How To Force A Game To Use AMD Graphics Card | Complete Guide

In this article we are going to talk in detail about how to force a game to use AMD graphics card. So, for all the gamers out there, sit tight and continue reading the article to know more about it!

Video games are said to be those electronic games that instruct a user interface, an input device (it can be joysticks, controllers, motion sensors, or keyboard) that generates visual feedback for the player or players, and an output device that is either a two-or three-dimensional display device (like TV monitor, touchscreen, VR headset). Therefore, sometimes one should know how to force a game to use amd graphics card.


Video games are also augmented with audio feedback using either headphones or speakers. Other types of augmented feedback systems in video games include haptic technology.

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One of the most prominent technological and specialized examples of evolution is what is seen in video games. Throughout history, there have been remarkable changes and several creations since the launch of the first video game. Before the generation of Playstation, Xbox games, or even PC gaming, people used to be absorbed in playing arcade games and later on the 8-bit and 16-bit video games using joysticks, consoles, and different controllers. In today’s era, video games have much higher graphics, demanding clearer visuals and experience, better storylines, and further options. This makes the gaming industry more exciting and enjoyable.

The video game industry has also started testing virtual reality, resulting in even more realistic games that give the player the sensation of genuinely witnessing the game’s activities. However, we all know that technology is both good and bad effects. The situation is not much distinct when it comes to video games as well. There are several benefits of playing video games, and similarly, there are also adverse effects, but when one an AMD Graphics Card, the game flow becomes smooth.

video game industryNevertheless, as the gaming industry grows larger and larger every day with new and better-performing games enter into the market, it not only becomes a choice but a compulsion for all gamers to upgrade their old graphics card to a new powerful one. However, the graphics card runs games and the entire screen and computer system. To simplify it, the GPU takes data from the processor and works with software to determine where the graphics card places pixels on the screen. Different computers have vastly different needs, so there are many types of graphics cards, such as Integrated, Dedicated, and Workstation graphics cards.

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Methods On How To Force A Game To Use AMD Graphics Card

A discrete graphics card uses more power and will cause fatigue to one laptop’s battery life. It will also hamper the PC from using more power, resulting in an enormous electric bill and decreased energy efficiency. A dedicated graphics card may also increase the laptop’s temperature, which becomes a must to manage. This means you may want to use an external fan or cooling pad to cool it continually.

desktop games

For desktop users, one may wish to support a better internal cooling fan to prevent heat damage to their machine. To navigate and apply forceful usage of the GPU, every GPU from these manufacturers comes with its drivers. And software-based control panels so that each user can run and customize how their GPU performs. However, if it is compatible, you can still forcefully run an application on a specific GPU on a Windows 7/8/10/11 platform. 

Steps To Force A Game To Use A Graphics Card

Follow the steps in case you wish to force a game to use AMD Graphics Card in your system:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on the Settings Icon.  open settings
  2. Click on System. On the left side of the pane, select Display, then head to the bottom in the right pane. Click on Graphics Settings.  click display
  3. Under the section ‘Choose an app to set the preference drop-down menu, select Desktop App to select the third-party application you wish to configure to the GPU. Alternatively, select Microsoft Store App to select built-in Microsoft applications to run on a dedicated GPU. choose from drop down menu
  4. Once selected, browse for the application one will want to configure and fix it.
  5. The Graphics Preference window will appear on the screen, where you can set which GPU to use for the respective application. Select the Power Saving mode if you wish to run the application on the built-in GPU, or select High Performance to run the application on the secondary GPU. choose high performance
  6. Click on Save to finalize the selection.


Thus, these are a very few ways to force a game to use AMD Graphic Card in the system. But, if you can do so, congratulations you will be able to play your favorite game smoothly.

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