7 Fixes When Your Valorant Won’t Open

You’ve been waiting all day, thinking about that adrenaline-pumping match in Valorant. The moment finally arrives; you’re settled in your gaming chair, headphones on, ready for action. But then… nothing, Valorant won’t open. The game refuses to launch. 

Valorant might not open due to various reasons such as outdated drivers, software conflicts, corrupted game files, or server issues. However, identifying the cause and applying the fix can resolve the issue.

The frustration builds, the confusion sets in, and the question looms: Why Valorant won’t open? It’s a gamer’s nightmare, and you’re not alone in this. But don’t fret; we’ve got the answers and the solutions you desperately need.

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Understanding The Problem

You’ve just settled into your gaming chair, headphones on, ready to dive into the world of “Valorant.” But wait, there’s a hiccup. The game refuses to launch, no matter how many times you click the icon. Frustrating, right? This isn’t just a random glitch; it’s a problem that many “Valorant” players face. 

How to fix the Valorant not opening? Understanding the root causes can be a bit technical. It could be due to software conflicts, outdated drivers, or even issues with the Riot Vanguard anti-cheat system. But don’t fret! While it’s essential to grasp the gravity of the problem, it’s equally crucial to know that solutions exist. And before diving into the fixes, let’s first delve deeper into why “Valorant” might be giving you the cold shoulder.

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Common Reasons Why Valorant Won’t Open

Ah, the dreaded moment when you’re all set for an intense “Valorant” match, but the game simply won’t budge. However, let’s break down some common culprits as Valorant won’t open:

  • Outdated Drivers: Just like you’d struggle to read a book with old glasses, your game can falter with outdated graphics drivers. Ensuring they’re up-to-date can make a world of difference.
  • Riot Vanguard Issues: Riot’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard, can sometimes be too protective. However, if it encounters any software it deems suspicious, even if it’s harmless, it might block the game from launching.
  • Software Conflicts: Other software running in the background, especially those with overlay features like Discord, can interfere with “Valorant.”software conflicts
  • Corrupted Game Files: Over time, game files can become corrupted, especially after updates. 
  • Administrative Rights: Sometimes, “Valorant” needs a little extra permission to run. Not granting administrative rights can stop it in its tracks.
  • Screen Resolution Mismatch: If “Valorant” is set to a resolution not supported by your monitor, it might refuse to open as Valorant failed to launch.

Understanding these common issues is the first step. The next? Tackling them head-on with solutions tailored to each problem. Stay tuned!

Different Solutions To Fix The Issue

Alright, now that we’ve pinpointed the usual suspects behind the “Valorant won’t open” mystery, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of solving them. Julia-style, we’re going for clarity and simplicity!

  • Update Your Drivers: How? Head to your graphics card manufacturer’s website (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel). Download the latest driver. Install, restart your computer, and give “Valorant” another shot.
  • Tame Riot Vanguard: How? Restart Vanguard from the system tray. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall it. Remember, it’s like a guard dog – sometimes it needs a moment to recognize the good guys.
  • Close Conflicting Software: How? Open Task Manager. Look for software that might interfere (e.g., Discord, OBS) and end the task. Relaunch “Valorant” and see if it’s more cooperative.
  • Repair Corrupted Game Files: How? Open the Riot Games client. Navigate to “Valorant” and click on the gear icon for settings. Select “Manage Game” and then “Repair.” It’s like giving your game a mini spa day.
  • Adjust Screen Resolution: Match the resolution there with the one in “Valorant’s” settings. Hence, if they’re singing the same tune, things should run smoother as Valorant not responding.
  • Reinstall The Game: How? If all else fails, uninstall “Valorant” and download a fresh copy. 

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User-Shared Solutions From Forums As Valorant Won’t Open

Ah, the beauty of the internet! When official fixes fall short, the gaming community often comes to the rescue with their own quirky, tried-and-tested solutions. However, let’s dive into some of these user-shared gems from various forums, Julia-style as Valorant won’t open:

  • The “Wait It Out” Method: What? Some users swear by simply waiting for a few minutes after launching the game. Patience is a virtue, even in gaming!
  • Compatibility Mode: How? Right-click on the “Valorant” icon, go to properties, then compatibility. Select an older version of Windows as Valorant won’t launch.
  • Disabling Full-Screen Optimizations: How? In the same properties window, under the “Compatibility” tab, check “Disable fullscreen optimizations.” This has been a game-changer for some!
  • Tweaking DNS Settings: What? A few players changed their DNS to Google’s ( and and reported smoother launches.
  • The “Log Out, Log In” Trick: How? Simply logging out of the Riot client and logging back in has done the trick for some. It’s like giving your game a mini nap.
  • Check For Overlays: What? Some gamers found that disabling overlays from other software (like Discord or Steam) made a difference.

Remember, while these solutions come from the heart of the gaming community, always proceed with caution. And always back up your data before making any major changes as Valorant won’t open. Happy gaming!

Preventive Measures To Avoid Future Issues 

Here’s how you can keep your Valorant gaming sessions interruption-free:

  • System Compatibility: Ensure your PC meets the game’s minimum requirements. Over time, games evolve, and so should your system.
  • Avoid Multitasking: Running multiple heavy applications alongside as Valorant client is not opening? Not a great idea. It can strain your system and cause the game to crash.
  • Firewall & Antivirus: Sometimes, these can interfere. Add Valorant to their exceptions list. firewall & antivirus
  • Clean Boot: Occasionally, perform a clean boot. However, this ensures no conflicting software runs in the background.
  • Driver Updates: Outdated drivers can be culprits. Regularly update your graphics and audio drivers as Valorant won’t open.

By adopting these preventive measures, you’re not just avoiding potential game crashes; you’re ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable Valorant experience. Game on!

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What To Do If Nothing Works?

We’ve all been there: you’ve tried every trick in the book, followed every guide, yet Valorant not working and still refuses to budge. Here’s your game plan as Valorant won’t open:

  • Contact Support: Riot Games has a dedicated support team. Describe your issue in detail, and they might have a solution tailored for you.
  • Reinstall: Sometimes, starting fresh works wonders. Uninstall Valorant and Riot Vanguard, then reinstall them.
  • Check For System Updates: An outdated OS can cause compatibility issues. Ensure you’re running the latest version.
  • Community Forums: Platforms like Reddit have active Valorant communities. However, someone might have encountered (and solved) the same problem.
  • Consider Hardware Issues: Rarely, the problem might be your PC. Check for potential hardware malfunctions.

Remember, every problem has a solution. It might take time, but with persistence, you’ll be back in the game!

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How do I fix riot not opening?

This issue can arise due to compatibility problems, outdated drivers, or corrupted files. Ensure your PC meets the game's requirements, update drivers, and check for corrupted files.

Why is game not launching?

Games might not launch due to server issues, process malfunctions, or compatibility problems. Always check the game's server status and ensure your system meets the game's requirements.

Why is my Val stuck on loading screen?

A stuck loading screen can be due to server issues, slow internet connection, or corrupted game files. Restarting the game can help.

Why isn't Valorant working on Windows 11?

Valorant might face compatibility issues with newer OS versions. Ensure you have the latest game update and check if the game supports Windows 11.

How to fix VALORANT not opening or launching?

Reducing your PC's resolution, checking for graphics card updates, and disabling your antivirus software can help fix this issue.


Navigating the maze of technical glitches can be daunting, especially when all you want is to dive into a game of Valorant as Valorant won’t open. However, understanding the root causes and having a toolkit of solutions at your disposal can make the process smoother. While it’s frustrating when Valorant won’t open, remember that you’re not alone. 

Many gamers face similar challenges, and the community is a goldmine of shared experiences and solutions. Stay patient, methodical, and open to trying different fixes. However, with a mix of persistence and a sprinkle of luck, you’ll be back on the battlefield in no time. Happy gaming!

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