Destiny 2 Crashing Problem Quick Fixes

Destiny 2 came on the PC in 2017 and its player count has soared since then, becoming one of the most played multiplayer games. Since its release on the PC in 2017, Destiny 2 has become a must-play multiplayer game. Since the release, gamers have reported that the game crashes while playing. There have been many reports of numerous players in Destiny 2 crashing while playing. This is a sign that Destiny 2 has a bug that players have come across since the launch of Season Splicer. It arises when groups have played the game for a while, usually for 20-30 minutes. 

destiny 2
Destiny 2

Since Destiny 2 launched last month with Season of the Chosen, a large number of players have reported freezes and crashes on the desktop while loading the game during intense firefights. There is no known cause for this crash when logging into Destiny 2. But it seems to be something in terms of your total number of friends. 

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Why is Destiny 2 Crashing?

For some players struggling with multiple technical glitches, things are not going as planned. Destiny 2 PC players report that the game crashes at start-up and does not start. There are several reasons why Destiny 2 repeatedly crashes, including but not limited to limited access to resources, low memory, overclocking problems on Nvidia GeForce and problems with overlay programs such as Spotify. 

destiny 2 crashing
Destiny 2 Crashing

In the course of improving the performance of your computers, there have been several instances where your CPU and graphics hardware reach 90% utilization and the game crashes. As a result, Destiny 2 is unable to get enough memory in your system to run smoothly. According to player feedback, missing DLL files and active antivirus and firewalls are the two main causes of crashes. 

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Ways to Fix Destiny 2 Crashing

In this guide, we provide you with seven simple fixes that will help you solve the problems of in-game crashes. If you haven’t tested them all yet, start with the first solution and work down the list until you find the one that works best for you.

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Visual C++ Files

Corrupt or missing Visual C + + files can cause the game to crash at start-up. Game files can be corrupt at any time by incomplete updates or malfunctions by other programs.

visual c++
Visual C++

Install the latest version of Visual C + + available for the x86 and x64 versions and the game will not crash on start-up. 

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Updating GPU Drivers

If the GPU driver is outdated, damaged or incompatible, we can detect a variety of errors. Corrupted or damaged game files on Steam can crash while playing on Steam.

update drivers
Update Drivers

To confirm a smooth and immersive gaming experience, you should always keep your graphics and drivers up to date. GPU vendors keep releasing new drivers to fix bugs and improve the performance of the game. After downloading the correct driver for your system, double-click on the download file and follow the commands on the screen to install the driver.

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Validating Game Files

It is advisable to validate the game files. It may take a few minutes for Steam to detect and repair corrupted files. Destiny 2 Beyond Light crash problems may indicate that your graphics card or driver is due for an upgrade. Once you’re done, restart your device and restart the game to see if the problem has been fixed or not. You may also need to disable the shader cache if there are crash problems in the game. 

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Disabling Third-Party Antivirus

Never use an unknown antivirus or firewall app to start the Destiny 2 game on your computer. This may cause Destiny 2 crashing. If there are other programs running in the background that consume too many resources from you during the game, disable them. If the Destiny 2 crashing on my computer problem occurs, disable the antivirus software. Antivirus software is one of the causes of the problem, along with applications that gobble up a lot of memory resources. To resolve the crash problem on your PC, uninstall the software and contact customer service.  

Antivirus software causes problems when applications consume a lot of computing power and resources. The software considers the application unnecessary and reduces the number of resources which it has allocated. In turn causes the game to crash. 

Disable Overclocking

Do not hesitate to set the overclocking of your computer if you do so and the game crashes. Destiny 2 Crashing PC problem is due to  overclocking.

disable msi afterburner
Disable MSI Afterburner

Overclocking reduces the stability of your computer and causes certain problems such as heating problems. Overclocking software such as MSI Afterburner should also cause this problem.


These were most of the ways you can fix Destiny 2 crashing on startup. Destiny 2 is still a pretty buggy game on PC so its advisable to always download the original version of the game from approved vendors for the optimal experience. Go through each and every way mentioned here to play Destiny 2 without crashing. Happy Gaming!

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