Windows Could Not Start The Windows Audio Service On Local Computer

Many services are continuously operating in the background when Windows is in operation. Others are pre-installed and required for the operating system to work correctly, while third-party apps import some. One such service is Windows Audio Service, which is helpful for all browsers, games, media players, and other apps to play audio at all times. In this article let us explore the error- Windows could not start the windows audio service on local computer

windows could not start the windows audio service on local computer

You’ll see that some of the service configurations are manual, automated, or disabled if you look at the list of available services. This instructs Windows on whether to start a particular service right away when the machine boots. Many programs rely on the audio service when utilizing audio on the system, so it should be set to the automatic setting.

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Fixes For Windows Could Not Start The Windows Audio Service On Local Computer Error

Users may find this particularly frustrating because they cannot hear anything when engaging in other activities, such as viewing films. Corrupted system files are likely to be the problem, while insufficient permissions may also be to blame. Find many solutions to the “Windows could not start the Windows Audio Service on local PC” issue in the sections below.

Run A Troubleshooter

Follow the below steps to successfully complete the troubleshooting.

  1. Select Additional Troubleshooters after typing troubleshoot in the Windows search. troubleshoot
  2. After choosing Playing Audio, launch the troubleshooter.additional troubleshoot
  3. Hold off until the scan is complete. restart
  4. Restart your computer after applying the suggested repairs.

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One of the primary causes of Windows not starting the Windows Audio Service on local machines is corrupted[2] system files. You may fix this problem by running SFC and DISM.

  1. Windows search and enter bar
  2. Run as administrator by doing a right-click on Command Prompt. Enter the command “sfc /scannow”command prompt
  3. Await the scan’s conclusion. When the scan completes, Windows will notify you whether any integrity breaches were discovered and whether they might be corrected. The following instructions should be pasted, pressing Enter after each one if SFC reports that it cannot fix faults found:
  • Dism / Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 
  • Then “Dism / Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth” 
  • Dism / Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

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Use Registry

We highly advise creating a registry backup before continuing. 

Registry Backup

It is better to back up the registry in order to save data if lost. Follow the below steps to complete registry backup.

  1. In Windows search, key in Regedit and hit bar
  2. When User Account Control displays, choose Yes. To export, select File.registry editor
  3. Select All under the Export range, give your backup a name, and then click Save.

This is an easy method to fix Windows could not start the windows audio service on local computer.

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Changing The Registry

Return to the registry editor now, and carry out the following steps:

  1. Go there by using your navigational skills: Computer\\HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\hkey local machine
  2. Then select audios
  3. Click Permissions by using the right-click menu on
  4. From the list, choose SYSTEM. Check the box for Full Control. Choose Users from the list now.
  5. Ensure that the Full Control option is selected. Click OK and then Apply.

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Change Log On Settings

Follow the below steps to change log-on settings

  1. Search services in the Windows search box then hit bar
  2. Double-click Windows Audio after scrolling down to it.
  3. Choose the Log On tab in the new
  4. Mark the Allow service to interact with the desktop option, then choose Local account. Click OK and then Apply.

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Change Audio Registry Permission

It’s conceivable that your user account lacks the necessary rights for the audio registry if changing the service’s log-on account does not resolve your problem. after that, you will need to grant your user account full-control access to modify the audio registry’s permissions. It’s generally not advisable to make changes to the Windows Registry because doing so might result in several system issues. You should thus be fine to go if you correctly follow the instructions. Let’s get going.

  1. Hit the Windows key + R to see the Run dialogue
  2. Next, type Regedit into the Run dialogue box and press the Enter key. Select Yes when presented with the User Access Control page. Windows Registry opens.registry editor
  3. As a consequence, the Windows Registry window will open. Copy this and paste it into the Windows Registry’s address bar to browse to HKEY LOCAL registry editor
  4. With this, you may access the devices folder. Select Permissions from the drop-down menu by performing a right-click on the folder: Devices Permissions Changing
  5. Here, we must grant Everyone access to Full Control. We must first add it for that. Select “Add” from the menu.
  6. Then click the Find Now button after clicking the Advanced option.permission
  7. All of the users and groups on your system will be listed here. Select Everyone from the list, then click OK. Once more, click OK.
  8. Choose Everyone from the list of Groups or Users on the Permissions panel, and then check the box next to Allow to give it Full Control.
  9. Once you’ve finished Permitting Complete Control, press OK before clicking the Apply button. Close the Windows Registry window now, and then use the Start Menu to find the Services window.

To test if the problem still exists, look for the Windows Audio service once more and attempt to start it.

Usually, if there is an issue with sound, such as a cracking sound or hearing no sound at all, a test tone is played. But recently, loads of people have been facing issues with their Windows 10 operating system. One of the major issues is failing to play a test tone, which may occur when testing your headphones or speakers.

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If you are facing Windows could not start the windows audio service on local computer, you can solve it with the help of the above steps. These are the elementary processes you can avail of for solving audio problems. Hoping that this article has helped you to rectify your issue with ease.

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