Know The Best 3 Fixes For Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

Everybody is acquainted with the Windows Store. This is Microsoft’s save, wherein you may download plenty of apps, each paid and free. Sometimes while the use of the Windows Store, however, you may come upon troubles having access to the shop apps. One of the problems regularly encountered is Windows Store Cache may be damaged. When you run into problems with apps from the Windows Store, the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter is commonly capable of restoring the problem.


The Troubleshooter scans your device to hit upon troubles that would prevent save you the shop or apps from running on your Windows 10 machine. Once detected, the Troubleshooter will try and restore the problem automatically, without requiring extra movement from the user. The Troubleshooter sometimes will gift this message: Windows Store Cache can be damaged. What are you able to do while this happens?

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Fixes To Resolve Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

If you get a Windows Store Cache that blunders can break while you run Windows Store Troubleshooter, it is essential to reset the Windows Store and the cache folder within the App Directory. The Troubleshooter could be very useful in detecting troubles within the Windows Store Cache; however, it’s far vain at assisting you in solving the problem. The Troubleshooter is to diagnose the problem, and it’s as much as you to discover the restoration. 

windows store cache may be damaged

Your Windows Store has been appearing up recently. It opens blank, freezes, or won’t download/replace apps at all. Even the used-to-be-working-quality apps refuse to open or maintain crashing. Then the Troubleshooter throws the Windows Store cache can be broken blunders.

Before attempting those fixes, please ensure your PC’s date, time, and time region are correct.

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Reset Windows Store cache

As the mistake message suggests, the hassle regularly occurs while the Windows Store cache is broken. We will clean the apps’ cache by resetting the Windows Store cache and resolve the hassle with any luck.

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows brand key and kind R on the equal time, then kind wsreset.exe and press
  2. Wait till the complete Windows save cache reset technique finishes.
  3. Once completed, Windows Store will pop open.restart
  4. Restart your pc for the modifications to take effect.

Check to peer if the issue fixes. If yes, then great! If it remains, please attempt Fix 2 below.

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Create A New Windows Store Cache Folder

Sometimes the mistake happens simply due to the fact your Windows Store is not able to examine the mistake-ridden cache folder. If that’s true, we’ll want to create a brand new Windows Store cache folder.

  1. Press the Windows brand key on your keyboard and kind users. Then click on Users.users
  2. Copy & paste home windows save into the hunt field and double-click on Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe.
  3. Double-click on LocalState, and see if there’s a folder named cache in it:
  • If yes, rename the folder cache. Old. Create a brand new folder and call it to store. Close the window.
  • If no, create a brand new folder and name it to cache. Close the window.


Restart your pc and rerun the Windows apps troubleshooter. This time, it’ll no longer be able to record the problem and probably resolve it too.

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Reinstall Microsoft Store

If the hassle nevertheless persists, you then definitely would possibly reinstall Windows Store to offer it an easy slate.

  1. Press the Windows brand key on your keyboard and kind apps. Then click on Apps & features.apps
  2. Copy & paste Microsoft save into the field. Then click on Microsoft save -> Advanced options.
  3. Click Reset, and also you’ll obtain an affirmation button. Click Reset and near the window.restart
  4. Restart your pc and then check if your problem resolves.

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These few steps would help you resolve the problem you are facing with the windows store cache. Suppose not one of the fixes above worked. Otherwise, if you don’t have the time or self-assurance to troubleshoot the hassle, get us to restore it for you. All you want to do is purchase a 1-12 months subscription to Driver Easy (simply $29.95) and get loose technical aid as a part of your purchase.

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