How To Fix Screen Goes Black When Playing Games Windows 10

Did your screen go black while playing Minecraft? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are the simplest ways to fix your PC in as few minutes as possible and also the error-screen goes black when playing games windows 10.

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Ways To Fix ‘Screen Goes Black When Playing Games Windows 10’ Issue

There are several ways to fix the issue– screen goes black when playing games windows 10. Follow the steps provided below in the methods.

Hardware Issues

The common reason for the black screen is overheating or incompatible hardware. Overheating happens when your CPU exceeds the maximum temperature of 60-70 °C. To check your CPU Temperature, you’ll install Temperature monitor software. You’ll also check whether your CPU fan is working correctly; if not, you can get it fixed.

hardware issue

It would help if you always kept your computer clean as dust formation can also lead to overheating. The black screen also can occur if your hardware isn’t compatible with the particular game requirements.

Keeping Windows Up To Date

Not updating your windows also can be one of the reasons for the black screen. You’ll check for updates and update your windows as keeping your windows updated can help in smooth device drivers. Then check for updates, you initially need to search and check for updates in the windows search box. The window for updates and security will open. Attend the windows update section on the right panel of the window.

windows update

Click on check for updates, and proceed with the update if found.

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Update/Reinstall Your Graphic Card Drivers

Another common reason is that the black screen has an outdated or corrupted graphic card driver. You’ll click on the windows start icon to update your graphic card reader.

update driver

An inventory will be displayed and from that, click on the device manager entry and then find your graphic driver and update it. If the matter isn’t solved, download the latest graphic driver from your manufacturer and install it on your computer.

Performing Your System Restore

You might have created a system restore when your PC didn’t have problems and was running smoothly.

system restore error

You’ll restore your PC to that point and have it running smoothly again, and this may only work if your hardware has no issues and works perfectly fine.

If The Cursor Is Present

If you are facing the issue- screen goes black when playing games windows 10, and you’ll see your cursor, you can bring the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

restart windows explorer from taskmanager

Once the task manager shows up, attempt to restart your windows explorer.

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Have A Glance At The Ram And Its Usage

If your RAM and processor are busy performing tasks other than your game, it can cause a black screen. It’s also possible that the application running on the desktop is consuming the resources required by your games.

clear ram from task manager

You can check your RAM storage by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc. By doing this, the windows task manager tool will show up, and on the performance tab, you’ll check your RAM and processor usage.

High-Performace Power Plan Settings

The balanced power plan setting can also cause a black screen on your windows. To urge the best gaming experience high-performance power plan is required/suggested.

high performance settings

You can create your high power plan setting by opening the control panel and selecting the view by mode. Then go to hardware and sound > Power Options. On the left side, click on create new power plan, then select the high performance and name your power plan. At last, click select and choose the choice to create.

Solution For Xbox Users

If you’re an Xbox user and your screen went black while playing the game, then you can try this method. First, press and hold your Xbox power button to modify it appropriately. Then disconnect your Xbox and your power line from your PC. Now wait a few minutes and connect your Xbox and power cable back to your computer.

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Playing Games On Chrome Or Firefox

A lot of people play games online and can get the same problem as others do. If you play games online and face this issue, you’ll follow our method to fix your problem. You’ll disable the hardware acceleration in your chrome or firefox and fix the issue.

Using Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is often used to detect many problems and ultimately fix them. You troubleshoot during a clean boot state if you’re experiencing a black screen due to any third-party application. To try to do this, you can follow our method. First, you would like to restart your computer in a clean boot state. After restarting your computer, you’ll usually open the game and try to play it as you do.

troubleshoot settings

If you’ll play the game without any problem, then the background application is the one causing the black screen. To spot which application is causing the problem, you can enable some programs in a clean boot state and start your computer in the normal state. If you face an identical problem, start disabling the applications one by one and restart your game every time you disable the application. By doing this, you’ll find the application causing the problem.


If you’ve tried using the methods mentioned above for the problem-screen goes black when playing games windows 10, and still are facing the issue, then you can contact your pc Manufacturer’s customer support. Most probably you will fix this issue from the methods provided above.

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