How To Remove Win32: BogEnt | Complete Guide

If you are wondering how to remove Win32: BogEnt Virus, you are at the right place! Keep reading this article till the end to know the solution for your problem.

So let’s get started with removing the BogEnt Virus from your PC. But before that…..

What Is A Virus?

A computer virus has a similarity with a flu virus, is meant to spread from host to host, and has the power to duplicate itself. Again, in the same way, a computer virus cannot repeat itself without programming a file or document, just like a flu virus cannot reproduce itself within many cells.

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What Is Win32: BogEnt?

Win32: BogEnt could be a heuristic analysis tool that detects particular files’ susceptible behavior on the host system.

In simple words, Heuristic Analysis could be a method designed to identify threats, new viruses, etc. To determine the suspicious files, investigatory analysis are involved in examining the code.

Is (Win32: BogEnt) An Actual Threat?

Normally, Win32: BogEnt is interlinked with a false positive activated by 3rd party antivirus. But this doesn’t mean the threat is usually fake, and your system isn’t in danger. 

Causes For Win32: BogEnt File Detection

The Win32: BogEnt may occur due to one of the reasons

Steam False-positive 

If you get a Win32: BogEnt virus message when launching or updating Steam, there are strong chances of you handling a false positive. If you’re facing this problem currently, try switching your Antivirus and see if the Win32: Bogent virus detection still occurs or not.

Actual Viral Infection 

If the threat is confirmed, you would like to follow the steps explained below to clear it from your system. This may help remove all the threats quickly. During this case, a scan done using Systweak Antivirus will help.

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How To Get Rid Of Win32:Bogent ?

Now, let us see some of the solutions to remove the virus from your PC or system.

Solution 1: Verify If It’s A False Positive Or Not

  1.  Open the antivirus app you’re using.
    check for false positive
    check for false positive
  2.  Next, head to the Quarantine and appearance for the Win32: BogEnt file.
  3. Check if the path of the file looks like: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading\236850pdx_browser\32libcef.dll
  4.  Copy it and visit the Virus Total website.
  5.  Click on Choose file and paste the file path you just copied from the quarantine list.
  6.  Await the scanning process to end.
  7.  See the ultimate result to understand if the file is infected or not.

If not, then the Antivirus you’re using shows a false positive, and you would like to modify it to a different antivirus.

Solution 2: Try Using Another Antivirus

If you face a Win32: BogEnt issue when updating or launching Steam, it’s probably a false positive. To make sure it’s a false detection, try using another security software. For this, we propose using Systweak Antivirus, the most straightforward protection tool for Windows. Using this tool, you’ll detect and take away old and latest virus threats in no time. Also, using its real-time protection, you’ll block any threats that attempt to enter the system.

Moreover, you’ll use Exploit Protection to detect and stay shielded from zero-day threats. To perform the Antivirus check, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and run Systweak Antivirus.
  2. Click Scan Types and choose Deep Scan.
  3. We recommend this scan because it is thorough and checks every folder and subfolder for threats. This helps to identify the hidden dangers and protects the system from the virus.
  4. Watch for the scan to end. Once done, remove all the threats and reboot the system.
  5. Now try and launch Steam; you ought not to face the Win32:BogEnt message.

This fantastic security program uses a complicated scan engine to detect behavior-based adware and ensures accuracy. This suggests the probabilities of you being bothered by false detection like Win32:BogEnt are minimal.

Solution 3 – If You’re Using AVG/Avast, Then Uninstall It

  1. Within the Windows search bar, type Add or remove programs.
  2. This may open a replacement window; here, search for AVG/Avast.
  3. Select them and click on Uninstall.
    uninstall antivirus
    Uninstall antivirus
  4. Go along with the on-screen instructions to uninstall the antivirus software.
  5. Restart your computer; you should not be ready to see the false Win32: BogEnt detection.

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Different Types Of Antivirus

We have listed some of the kinds of Antiviruses listed below for your reference.


Malwarebytes may be a highly reliable & powerful security tool for malware identification & removal. Suppose you’re encountering the Win32: BogEnt issue on your system. In this case, you’ll feasibly opt for Malwarebytes tools to evade future risks.


Malwarebytes comes with a primary scanning feature, it’ll give 100% accurate results and instantly help delete this infected virus. You’ll be able to download the Malwarebytes desktop app freely from its official website.

Download: Windows | Android | Mac


Bitdefender is among the most superficial and top-rated security, ensuring software with numerous extended features, and is out there for free of charge downloading. It prevents your computing system from all types of malware, including viruses, rootkits, ransomware, adware, and spyware, also as spam & phishing activities. This fantastic software is efficient enough to satisfy your all quite security & privacy needs quite easily.


Bitdefender comes with a complicated AI technology for fast detection & blocking of malware and provides cloud functionality features to its users.

Visit Bitdefender


Many computer users encounter a legal problem attempting to open or update Steam: the Win32: BogEnt virus. This win32:bogent is malware that comes in varying versions, as in its extreme form, it can even disable your computing system. The most uncomplicated thanks to removing Win32: BogEnt are employing a highly reliable & efficient file-removing app or tool.

We’ve explained the two most potent security providers during this article, as file remover software’s Malwarebytes & Bitdefender. You’ll easily download these tools on your computing system to get rid of Win32: BogEnt from its root folder.

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