How To Fix The Error Product Deactivated Office 365

Are you facing the error of the product deactivated office 365 in your Microsoft Apps? This article provides a brief about the causes, reasons, and methods to solve your issue. First, we will look at some reasons why this problem- product deactivated office 365, occurs.

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Causes Of The Error

Look at the causes for product deactivated office 365 error-:

  • Microsoft 365 Deactivation” error occurs due to the problem in the license of the product. Usually, when you don’t have a valid license, this problem occurs.
  • The problem can arise due to an internet problem. When the user’s computer is not connected for a long time, this problem occurs and is known as Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM), which we will look at in the later part of the article in detail. microsoft deactivated
  • Also, because of the infringement of the license, this problem occurs.
  • Or, it’s going to be possible that there is some corrupt software due to which the office failed to read the correct activation key, and this problem occurs.

Reasons Of The Error

Now, we will see these reasons in detail-:

  • Valid license-: This problem occurs if users don’t have a legitimate activation key. You cannot activate your office 365 using an invalid activation key. This problem can be solved by assigning a valid activation key upon signing in. Therefore, if one would like to use office 365 without interruption, activate office by using the valid activation key. Reactivate the office using the valid license key if you find the identical problem.
  • Error due to internet problem-: It is a general problem due to the Microsoft 365 deactivation problem. In that case, an issue is known as Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM) arises and ultimately results in the deactivation of the office. need internet reason
  • In Reduced Functionality Mode, users cannot use all the office features. Then users will receive a pop-up of product deactivation when they open any app in the office like Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. The user can choose any one of the options given below to encounter this problem and reactivate office 365. If the user still does not reactivate the office, they will receive this pop-up message every time they open any app of office 365. reason of not installing
  • Infringement of the license-: If any user-activated office 365 with the valid activation key without the copyright holder’s permission, i.e., Microsoft Office, their claim is canceled, and their office got deactivated. Modern technology makes it easier to activate the office without the consent of the corporate. Solve this problem by reactivating the office with a valid license key.

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Fix The Error Product Deactivated Office 365

Now we’ll look at the steps to reactivate the office and fix the product deactivated office 365 error-:

Simply having an installed copy of Office 365 and a working activation key are requirements for this process. The subsequent steps are:

  1. Launch any Office app, such as Word, Excel, etc. microsoft word
  2. To sign in using your Microsoft account, select the sign-in option. sign in to office
  3. After that, click on the “Activate” option.
  4. There is a place where you can enter your product key. Type in your genuine product key. activate and enter product key
  5. Finally, your deactivation issue fixes, and you can enjoy Office 365.

Alternative Causes

If the deactivation issue still exists, one of the following alternatives must be the cause:

  • Make sure you have installed the correct office 365.
  • Make sure that your license is assigned and your product key is authorized. enter correct product key
  • Reset your previous Microsoft 365 activation state and reactivate it again.
  • Run the Sara activation troubleshooter.

Look at the above problem and try to run a troubleshooter to solve the problem.


Hope this article will solve your deactivation problem of Office 365.

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