Avast Firewall Blocking Minecraft: How To Safely Configure

In the vibrant, pixelated world of Minecraft, every adventure is a keystroke away. But what if an invisible wall suddenly blocks your path to these boundless creations? The culprit: Avast Firewall, silently erecting barriers between you and your Minecraft universe. It’s not just an obstacle; it’s a digital deadlock, snatching away your escapade into the blocky realms. However, fear not, for this digital drawbridge isn’t impenetrable for Avast Firewall blocking Minecraft. 

If Avast Firewall is blocking Minecraft, open Avast, go to ‘Menu,’ select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Protection,’ and ‘Firewall.’ Click ‘Application Settings,’ find Minecraft, and change its setting to ‘Allow.’ This will permit Minecraft through the firewall.

The key to unlocking this gateway for Avast Firewall blocking Minecraft lies in a few simple adjustments to Avast’s settings, restoring your passage to the boundless worlds of Minecraft.

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Understanding The Avast Firewall And Minecraft Compatibility 

Avast Firewall acts as a vigilant gatekeeper for your computer, safeguarding your system as Avast Firewall blocking Minecraft from malicious attacks while navigating the digital world. It scrutinizes incoming and outgoing data, making real-time decisions to protect against potential threats. However, this protective barrier sometimes becomes too restrictive, especially with applications like Minecraft, known for its expansive online multiplayer universe. To address similar challenges, you may want to explore our guide on troubleshooting connection issues in gaming.

In the realm of gaming, particularly with Minecraft, firewalls like Avast can inadvertently hinder the gaming experience. Minecraft’s reliance on internet connectivity for multiplayer sessions means it frequently sends and receives data packets – something firewalls scrutinize closely. In its effort to protect, Avast may misinterpret Minecraft’s network activity as unusual or potentially harmful, thus blocking its access.

This overzealous protection can manifest as connection issues, preventing players from joining multiplayer servers or even starting the game. For Minecraft enthusiasts, this isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a blockade to their virtual playground for Avast Firewall free.

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Common Challenges Faced By Minecraft Players With Avast Firewall 

Minecraft players using Avast often encounter frustrating roadblocks. The most common challenge as Avast Firewall blocking Minecraft is server connection issues. Players frequently report the inability to connect to multiplayer servers, a core feature of the Minecraft experience. These issues often arise after updates to Avast or Minecraft, indicating a clash between new security protocols and game connectivity with Avast Firewall settings.

Delving into forums and community discussions reveals a pattern of similar experiences. Hence, players express confusion and frustration when suddenly unable to access their beloved game. Some share their struggles with server timeouts, while others mention error messages indicating blocked connections, pointing towards Avast’s overprotective measures. For more insights on Minecraft’s gameplay and technical issues, consider reading this article.

These shared experiences underscore a broader issue within the gaming community – finding the balance between necessary security measures and uninterrupted gaming. For many, this balance is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

How To Configure Avast Firewall For Minecraft? 

Does Avast have a Firewall? Yes, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Opening Avast Antivirus And Firewall Settings: Launch Avast Antivirus on your computer. Hence, navigate to the ‘Menu,’ usually located at the top-right corner. Select ‘Settings’ and then choose the ‘Protection’ tab. Here, find and click on ‘Firewall.’
  2. Adjusting Application Rules For Minecraft: Look for ‘Application Settings’ within the Firewall settings. Scroll through the list of applications to find Minecraft. If it’s already listed, click on it. Ensure that both inbound and outbound connections for Minecraft are set to ‘Allow.’ This grants Minecraft the necessary permissions to access the network without hindrance.
  3. Adding Minecraft Manually: You must add Minecraft manually if Minecraft is not listed. Select ‘Add Application’ and navigate to the directory where Minecraft is installed. Select the Minecraft executable file and add it to the list. Set the permissions for inbound and outbound connections to ‘Allow.’ This step is crucial for ensuring Minecraft’s smooth operation, similar to the adjustments needed for other programs, as discussed in our guide on managing Avast Firewall settings.
  4. Saving Changes: Once you’ve adjusted the settings, click ‘OK’ to keep the changes. Hence, restart Minecraft to see if the connection issues have been resolved with Avast Firewall blocking internet.

Alternative Solutions And Precautions 

If adjusting the Avast Firewall settings doesn’t resolve the issue, or if you prefer a different security solution, consider other reputable antivirus software that might be more compatible with gaming. When switching antivirus solutions, it’s important to choose software known for being gamer-friendly, such as the options discussed in our comprehensive antivirus guide.

  • When Switching Antivirus Solutions: Research and choose a software known for being gamer-friendly. Ensure that the new antivirus is fully installed before disabling or uninstalling Avast to avoid leaving your system unprotected and turn off Avast Firewall.
  • Maintaining Security While Allowing Minecraft Through The Firewall: Regularly update Minecraft and your antivirus software to ensure you have the latest patches and game features. Be cautious about the servers you join in Minecraft. Hence, stick to well-known and trusted servers. Keep your operating system updated for overall improved security.


How do I allow Minecraft through my firewall?

To allow Minecraft through your firewall, access the firewall settings, find Minecraft in the application list, and set its inbound and outbound connections to ‘Allow.’ If it's not listed, add it manually.

Why is my firewall blocking Minecraft?

As a precaution, your firewall may block Minecraft, mistaking its network activity for potential threats. Adjusting your firewall settings can resolve this.

How do I stop Avast from blocking a program?

Open Avast, go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Protection’ > ‘Firewall,’ find the program in ‘Application Settings,’ and change its access to ‘Allow.’

Can Avast block internet access?

Yes, Avast can block internet access if it suspects harmful activity. Adjusting your Avast Firewall settings can prevent this from happening unnecessarily.

How do I change my firewall settings on Avast?

In Avast, click ‘Menu,’ select ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Protection,’ and then ‘Firewall.’ Here, you can change settings for individual applications.


Configuring Avast Firewall to work harmoniously with Minecraft is essential for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Hence, by following the steps, you can enjoy the boundless world of Minecraft without Avast Firewall blocking Minecraft and sacrificing the security of your system. Remember, the key is balancing safety with functionality. Whether you adjust settings within Avast or switch to a more gaming-friendly antivirus, maintaining this balance will ensure seamless gameplay and robust protection.

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