Origin for safety.

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Updating .NET Framework Of The Device

.NET framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft for various services like security, memory management, and exception handling. Updating it will change the “managed code.”

.net framework
.Net framework

This will work when the new Origin file is not compactable with the existing .NET framework; hence origin error code 9.0 will be solved.

Clear Origin Data Cache

An excessive amount of cache files may also cause the error of origin error code 9.0.

A CACHE file is a temporary file that stores recently used information in a disk cache for a specific program. This ensures to speed up the loading of recently used data.

clear cache data
Clear cache data

You can find this under ‘My computer,’ in the ‘C ’Drive in WINDOWS.

If you have many programs and platforms installed on your PC, It will be difficult to find them by the given method.

For the easier way

  • Open the Run window by clicking Win + R
open run
Open Run
  • Type %Programdata%/Origin and click on Ok to open the Origin folder.
run program data
Run Program Data
  • Delete all files except Localcontent since it stores gaming data 

Clearing the Cache data will help to speed up the process, and the error of origin error code 9.0 can be solved.

Delete And Reinstall Original Client

Uninstall the Origin program from your device.

uninstall origin from control panel
Uninstall Origin From Control Panel

        Control Panel → programs→ uninstall a program→ Origin.

Install The Platform In A Clean Boot

There are numerous background programs the run when you are using the device. 

These may interfere with your desired program and cause trouble. Clean boot starts the windows with a minimal set of programs ensuring that the desired program won’t be interrupted. 

 One can perform clean boot by

Right-click start Search 

  • msconfig and press enter
click msconfig and press enter
Click msconfig And Press Enter
  • Under Services, click Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Click disable all
  • Open startup and click open task manager
open your task manager
Open Your Task Manager
  • Select and disable all programs.
  • Click ok and restart your PC
restart your pc
Restart Your PC

This ensures that there are no more programs that can interfere and halt the installing process.

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Use Windows Repair Tool

If the above-given methods fail to prevent the error of origin error code 9.0, PC repair software can be used.

Even though windows come with inbuilt repair tools, it isn’t potent enough to deal with every spyware. And file that affects the system because of the regular installing programs.

pc repair tool
PC repair tool

Since reinstalling Windows for solving errors like origin error code 9.0 is troublesome, this software can provide a quick and thorough system diagnosis, delivers robust system optimization, and removes spyware. 

Some globally available tools are

  • System mechanic ultimate defense
  • Restore
  • Outbyte PC repair, etc

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If you have tried every other method and all were in vain, you can use this method as the last route for solving the error of origin error code 9.0. Do let us know if we were able to help to in resolving your problem. 🙂

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