How To Fix Civilisation 5 Not Launching: Updated Guide

If you’re a fan of strategy games, you’ve probably come across Civ 5 as civilisation 5 not launching. Isn’t that one fun game? Well, except for the part where the game refuses to launch. Yep, it’s frustrating to have to figure out what the issue is or how to fix it, especially when you’re in the mood for some strategizing.

To fix Civilisation 5 not launching run the game in compatibility mode, install game through Steam, add missing DLL files, correct malfunctioning Steam client, etc.

So today, we’ll talk about all the launch issues of Civ 5 with civilisation 5 not launching and the various ways to fix them. If you’re on a Windows PC, this one’s for you. However, if you have newly upgraded to Windows 11, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. However, if that doesn’t fix it, you might want to consider shifting back to Windows 10, or you could try these solutions.

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Run The Game In Compatibility Mode

Don’t worry; this isn’t your fault. However, the game and your system OS might be incompatible, and you can fix it easily as civilisation 5 not launching .

  1. Find the game setup file. Right-click and select properties
  2. In the properties dialogue box, you will find a tab called ‘compatibility .’Select it.
  3. In the pane, under Compatibility mode, select the checkbox ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.’ Hence, make sure you choose the current version of your Operating program in compatibility mode
  4. Make sure you save your changes.
  5. After this, restart your device, and voilà, you should be rearing to go!

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Install Game Through Steam

Let’s say you’ve done the hard work and gotten Civ 5 through Steam. Did you check if DirectX is installed, though? Now what is DirectX, you may be wondering. In simple terms, it is an Application Programming Interface (API) that lets a game (say, Civ 5) communicate with the video cards. Sometimes, DirectX fails to install through Steam, which can cause a problem. No worries, there is a quick fix.

  1. Locate the game folder.
  2. Within the folder, there should be another folder named DirectX. 
  3. Run setup for it. However, in case DirectX fails to install, you’re going to have to try and install it manually.
  4. If DirectX isn’t the issue, then you can try this.
  5. Select the game within the Steam folder. Hence, right-click and select Properties.verify integrity of the game (solve civilisation 5 not launching)
  6. Under Local, run ‘Verify Integrity of Game.’ However, this helps verify the Game cache integrity.

Add Missing DLL Files

It might just be that a DLL file is missing from your installation directory, and you are unaware. However, follow these simple steps to jump back to your game quickly as civilisation 5 not launching.

  1. Run Civ 5 from the installation directory. Jot down the name of the missing File.
  2. Head back to the DirectX folder.-Locate the missing File. Hence, Lake is sure you select the File matching your system architecture (x64, X32, etc.). Now run it.program files
  3. Bingo! A list of files will appear. Select the missing DLL file from the list and copy it to the Civ 5 installation directory. However, check if the civilization 5 not launching error still persists. 

Correct Malfunctioning Steam Client

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. From Finder, locate the game. Filepath -> /Users/username(yours)/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Sid Meier’s Civilization V/Civilization
  2. Right-click and select the ‘Show Package Contents’ option.
  3. Open the macOS folder within the Contents folder.
  4. Add a file ‘steam_appid.txt’ within this folder. However, the File contains the number 8930. So, what this File does is tell the Steam Client the same Steam app ID of the game you’re playing (in this case, Civ 5).
  5. Make sure you save the File at that exact location.
  6. Now launch Steam. However, do not start the game through Steam.launch steam
  7. The path you followed in Step 1 to find the game is the same you need to follow to launch it now. Find the .app File, and you’re good to go.

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Change File Version To Match System

Check the file version of the game you are running. Hence, you could have recently updated to Big Sur and still be on the 32-bit version of Civ 5 as civilisation 5 not launching.uninstall civilisation 5 (solve civilisation 5 not launching)

It is bound to cause some problems. So, check the version, and it may update automatically. In case it doesn’t, uninstall and reinstall the game.

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Create A New Image From The Disk Utility

Follow these steps to create a new image as civilisation 5 not launching.

  1. Open Disk Utility. However, you can either find this in the Launchpad or laze out and search it using Spotlight.
  2. Once Disk Utility is open, select File in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  3. Under File, select New Image. You will get an option to create a Blank on new image
  4. In the dialogue box that opens, you have to keep it. So, select the folder where you want it to be saved. However, Sive is a name (preferably one you’ll remember), and assign the image size (10-12 GB should do it).click create (solve civilisation 5 not launching)
  5. Ensure that the file format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). However, encryption and Partition should be based on your settings and format.
  6. Mount the image if it doesn’t get mounted automatically. Uninstall Civ.
  7. So, open Steam and go to Preferences.
  8. In Preferences, select Downloads.downloads in steam
  9. Within Downloads, select Steam Library Folders and add Library Folder.add library folder (solve civilisation 5 not launching)
  10. Locate the file tree called Volumes and select the disk image volume and a new folder created above.
  11. This should then list it in the Content Libraries.
  12. Once this is done, make sure the default library is the original one and not the new one.
  13. Close and reinstall Civ 5, and it’s all systems go.


In this article, we have listed the methods to resolve the Civilisation 5 not launching problem. However, if you still face any issue, contact steam customer support.

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