Xbox Error 0x87dd0006: Learn to Fix

Along with Sony Play Station and Nintendo Switch, Xbox is one of the top 3 most popular gaming consoles all across the globe. Over the years, this gaming console has undergone many changes and evolving technologies. Last year, the company launched its fourth-generation gaming console models, Xbox Series X and Xbox series S. These consoles are the ninth generation of video game consoles. The introduction of the Internet to the gaming consoles enables you to now also play games with your friends and many unknown other gamers all across the globe. But if you cannot do any of that, it causes frustration and anxiety. Something like this happens when you encounter Xbox error 0x87dd0006 on your Xbox.


This error has become a common problem for Xbox users nowadays, and it gives them a lot of trouble. So, what is Xbox Error 0x87dd0006? Why does it occur? How to get rid of it? 

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What is Xbox Error 0x87dd0006?

Xbox Error 0x87dd0006 occurs when trying to log in to your Xbox account. There are many reasons which can cause these problems. It is a type of network error. And you cannot access the online material on your device. Usually, it happens due to server problems.

xbox sign in error 0x87dd0006
Xbox Sign in Error 0x87dd0006

One way to eliminate this problem is to use a wired internet connection, i.e., Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi services. The main reason for this is that wired connections are more stable and have fewer chances of interference issues than Wi-Fi. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, keep your router close to the console to avoid problems.

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Fixing Xbox Error 0x87dd0006

So, now, if you are having Xbox error 0x87dd0006 on your Xbox, start fixing the most common reason for the error and keep on going until your problem is solved. Mentioned below are the reasons for this error, ordered by the most common reasons.

Xbox Live Server Issues

Mainly this error is caused due to some problem at the server end. You can visit the Xbox Live Status page and check for the problem. If it is a server issue, you will have to wait for the Microsoft team to tackle the problem.

Home Internet Connection Issues

Your home internet could have some problems running smoothly. Unplug your Ethernet cable or disconnect your Wi-Fi and then try logging in without a connection. Reconnect your Cable or Wi-Fi and try to log in again.

fix the Internet connection.
Fix the Internet connection.

If this works, then you may be having some temporary internet problem. If you have the same problem again in the future, try this method before anything else. Also, check if your connection wire is not loose.

Incorrect Billing Info

Another principal reason for Xbox Error 0x87dd0006 is incorrect billing information. Some people have found the reason for this error, mismatching billing information on Microsoft Live and Xbox websites. Check on both websites and see if the billing information matches or not. Check if your billing information is up-to-date or not.

If your billing information is not updated or incorrect, follow the steps below:

payment and billing
Payment and Billing
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account if not already signed in.
  • Head over to the Payments and Billing section and click on Billing Info.
  • Select the Edit Profile option
  • Follow the given instructions and update the billing information.
  • Now, try to sign in again and see if the problem exists. If yes, continue to the following method and keep trying until you find your solution.

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Delete your Profile And Add it again

Corrupted User profiles are another reason which causes Xbox Error 0x87dd0006 on your console. If the corrupter profile is the reason for this error, you need to delete your profile. After it is successfully deleted, you can log back into your account and see if the Xbox error 0x87dd0006 is still there or gone for good.

Follow these steps to delete your corrupted account and add it again problem-free.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
  • Go to System, and then from there, go to Settings.
  • From there, go to Accounts.
account settings
Account Settings
  • Then select Remove Accounts.
  • Select the account you want to remove and click on Remove to complete the task.
remove accounts
Remove Accounts
  • Now your corrupted account has been successfully terminated. Add your account back.
  • Again, press the Xbox button and open the Guide.
  • Choose your avatar, scroll down and click on Add New.
  • Now enter your login info and accept the Service and Privacy Terms.
  • Manage your account and follow the instructions shown.

Now that you have successfully deleted the corrupted account and redownloaded it, your Xbox should generally be running.

Restarting the Modem or Router and Xbox

Another method you can try to solve Xbox error 0x87dd0006 is by restarting your modem/ router and Xbox. This method has been helpful to many, and maybe it is the remedy you were looking for.

wifi router
Wifi Router
  • Firstly, turn off your Xbox gaming console.
  • Next, turn off your Modem or Router. Press its power button.
  • Wait for about half a minute before turning your modem or router back on.
  • After your Modem or Router is on, turn on your Xbox.

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Maybe now, your Xbox will run properly, and you can enjoy playing games with your games. However, it is not sure the Xbox error 0x08dd0006 will sort out after trying the methods mentioned above. If you still face a problem, contact someone professional for assistance.

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