How To Fix: Request Operation Requires Elevation

The message “Requires Elevation” appears in Windows Vista because of the extra security procedures that were put into place in that operating system. It’s all connected to the same idea, which requires you to reaffirm on several occasions that you are the system administrator. Sometimes error- request operation requires elevation, come up.

request operation requires elevation error

To put it another way, “Requires Elevation” is a component of something called “User Access Control,” or UAC for short. When attempting to access the files from an external hard drive, some Windows users received the message “The requested action needs elevation.” 

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Ways To Fix The Error Request Operation Requires Elevation

There are several ways for error -request operation requires elevation. Follow any of these, and resolve your problem.

Repairing Inbuilt System Files

If there are missing or damaged system files, it will almost certainly result in various problems at some point. The requested action needs elevation may be one of the issues. As a result, do routine checks on your system files to eliminate any possible issues.

Automatic System File Repair

Restoro is a perfect platform that simplifies things for you if you are looking for a tool that is professional, powerful, and simple to use all at the same time. It will scan your computer, analyze the setup of your system, locate corrupted system files, and automatically repair them.

Also, it adapts itself to the particulars of your system and performs its tasks in a discrete and hands-off manner. It will initially analyze hardware-related issues to discover difficulties, then go on to security concerns (powered by Avira Antivirus), and ultimately find applications that crash and files that are missing from the system. After it is finished, it will look for a solution to the particular issue- request operation requires elevation, that you are having.

  1. Get Restoro and install it on your computer. download restoro
  2. Examine the report, and click on the Start Repair button when you’re ready to begin the repair procedure. click on startup repair
  3. Restart your computer after the procedure is complete and check whether the problem still exists.

Manual System File Repair

A built-in program called System File Checker checks for damaged or corrupted system files and, if necessary, repair them. However, this program can only detect problems with the essential system files. That is, it will not fix things like corrupted DLL files, Windows Registry keys, etc.

  1. To open the Command Prompt, tap the Windows key on your keyboard, then type cmd without pressing the Enter key. opening cmd
  2. Select the Yes button to grant authorization.
  3. In the black window that displays the Command Prompt, enter “sfc /scannow.” inserting commands2
  4. After that, hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  5. Windows will do a check of your system to look for files that are corrupted and will try to repair any that it discovers. You must keep this window open until the process is finished to show the results.

Change Folder Access

If you see the message “The requested operation needs elevation,” it indicates that to open the file, you will need the authorization of an elevated user, such as a local administrator, to acquire ownership of the file and obtain access to it. Follow the steps to solve the issue-request operation requires elevation.

  1. Start a new session using the administrator account.
  2. Identify the location of your auxiliary hard drive. It is in a folder- Computer, My Computer, or This this pc
  3. Give your external hard disc a right-click on its icon.
  4. After that, choose the Properties tab. choose properties of this pc
  5. In the box for the Properties, go to the Security tab and then select the Advanced button. go to security and choose advanced
  6. After that, go to the Owner panel and then click Edit. click edit on owner tab
  7. Select the user you wish to make the file’s owner from the drop-down menu.
  8. Finally, select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects. To save the changes, choose Apply and then click OK.

Changing The File Settings To Administrator

When opening the file from the external hard drive, the absence of privileges may result in the appearance of an error message- request operation requires elevation.

  1. On the external hard drive, right-click the file you want to edit and choose Properties. on external hard drive choose properties
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab.choose compatibility tab from properties
  3. Start the application in administrative mode.
  4. Choose the Apply followed by the OK button to save your changes.

Disable User Account Control On Your Computer

Your Windows 10 machine may be protected against unauthorized alterations with the User Account Control security feature. Therefore, the underlying cause of this problem- request operation requires elevation, might be the UAC settings.  

  1. In the box that says “search,” type “change user account,” and then hit the Enter key to open it. choose change user accounts
  2. Move the slider, so it is set Never to notify, and the adjustment may be saved by clicking the OK button.
  3. After restarting your computer, open the file saved to the external drive to see whether or not the issue repairs.


Thus, here are a few ways to fix the error request operation that requires elevation.

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