Power Surge on USB Port Error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

USB ports even come with a power ranking, like any other port. A typical USB port has a default power output of 0.5 amps. If you note that on USB ports, phones charge slowly, you know the reason now. Windows can often send an alert or an error reporting a power surge on the USB port. It occurs when you try to draw more power from a connected computer. A burst of power on the USB port. The error happens as part of the warning, and it states that if you pick it, a USB system has malfunctioned and exceeded its hub port’s power limits. Disconnect the computer.

Recommendation: Disconnect the system and press “Reset.” The port will be dysfunctional until you unplug and restart your PC if you click “Close.”

We will check if we can correct this error.

You might be super frustrated if you fail to connect a USB device to your Windows 10 screen, and you see a pop-up error that says Power surge on the USB port. But it’s not important to panic. Not the only one you are. We’ve had several complaints of this mistake from Windows users. It is possible to repair it. Keep reading to see how.

Try these Corrections for Power Surge on USB Port

  • First Solution: Run the Hardware Troubleshooter built-in.
  • Second Solution: Reinstall all your drivers for the USB Controller
  • Third solution: Update all your drivers for USB controllers
  • Fourth Solution: Using a USB HUB
  • Fifth Solution: Running Diagnostics for OEM

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Run the Troubleshooter on Hardware

  • Click the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard to invoke the Run box.
  • In the box, select cmd. Then press the Shift key, the Ctrl key, and the Enter key simultaneously (Shift + Ctrl + Alt) on your keyboard to open the Administrator’s Command Prompt window.
  • Type msdt.exe/id device diagnostic, and on your keyboard, press the Enter key.
  • To perform the troubleshooting, obey on-screen directions.

power surge on usb port

Check if the power surge on usb port is solved after the troubleshooting is completed.

Reinstall All Your Drivers for USB Controllers

The “USB port power surge” may be triggered by incorrect USB controller drivers on your device. By reinstalling all your USB controller drivers, you can repair it.

Here’s how:

  • Unplug Windows 10 from your USB device.
  • Click the Windows logo key and X on your keyboard to open the quick-access menu. Then, to open it, press System Manager.
open device manager
Open Device Manager
  • Double-click Controllers for the Universal Serial Bus. Then right-click one by one on your USB controller to select Device Uninstall.
device manager
Device Manager: Uninstall Device
  • Reboot your Windows 10 device and allow your USB controller software to be reinstalled by Microsoft. Then, link Windows 10 to your USB and check if the error is still occurring.

Don’t give up hope if the power surge on USB port remains. Move on to Solution 3.

Upgrade All Your Drivers for USB Controllers

Update your USB controller drivers to the latest version if any of the above solutions do not solve your problem. There are two ways you can get the correct drivers for your USB controllers: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update: By going to your device manufacturer’s website and checking for the new correct driver, you can update your USB controller drivers manually. Please make sure to select only drivers that are compatible with your version of Windows.

Automatic driver update: If you do not have the time, patience, or programming skills to update your USB controller drivers manually, you can do it with Driver Simple automatically instead. Driver Fast recognizes your device automatically and identifies the right drivers for your exact USB controllers and your version of Windows, and it downloads and installs them correctly:

  • Driver Fast Download and install.
update drivers
Update Drivers
  • Run Driver Quick and click on the button for Scan Now. Driver Simple will then search your machine for any issue drivers and detect them.
  • To automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers missing or out of date on your device, press Uninstall All. (The Pro edition that comes with full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee includes this. When you press Update All, you will be prompted to upgrade.

Using a USB Hub for a Power Surge on USB Port

If a particular device fails, the device likely needs more voltage. On another machine, try using the same device, and if you get the same error, then it’s better to use the USB HUB that comes with its power source. They come with high-speed charging ports that should be able to provide the system with the power needed.

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Running Diagnostics for OEM

OEM must have included a program if you are using a branded desktop or laptop.

  • For diagnosis, run this program and use the advice to fix the problem. 
  • “Finally, under general Windows 10 USB Settings and unchecked “Notify me if there are any problems connecting USB devices” if nothing works. No more alerts!


We hope you find the approaches mentioned above proved to be helpful in solving power surge on USB port error. If you know any other ways to fix this issue, let us know in the comments below. It would be great to hear from you!

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