Antimalware Services Executable Error | Unique Fixes

The antimalware service executable method is an integral part of the Windows Defender System and comes along with the Windows 10 Package. It is also notoriously known to consume significant CPU processing power. No need to fret as the issue can be solved easily.

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Antimalware Services Executable Error Fixed in 4 Ways

Following are the methods you can use to solve the antimalware services executable error:

Change Window Defender’s Scheduling Options

Generally, when windows Defenders runs a full scan, the high memory usage caused by Antimalware Services Executable typically takes place. You can also schedule your Microsoft Defender Antivirus to scan a time and a frequency that you choose. Windows Defender holds responsible to monitor your Computer in real-time and cleans up when finding security issues.

If users want to disable real-time protection or add files and folders temporarily, windows defender enables users to customize options. You can also run an-on demand scan rather than wait for a scheduled one. One of the issues faced by users is the antimalware service executable. We will be showing how to deal with its error.

For now to run an-on demand scan rather than wait for a scheduled one and fi the error follow these steps:

  • Click the top result and open the start menu, type “task Schedule.”
  •  On the left in the navigation pane, double click Task SchedulerLibrary. While continuing to these folders, navigate to the following destination: Library/ Microsoft/ Windows/ Windows Defender.
  •  After opening the windows Defender folder, double click Windows Defender Scheduled Scan.
  • Click the conditions tabs, uncheck all options and click OK. It will clear your Scheduled scans.
  • To reduce the impact on your system’s performance, it is important to schedule some new scans. For this, double click Windows Defender. Scheduled Scan and Select the Triggers tab, and click new.
  • As per your needs or options that strike a balance between protection and system efficiency, create new scan schedules.
on a schedule
On a schedule
  • Repeat the process for another three remaining services found in the Library/ Microsoft/ Windows/ Windows Defender Folder.

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Add Antimalware Service Executable To Windows Defender’s Excel

Antimalware Service Executable is responsible for checking files for Malware. It also checks for dangerous software. Its scanning relies heavily on your Computer’s CPU. That’s why you find Antimalware Service executable High CPU huge disk, Memory, RAM, network bandwidth. Antimalware services executable program protects your PC from different viruses and Malware. The Antimalware service executable program is also known as MaMPEng.exe.

To run window defenders in real-time, it uses the antimalware services executable program, which continuously runs because of window defenders’ real-time protection. Suppose you are using a PC with less RAM & CPU. In that case, you can fix the Antimalware Services Executable issues on your PC because, after the fix, Antimalware Service Executable won’t consume much RAM & CPU.

  • Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Windows Task Manager.
  • Open the start menu, type “windows defenders.”
  • Click the top results to launch the windows defenders Security center.
  • Press on Virus and threat protection.


  • Click “Windows Defender.” Then click “Add in Exclusion.” Click “Exclude a.cxe, .com or .Scr process”.
scr antimalware service executable
  • Click Add or Remove Exclusions.
  • Disable Real-Time Protection

Check if the antimalware service executable error is resolved.

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Check for Malware Infection

Its real-time feature will constantly scan your window. The Antimalware Service Executable High CPU issue’s most anticipated fix is to put off the real-time problem. Windows Defender is an antimalware used to protect the devices and data against Ransome, spyware, viruses, and other security threats. This is a temporary solution, so whenever you restart your devices again, windows Defender Anti-virus will re-enable on your Machine.

Windows Defender scans every zipped file included in the installer. That process may take a lot longer. Therefore, In that case, you can impair the windows Defender real-time protection temporarily and install the license and then reactivate it.

  • Click the Start menu > setting > update and security.
  • Select  window security > virus & threat Protection > Manage settings.
  •  Switch the “Real-time protection” setting to off.
scan antimalware service executable
  • Check for Malware Infection

Start by running a full system scan by using a reputable such as Emsisoft Anti- Malware to check your Computer for any Malware that may aspect your Computer’s ability. Windows Defender is a valuable tool that can certainly put a drain on your system’s CPU. But you’ll be able to take control of Antimalware services Executable.

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Here are the ways you can quickly check for Malware Infection:

Unexplainable Freezes Or Crashes

Here are some of the common reasons that cause your computer to freeze or even crash while working and can also affect the antimalware service executable process

“Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD)

If your computer freezes without any reason, stop working and restart all on its own. Your Computer runs slowly and takes longer to start. Malware (Particularly Viruses) is known to slow down your system. A slow-running computer is often the first sign of an infected computer.

Ransome Demands

Definite types of Malware, called ransomware, can be used to grasp your network and files for Ransome. A hacker may enter into your system by using Ransome and further ask you to pay Ransome. You might be asked to pay a fine or receive fake warnings.

Nothing To Indicate The Possibility

Your computer may have been infected, but they may appear normal. Spyware causes no disturbance but can allow a hacker to check your online activity, like your passwords or personal information, without your presence.

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The above-listed were our methods to solve antimalware service executable error. Hope they helped you out.

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