Fix The Error There Was A Problem Connecting To OneDrive With 13 Fixes

OneDrive, the Microsoft Cloud service, is one of the most commonly used platforms. As free cloud storage, it allows users to store and protect data. It facilitates the user to share the files and access the data on all devices. Usually, this cloud service is used on Windows 10. This article will help you to overcome the issue in OneDrive if it shows there was a problem connecting to OneDrive.


However, the platform is quite confusing for users as it stores the files in two sets of books. That is, it keeps the files on the web and computer. Most users find this the most confusing because some users find only a few files on the cloud.

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Causes Of The Error

Moreover, there has been a continuous query about connection to OneDrive. We find this problem when we try to upload files. It displays an internet connection issue to the PC or signing in. Even though there is an internet connection, this problem wouldn’t be solved after trying to sign in. Sometimes this could happen because of the system upgrade.

The common reasons for this are improper sync-location, windows10 bugs, interference by malware protection applications, internet issues, file corruption, etc. There are specific methods to tackle this problem of connection to OneDrive, as there are various issues for disconnection. One must also note that it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the issues, and hence one needs to do the following methods one by one until the problem is tackled. 

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13 Best And Easy Fixes

These are a few solutions; choose the most suitable one for you.

Reset The OneDrive App

This is the easiest and first best method to choose.


Resetting the app usually helps. Open ‘Run’ (Window+ R) and paste this in the Run box “localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe/reset”. After this, restart the app.

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Reinstall The OneDrive App 

Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

download onedrive

Now Sign in to your account and try backing up your files. If resetting doesn’t work, one can proceed to this step.

Download: OneDrive

Disabling Firewall Or VPN

The firewall disconnects suspicious connections to protect the PC from malware and online attacks. Sometimes it also disconnects legal connections like OneDrive. This can be solved in two ways.

internet connectivity

For a standalone firewall, one must temporarily turn it off. Otherwise, some PCs have an inbuilt firewall. For this, one must turn off the entire AV. You can also allow OneDrive in the firewall. Similarly, turning off VPN could help.

Use Proxy-Free PC

Proxy-like VPN and firewall disconnect OneDrive. Disable proxy by doing the following steps.


Settings> Network & Internet> Proxy> turn off it. Rectify the error- there was a problem connecting to OneDrive, using this trick.

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Check Internet Settings

One hindrance is unsuitable internet settings. By enabling Transport Layer Protocol (TLP). Steps to enable TLP

control panel

Control pane> Set View mode> Select Network & Internet.internet

Internet Options> select the connections from dropdown box> Restart OneDrive.

Network Resetting

If the connection issue to OneDrive is a Network issue, one can go for resetting the network. Resetting the network could help to restore the default network settings. Steps to reset the network are

Open Command Prompt Window> Run a command> Type this “int ip reset: c:resetlog.txt” > click Run> Reboot the network.

command prompt

Users also can tackle this by resetting the Host files because it stores the frequently used IP addresses and hostnames. Certain settings will be changed when malware is predicted; hence, resetting host files help to solve the issue.

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Update OneDrive

Sometimes, users turn off the automatic update of OneDrive.


In such a situation, one must check if it is turned off and then turn it on manually. To do this, go to the official website of OneDrive and download the recent version, which is apt for PC. This is a proven solution to rectify the error- there was a problem connecting to OneDrive.

Use A Different Profile

Creating a new user is helpful. To do this

Start> Settings> Accounts> Family and Other users> Your Family> Add someone else to this PC> add user name with a password and click Finish.

ondrive settings

Other way: Start> Settings> Accounts> newly added account> Change account type> Administrator.

Update Windows

Many bugs that older versions can’t predict can be predicted by Windows10. Hence it is good to update to Windows10.

  1. Open the ‘Run’ dialogue box and type this “ms-settings: windows update.”run
  2. This leads to Settings which can update Windows.
  3. Click check for updates. This gives the list of updates to be installed. Update all of them.restart
  4. Then restart and check OneDrive.

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Unlink PC From OneDrive Account

This issue arises when sync location is not used in the local hard drive. OneDrive doesn’t support sync location to an external USB or hard drive.

Procedure to unlink PC is:

  1. Open OneDrive> Settings> Accounts>
  2. select unlink this PC>unlike this pc
  3. unlink account>unlike account
  4. Restart after the process.

This is the easiest way to solve the error- there was a problem connecting to OneDrive.

Uninstall Third-Party Security Services

These hinder the ability to sync local files across the cloud. To uninstall third-party security services.

  1. Open Run dialogue boxrun
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl”. Enter> Programs and features
  3. Here one can find the list of installed applications. Find a third-party security service among them. Then uninstall it.restart
  4. Later restart the PC.

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Enable cldflt.sys Driver

The connection issue arises when the cldflt.sys driver isn’t running. To enable it

  1. Open the Run dialogue
  2.  Type “cmd”.command prompt
  3.  On the keyboard, click Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  4.  In cmd admin terminal type “cd %systemroot%\system32\drivers” and click Enter.
  5.  Type “sc query cldflt” in the current location and click enter.
  6.  At service name, go for ‘state.’ If the state value is not 4, the problem lies in cldflt.sys driver. If so, type “sc config cldflt start=auto.”restart
  7.  Then restart the system.

Use Another Cloud Service

There are many other free cloud storage services that one can switch to other than the OneDrive. 


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OneDrive is the most used free cloud storage service. But it too has glitches. These glitches are negligible if considered for their uses. Try to rectify the errors like a tech pro. If not, then you do not have a choice but to use another cloud service. Hoping this article has helped you to use OneDrive with utmost use by rectifying the error- there was a problem connecting to OneDrive.

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