Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working? | Fixed Solution

If you are on this page, you might probably be wondering why is my Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working. Do not worry we have got you covered. Read this article till the end to know how to fix if your Roku screen mirroring stopped working.

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What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring or screen casting is the way to cast the content of one of your screens to your TV screen. In today’s new era, we can find the screen mirroring option built-in already in many apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and many more.

screen mirroring
Screen Mirroring

All this is done on two devices that are connected to the same network. Some of the well-known applications for screen mirroring are Chromecast, Roku, Miracast.

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Roku Screen Mirroring

One of the new and leading digital media playing devices which Roku develops. Inc offers a wide variety of content to stream from various online services. Equipped with a built-in screen mirroring function and Roku channels to keep yourself entertained. Is your Roku screen mirroring not working?

How To Mirror The Screen From Windows 10 To Roku

Click the home button on the Roku remote and click settings. Enable the screen mirroring, and your Roku device is not ready to be paired.

mirror the screen
Mirror the screen

In your computer, launch the action center by clicking the button at the button right corner of your screen. There you will find the ‘connect’ option. After clicking on it, there will be a list of wireless devices within which you will see the Roku device. Follow the given-on screen instructions, and your device will be paired. Now you can stream your content without any hassle.

Causes Of Screen Mirroring Not Working

Screen mirroring is mostly hassle-free, but sometimes, there can be some issues within the process. These issues prevail due to one of the following reasons.

Outdated Driver

In this case, the problem lies within the drivers, which are not up to date. This causes incompatibility in the screen mirroring technology and creates an issue in casting your screen, and this leads to Roku screen mirroring not working issue.

roku screen mirroring
Roku screen mirroring

Roku Device Stuck At Limbo State

Sometimes, the Roku device is stuck in the limbo state, which means it is viewed as pending by your operating system.

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How To Fix Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working On Windows 10?

The insignia Roku TV screen mirroring not working problem can be solved in many ways. Let us start with the first solution.

Updating Windows To The Latest Version

Sometimes, screen mirroring shows an error because it cannot find the compatible version of windows.

Press Windows + R buttons and open the run box. Once the run box opens, type ‘ms-settings: windows update and click the OK button given below.

open run
Open Run

This will launch the windows update option from the windows ten settings. You will see a check for updates button, click it and let the system search for any possible latest versions of windows.

updating windows to the latest version
Updating windows to the latest version

If there is any update pending, it displays on the screen, and hence, you require to proceed with the given-on screen instructions given by the windows update.

After a successful reboot, your problem must have been solved. If it didn’t, do not worry. We have many more solutions to fixing roku screen mirroring not working.

Remove Roku From The Paired Device List

In this solution, we will be trying to remove and then add Roku to the list of paired devices again.

For this action, press the Windows + R buttons to open the run box. Type ‘ms-settings: connected devices in the run box and click on the OK button.

open run
Open Run

Now you will see all the paired devices under the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ head.

remove roku from the paired device list
Remove Roku from the paired Device list.

Find the Roku device connected to your system and click on it. Now press the remove device option. This should remove the connected Roku device from your system.

Now click on ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’s and on the next screen, choose the ‘Wireless, display or dock’ and wait for the Roku device to be visible on the screen. Once you see it, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions and end up restarting your system.

Try to run your Roku screen mirroring and see if the problem is there or not.

If it did not solve your problem, we are going to try some more solutions.

Update Wireless Network Driver

Sometimes, outdated drivers can also lead to the “Roku won’t screen mirror” issue.

You should try updating your wireless network drivers to see if the problem is resolved or not.

You have to press Windows + R to open the run box and type ‘devmgmt. msc’ and hit OK.

open devmgmt in run
Open devmgmt In Run

You will see a user account control menu on your screen, click enter, and you will have Device manager on your screen presented.

update wireless network driver
Update Wireless Network Driver

Click on network adapters and select the wireless network adapter for which we will search for updates.

Right-click on the adapter and click properties. Within the properties menu, click Driver, and there you will find the updated driver option. Next, click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software and let the process of scanning and looking for the latest updates finish.

If there are any new updates pending, follow all the given on-screen instructions to update the Driver and proceed further by restarting your computer.

Try running the Roku screen mirroring again and check if your problem is solved. Hopefully, this will solve the problem of Roku screen mirroring not working.


These were the methods by which you can solve the Roku screen mirroring not working issue. Try these methods and let us know which one worked out for you. We appreciate any feedbacks and suggestion to improve our content.

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